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Masculine W/M, 62, 5'10", 165, Brn Hair, S&P Beard & Mustache, Hazel Eyes, Hairy, 16 tattoos on my arms, all black/old style, getting more on my forearms until they are "sleeved", Cock is 6" X 6 1/2", Lg. nuts, Brn bush, Cut. HIV Neg. Basically lonely up here in the rural upper Central Valley of Northern California and would really like to find another partner sometime to share my life with. I tend to gravitate toward blue collar guys with skinny/thin/wiry builds but it's not set in stone, I've seen some big, burly guys that rocked my world too, just as long as they're honest and good-hearted. I'm a low-maintenance kinda guy and don't care whether you have money or not, or know which fork to use for the salad (But since most of the forks I use when dining out are PLASTIC, the issue is moot anyway). I'm tired of bein' alone, I need someone to hug and someone to pal around with, a buddy to laugh at my lame jokes and someone who I can listen to when they have a bad day. And if you have a Flattop haircut, you're halfway there already! But I am NOT looking for hookups, well, I guess it would depend on who wants to hook up. I'm a college educated guy but basically a blue collar dude at heart. A Vietnam-era U.S. Navy veteran, where I served as a Radioman, Third Class Petty Officer at the U.S. Naval Communications Station, Balboa, Panama Canal Zone. Also a veteran of the active U.S. Navy Reserves at Telecomcen 119, Pt. Mugu, CA. and the active U.S. Army, California National Guard, Cavalry, where I served as a Corporal, Armor Reconnaissance Scout in the 1st Squadron/18th Cavalry, Charlie Troop of the 40th Inf. Div. in Redlands, CA. I received an Honorable discharge for each of my military services. I like to work with my hands and like most to work outdoors, which is why I mostly worked in landscaping, which I still do on and off.
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My Wonderful Life.....Yeah, Right!!!

Hey Guys,

Well, today was another hard day. I had to take my cat Nefer in and have her put to sleep. Ever since Toonces has been gone Nefer really hasn't been the same. They were together over 16 years and were very close with each other. She stopped eating yesterday and I couldn't get her to eat anything at all and she was wobbly on her rear legs this morning, so I knew it was time. She was very good going to the vet in her basket and didn't seem to be afraid or anything. I told them that I wanted to hold her while they got her ready. The vet gave her the first shot that sedated her and a few minutes later I laid her on the towel, told her goodbye and he gave her the final shot. I took her to Sleepy Hollow to get her cremated so that is it. I have four cats in cans now, Karma, Pussy Galore, Toonces and Nefer. Nefer's actual name was Neferneferuaten. That was Queen Nefertiti's throne name. Anyway, she looked beautiful when I left her and said my final goodbye. It feels so strange to be here alone now, but now I can travel a little, go to the coast, etc., which I couldn't do because I had to give Nefer her meds twice a day. Goodbye, dear Nefer, I will miss you so much, baby. But now you're with Toonces again, so that makes me feel better. Thank you for all the love and happiness you gave me for so many years. I love you, Nefer. Goodbye!

Tue, May 12, 2015 - 10:09 PM permalink - 4 comments
Hey Guys, here is another picture of my Dad and Mom, Walter and Pauline. Larry
Fri, April 24, 2015 - 8:20 PM permalink - 0 comments
Hi Guys!

I got a call from my Brother today and was shook up by what he had to say. My Dad, who is 89 years old, has had bladder cancer for quite a while. The V.A. doctors scrape his bladder about every six months or so and it has been very successful for a number of years, his health has been good and he looks great. The V.A. had told him that he had a small spot on his lung and did a biopsy. It seems it was cancer but evidently they felt that both cancers could be treated successfully. Dad has been in good spirits and is planning a trip to Mount Rushmore with Mom and a few others, including my Brother, Brian. Brian is a Paramedic/EMT/General Manager of Mountain Lifeflight, a helicopter ambulance service. Anyway, Brian talked to Dad's doctor concerning Dad and the trip, to make sure that his trip could be worked into his travel plans. The doctor had very bad news. It seems that the cancer in Dad's bladder has metastasized and spread, and that is connected to the spot on his lung. To make a long story short, the cancer is inoperable and she said that Dad had about 6 months to live. I feel numb and I'm just at a loss about how to deal with this. Evidently Dad knows what is happening and my Brother said that he is very "centered' and calm about the news. Dad has been through a lot in his life, including being shot two different times while fighting in France in WWII. The second time was in the Battle of the Bulge. He was on e of the first American soldiers to cross the Bridge at Remagen on the Rhine, the first entry into Hitler's Germany. On June 26th Dad and Mom will celebrate their 67th Wedding Anniversary. Dad's biggest concern is for my Mother, who has early dementia but it is very mild and I can detect no difference in her. She will receive my Dad's 100% Disability Pension of about $2,600/month or so, until her death. The part that hurts the worst is what is my Mom going to do emotionally when my Dad is gone? I can't visualize one without the other. So, guys, that is what is happening right now. It makes me feel a little better being able to express how I feel with friends like you guys. I don't think I really am ready to be able to understand and deal with this at this time. I should be grateful that at 63 years old I still have my Mom and Dad. But it's like what Sally Field said in the movie "Steel Magnolias," "That's what my head tells me, I wish that someone would explain it to my heart." You know, everyone goes through this sometime in their life, so I guess if they can handle it then I can too. Anyway, thanks for all your support in the past and I will let you know how things go in the future. Take care, everyone!


P.S. The photo is my Mom and Dad when we had a family reunion up at Burney Falls, Ca. a couple of years back. I am so blessed to have had them for my parents.
Fri, April 24, 2015 - 8:17 PM permalink - 5 comments
Hey Guys!

I am having so much trouble trying to access I can receive and approve/deny friend requests, have access to my blog and profile, but that's about it. I can't access any tribes or see the photos on them. I have tried talking to the staff but they don't understand what I am dealing with, so looks like it is not going to change anytime soon. I will still keep my membership and will continue to keep in touch on my blog, but it is so irritating not to be able to do all the things I used to enjoy so much as a member of Tribe. Take care everyone, hope you all are having a good Spring and wishing you a great Summer as well! Take care, My friends,

Tue, April 21, 2015 - 9:39 AM permalink - 4 comments
Hey Guys,

Well, it is done. On the 31st I drove Toonces up to the vet in Anderson, Ca. My own vet isn't open on Saturdays. But the Anderson clinic was the one I used to go to with my two other cats, karma and Pussy Galore, and was where they went to sleep also. I didn't put Toonces in the cat carrier, I just used a laundry basket with towels in it and she sat in that. Normally she freaks out when going to the vet but she did real good and never made a sound, looking out the windows while I rubbed her head and neck with my right hand. When we got the the vet, I parked and Toonces came out of the basket and moved over to my lap. She looked out the window and then pressed her head underneath my arm for a second. I sat there for a liitle while and then put her in the basket, covered it with a towel and took her inside. I was fine until I got to the desk and put the basket down, then I just kind of broke down and tears were streaming down my face. There was a guy with a small dog and he came over and handed me some tissues, which was a very kind thing to do. The people at the vet's office were very nice and after I filled out the form I went over to a bench and sat down holding the basket. Just a couple of minutes later they called me into the room. I put a towel on the cold metal table and sat Toonces on it. They gave her a preliminary shot to make her drowsy and I picked her up in the towel and held her as I sat in a chair. The shot basically sedated her and I couldn't get a reaction from her and her eyes were still open. But I hugged her and talked to her like I always do, telling her she was my Pretty Kitty! Then the vet came in and gave her the second injection. I asked him in a choked voice if she was gone and he said yes, and that was when I completely lost it and sobbed loudly, hugging her close to my body. After fifteen seconds or so, the vet assistant girl came and laid a heavy striped cloth like a pillowcase on the table and I laid Toonces on it and she then wrapped her carefully in the cloth and taped it shut and then handed her back to me. I left the office by the side door and drove to the Sleepy Holllow Pet Cemetery where I left her to be cremated. When I opened the cloth to leave her in the "casket" room, she looked just like she was sleeping peacefully like she always did. She was still so beautiful and as I looked at the little crescent moon shaped mark on the top of her head I remembered that that was the same thing I saw when I first saw her as a kitten. She was so tiny and helpless then, it is hard to realize that was more than 18 years ago now. There were four kittens, two brown tabbies and two solid blacks. I initially wanted the other tiger stripe because the markings were darker, but my sister said that my brother already picked it. So I ended up with Toonces and am so very glad that I did, she could not have been a better or more loving cat and she outlived her siblings by many years. It is now two days later and I am doing better. I still cry all the time but with a sense that I did the right thing and let her go before she could get painfully ill. Nefer doesn't seem to be upset at all and doesn't seem to be looking for Toonces. I think she is enjoying being the center of attention. But the house seems so empty right now. I'll just go a day at a time until the good memories overcome the sadness of the last few days. If you have pets at home, just give them a big hug and kiss and be happy that they are there and that they love you back. Time flies so fast and one day they are gone. But the love remains and they take it with them when they go also. I hope all you guys back East are doing okay in the cold and stormy weather. It is a little overcast today but the temperature is about 70 or so, very nice and pleasant. Going to go pay the bills and then go to the disc golf course. Take care, everyone, I'll talk to you later. And thank you for your kind and comforting words about Toonces, they were and are very much appreciated!

Mon, February 2, 2015 - 12:39 PM permalink - 3 comments
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