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My Cock Pump

   Wed, November 19, 2008 - 10:58 PM
I have been using my cock pump from the VA and really getting good results, it gets me real hard and throbbing. I think the biggest thing is that I am doing it on a more regular basis so my cock is getting used to being erect more than before. I had a buddy over and I put a Magnum XL rubber on it and asked him to let me fuck him. I only got part of the head in when he stopped me and said I was too thick for him to take. I was bummed from not getting to fuck him but it made me feel good that I was too big for him, made me feel real macho and studly!!! lol! The pump i a prescription type with a thick walled acrylic cylinder that has the hand pump that is inserted into the opposite end. I use a real good water-based lube that I get from the VA and it has two types of tension rings that slide off when ready to remove the pump, regular tension and high tension rings. The only problem with it is that at the cock end the cylinder tapers down a little so it is kinda hard to pull it off my cock when I am totally erect, but it's not that big a deal. The whole thing is inside a real nice cloth suitcase kinda deal with a handle for easy carrying. I'll try and get a photo of it on here


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Thu, November 20, 2008 - 1:44 PM
I don't see a followup on the alprostadil. Did you try the 20 mcg dose? How did that work? I guess beside the pain, I would be worrying about the needle stick opening a path to infection.
Thu, November 20, 2008 - 8:59 PM
My Cock Pump
No, Bud, I haven't tried the 20 mcg dose of alprostadil because the V.A. clinic in Redding said that the manufacturer was temporarily out of stock. It has been about 2 months since I got the Rx for it and still nothing. I called them yesterday and they said that it was still out of stock. So I guess I get to wait to find out how the 20 mcg works with me.
Thu, November 20, 2008 - 9:12 PM
My Cock Pump
I forgot to say that the needle used with the alprostadil is about one half inch long and very fine. The needle is in a sealed sterile package until it is needed and there are two alcohol swabs with each dose to clean the area where the shot will go and to hold on the spot for a couple of minutes to stop any bleeding, but it really doesn't bleed much or at all. I was amazed to find how easily the needle inserts, you need to put very little pressure to make it into the cock. I get a testosterone shot every three weeks into my hip and that needle is LONG and THICK because the testosterone is in an oil that makes it very thick and viscous, like honey. It takes them about 20-30 seconds to inject the whole dose. This is so that the testosterone will absorb slowly and not all at once. I guess after more than three years I am so used to it that I feel little or no pain when I receive the injection, though sometimes it will hit a nerve and my leg will jerk. After all this and 16 tattoos, there are not many things that feel painful to me. Or maybe I'm just a pain freak and I get off on it!!! Love those endorphins!!!