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Update on Death of 'Larry Townsend' From His "Littleist" Niece Tracy Tingle

   Sun, August 3, 2008 - 8:43 AM
I have received upaates concerning the circumstances and death of the man behind the name: 'Larry Townsend', from both Jack Fritscher of Drummer magazine (a gay-leather publication and his "littleist" niece Tracy Tingle. There is also an obiturary from the LA Times posted at and his niece invites all folks to sign Larry Townsend's guest book at .

I was comforted by Tracy's words, and the fact that Larry, despite having lost his long-time partner years prior, did not die alone for his family was by his hospital bedside.

I hope that his eternal memory will inspire others to 'get involved', to 'act', about bring 'change' as we all embrace and cherish diversity, as have others in the many other struggles for civil rights, and the basic equal rights we all have queer and straight.

G-Shots by n~GARi-~~

From: tracy tingle
Subject: Larry Townsend
Date: Aug 2, 2008 11:48 PM

Hello GARi,

My name is Tracy Tingle, and I am Larry Townsend's "littlest niece" (what he often referred to me as...).

I saw your sweet tribute video--so nice, and, on your birthday! (happy birthday)

So, there is not going to be any formal memorial service--this is per Larry's wishes...
BUT, I think numerous people will be marking his passing in their own way. I'm in the process of contacting as much of the gay press that I can, and friends, and blogs, and on and on. It's actually been therapeutic...but a bit daunting. The Advocate will have something late August, the Bay Area Reporter in the August 7th issue, Honcho in September... Lots is beginning to pop up when you google his name and date of death.

Also, Jack Fritscher, of Drummer magazine, and his spouse Mark Hemry are putting out a call to leather writers so that an anthology can be put together.

You may be interested in seeing Larry's obituary that ran in the LA times yesterday, August 1st. It can be viewed electronically at:

Also, there is a "guest book" that people can go to and sign, leave messages, and post and look at photos (probably not the kind of photos that Larry really loved--oh well):

Please pass the guest book link along...

Thanks again.

Dear Tracy,

Thank you very much for writing me, and thanks also to Jack Fritscher, for providing you my e-mail address.Your words and kind thoughts comforted me in so many ways, and I was so glad to hear that despite his being openly gay and into the leather scene, in otherwords queer, that in his end his 'vanilla' family was at his side.

Tracy, this has been a most queer, queer as in unusual, few days for me. Beginning with the first notices I received about your Uncle's illness I began researchig a name I had only heard about obliquely, and was fascinated by the eloquence and boldness of his life style, and the fascinating worlds he created through his science-fiction: I could well see how he had influenced so many that he was nearly revered.

When I get inspired I act through my art, and do what I had done for others by creating a presentation Normally I create such "presentations" for happy occasions: birthdays, retirements, fathers/mothers day, anniversaries, weddings, the birth of a child, occassionally family historical projects through family photos, words and music, and sometimes to honor the memory of those recently passed. Fortunately not that often for it is usually for someone I had personally known, with warmth, even love.

I glad to hear that your whole endeavor following the passing of your Uncle was "therapiutic" for you, I understand completely. My video presentation are very therapiutic for me as they allow me to focus well beyond my sorrows. Sunday ended on a particularly sour note, for me; I had dissappointed my father again and he still treats me as if I were a child, not fully appreciating or even understanding my alternative role of "Master" and "Daddy". He dislikes it when I bring my submissives around and have them cater to my every beck and call, and has wonder allowed why some were sitting on the floor at my feet instead of next to me on the sofa. He often makes referrences that he would never hit a woman, and has no comprehensin of the dynamics and dichotomy of S/M, what I prefer to think of as "sexual magic", although he acts as "master" of his own realm.

Yet, I know he knows but we don't talk about it.

My mother seems to know, as mothers often do, although we have not talked about it in name. She delights in showing me what she had video taped from the TV of lovers being tied up, whipped, flogged, wax play, and other, what I call 'kinky' sex, I think she is fascinated by that Mistress on CSI, and she can see that wiitwd can be fun. Both have seen my upstairs playroom decorated with dolls and children toys, and my downstairs dungeon area. They have seen some of my toys, what I like to call "my implements of destruction', they have seen the sign on the wall reading "House of Pain".

They have seen it - but we do not talk about what it is that I do. She knows about the kinds of places I go to, the dungeons and sex clubs, I have even takien my father to a friends' house who was looking for a contractor to put in a jail cell under his stair way; and I have taken him to the Power Exchange sex club once, perhaps twice.

But we do not talk about what it is that I do there.

I have taken my brothers and sisters-in-laws to sex clubs and they have seen me in action with my "toys" and my submissives. But outside of there we do not talk about what it is that I do.

I have even taken my brother's mother-in-law, a psychologist, to a dungeon play party seeing me in all my glory flogging away much to my delight and that of my subs. She was moved enough to buy a cap for me reading: "Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones But Whips and Chains Excite Me" and had it delivered to me via my parents.

But apart from that evening we have never talked about what it is that I do there.

Everything is there, but it really "isn't", at least we do not talk about it, or what's in my closets.

I regard myself not only as 'kinky' but I identify myself as 'queer'; still such words never pass our lips when we are together. Still again, they know.

I have proudly showed them my gay "Pride 2008" video celebrating the California Supreme Court victory for equal marriage rights for GLBTQ-Gay Lesbian Transgendered Bi-Sexual and, I add the Q for QUEER, which proudly and openly displays so many gay, lesbian, transgendered, transvestites, kinky, leather in other words QUEER folks and couples of non-traditional and alternative life styles (and I include "poly). My Dad would not watch it, claiming no interest, nor would also my "libertarian" brother who he did not want to see such "disgusting" things. My mother, bless her heart, was even so touched by my "Pride" that she asked to see it again, yet my father seems to act as if it never happened.

And, once done - still we never talk about it.

I much prefer the company of QUEERS of all sexual orientations and proclivities by far and away above those professing their morality and embracing Victorian hippocracy. My "Born again" brother, a Christian with a capitol "C", wants to turn Iraq & Iraq" to glass" with nuclear weapons, despite my protestations that that seems contrary to "what would Jesus do?" My bumper sticker quotes Ghandi's "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians; they are so unlike your Christ." Queer folk have repeatedly inspired me. At Fred Alert's marvelous photos exhibit of leather, bi-, kinky and otherwise Queer folk displayed at the SF Citadel with photographs of 'queer' folk proudly and openly walking the streets of San Francisco at the Folsom Street Fair and hearing my submissives' favorite song Graham Coltons "Best Day" at the same event. With a twinkle in my eye, I told the hosts that I was inspired and worked until day break on my gay "Pride 2008" video. Fearing too too acquiescence with the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 looming darkly over the November horizon I was again inspired to create a video presentation whiat amouts to a "call to arms" and have posted them on my website --'KinkChannel' and 'GShotsTV' on YouTUBE channel, and will create and post more such videos as Prop.8 looms in on us threatening to take away these very "Best Day" that we have so long struggled Learning not of a "Gay Athemn", per se, other than trivial songs, I sincerely hope that this will be a campaign song that all queer folk can rally around.

The internet and places like Tribe have enabled us to connect, inter-relate and 'act' knowing that we are not alone with other gay, lesbian, transgenered, kink, leathe, bi-sexual, poly and fetishes, and others who are queer like us. I am wholeheartedly grateful that such a powerful tool has been placed at our disposal which can inspire queers to act like at no other time in the past, to find a crack and to paraphrase Ronald Reagan "Mr. Bush, tear down that wall", . Still, worldwide laws deny us equal marriage rights, equal civil right, equality in every way..

The timing of the two e-mails received Sunday hit me in many ways; the first made me ponder the irony that I may well have been creating the Larry Townsend memorial presentation even as his very ashes burned. Sunday evening, as I left our Lake vacation home, delayed somewhat by a visit by my other brother, and en route to my former submissives (and still best friends) 'cheer up' party I began too get drowsy, perhaps from the weariness of again dealing with my father. So I pulled down a side road and rested my eyes for what I planned on being a short cat-nap. Some two and a half hours Iater I was awakened by your forwarded e-mail reaching my iPhone.

Your very words not only cheered me up, but inspired me yet again, and I began to ponder even if, and how, the leather fest Folsom Street Fair would honor Larry Townsend's memory. The date of "2069" from your Uncle's writings also came to mind, and I wonder if by then a day would mark the "gay rights" struggle of queer folks for equality under the law -- not just here but world wide. Thinking that Martin Luther King's Day celebrates the struggle for equality of civil rights not dependent upon the pale of one's skin; that others such as Rosa Parks, the many that died for equal rights, the courage of the Supreme Court in 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education) and the courage of the May decision by the California State Supreme Court.likewise deserve there own special day, yet somehow seem fixed on his birthday. A special day to celebrate equal rights for all queer folks, and those of alternative life-styles (including poly), and I thought again of your Uncle. Why not have a special day to celebrate "QUEER" rights; equal rights irrespective of sexual orientation or proclivity, what better day that Larry Townsend's Birthday, why not October 27th, and why not way before 2069, why not now. If not October 27th, then when? Hopefully sooner than later.

The presentation, the Larry Townsend Video Memorial if you permit, is still not finished, three versions are posted on YouTUBE ( ) as I had to add more and more book covers as they were discovered There is actually a more comprehensive 4th version on my computer and another in an updated version in the works, but they will still be incomplete. From the internet I could only locate only one picture of 'Larry Townsend', your DOU "Dear Old Uncle" that he liked you to call him, and I suspect that I still do not have a complete list of all his books, writings and honors. So would you be so kind as to supply me with some more photos of him, not only in his leather (kinky/queer) attire, but with his partner and with his 'vanilla' family and friends, mixing his worlds just as he had done in his science-fiction; as well as a list of all the titles he authored/co-authored, the names of the many magazines he wrote for, and his various honors and awards. Those would be added to the end of the presentation where the credits would normally roll as a befitting credit to his name.

And please do let me know if you also agree that there should be an international "QUEER RIGHTS DAY'. Again why not October 27th!.

Most sincerely yours,

GShots By GARi-~~
" Devil" aka Uncle Gary to my "littleist" nice
Master to my Sub ,
and Daddy to my "little"


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