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May 27, 2007

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Gemini - What else needs to be said??????
Tsi Tsalagi (I am Cherokee). I'm caring, compassionate and empathetic yet ruthless when necessary. I am a very passionate person regarding many issues which some people tend to take as anger. When I'm angry, I'll tell you, and exactly why. Other than that, it's just my passionate nature. I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I'm not a "party" girl and DO NOT use drugs. I belly dance, for 13 years now, and LOVE to go out dancing. I'm very creative. I write, have a VERY vivid imagination, read tarot cards, and am rather eclectic in most aspects of my life. I consider myself as open minded but also have definite set ideas on certain issues. I'm currently working on an acting career. It's a dificult industry but I'm hopeful. I am quite reclusive but when I do go out I socialize well. Also, I am a minister, available for Handfastings and Weddings (gender unimportant). I am heterosexual but have no ridiculous qualms about/toward those with other sexual preferences.

I do faux finishes and murals. To view some of my work please go to (website compliments of Jessica Black). There is much more to me than just this but not much space to write. If you wish to learn more, just ask.

You can find me on myspace: There are more pics of some faux finishes and Egyptian mural art in my myspace photo album.
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