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As I move from amateur to professional, I'm searching through tons of old photos.

I'm discovering that I really need more equipment. I'm thinking about apprenticing to money making photographers (I assume the most secure is the portrait and wedding photographers) as well as renting equipment until I can buy it.

I wish there were more employers that wanted to pay me to muck through swamps.
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Jumping spiders affix a safety line before making a jump. You can tell if a jumping spider has been around because of the single strands of thread draped over leaves and branches.

It got misty, windy and frozen quickly enough to form horizontal icicles.

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The children and I lost our cat OGMO a while back, Yeti had died not to long after that. Tommy was a bit before them and Christie before him. All four cats were around the same age and it was very hard to lose all of them within a relatively short period of time. We love cats, but it took me, especially me, a while to be ready to get another cat.

[PICTURE] Oh Great Maned One, OGMO, King of the Yar... read more
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