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These days I am a software developer living in the rural SouthWest. I have lived in the UK, Israel and numerous other places. I have taken up the doumbek in the hope that it will carry me across the enchanted portals into the world of music. For reasons that I dont yet understand, I seem to have neglected this fundamental part of the human experience and now, at the age of 60 I am trying to change this.

I find this instrument strangely compelling. Even addictive. Something about the feel of the taught head responding to ones finger strokes is very sensual. Due to my location, I am forced to learn without a teacher or a peer group. However, I have been lucky in that I seem to have taken to this instrument and quite quickly reached a point where I really enjoy the sound of what I am doing. I am talking "singing in the shower" quality not "Carnegie hall" :) For me, playing the doumbek is a private thing, its an inner journey. Performing with a band and playing for other people is not my main goal. My girlfriend thinks I'm a musical genius and I would appreciate it if you guys didn't set her straight!
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