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hi,i am ordinary woman,but a very spiritual and sensual one.i live with my Dad,(my Mummy died of brain cancer 3 years past)
and i absolutely adore him,both emotionally and physically.
i work in an estate agents,showing clients round properties,and i find this a very interesting way of observing people.sometimes they are very stressed,other times,very relaxed,but they are all interesting.i usually work 5 days a week,but i will happily work saturday or sunday to help out.
i have no relationship at present,but my thoughts are increasingly drawn to the female.i love the gentleness,femininity and aura of a woman.i am very feminine within my self,and love that trait,both in women and men.i will write more later..........
i find my spirituality when i am by the seashore.i love the force and majesty of the waves,the noise and the is almost as if for a few short moments i am that wave,time and time is just like having the biggest spiritual orgasm ever,but time and time again.
sometimes,if i have been with the waves for an hour or more,i am shaking with the emotion of it.i will write more is nearly time
for me say farewell to this day .i have enjoyed writing this,my first ever blog.i am very inexperienced in life,and i know i have so much to learn.i am waiting for my teachers to appear and guide me along the way.i have a wonderful warm and inviting bedroom,and i sleep as nature intended.i love to feel the night breezes caressing my body,and my mummy,as my guardian angel protecting me .goodnight my loved ones,sleep well.
i feel warm and loved and happy this morning,a dreamless sleep,but alas,no companion to hold me.i always look forward to my morning shower,feeling the warm water washing the sleep away,and waking my body.i wake up each morning always with a sense of anticipation,who will i meet,will they show me love,compassion,understanding? soon i shall go and wake my beloved daddy with a hug and a kiss.i idolise him in every way.
i feel happiness for my life,but i am always waiting for knowledge to steer me along the paths of enlightenment.good morning all my dear friends,i will write more later............i hope that my first blog is not boring to you all,but it is written from my heart.i have had a very interesting day today,meeting several people from the nice and loving to the very sharp and aggressive.aggression in all forms frightens me,both mentally and physically,and i make no apologies for lady was kind enough to tell how feminine i looked,which is nice to hear.i am a very feminine woman,i like pretty things and i make an effort to be feminine.tonight my darling daddy is taking me to a restaurant.i really enjoy eating out.i do have a very healthy appetite in all things,but especially food,and a glass of wine. more later,thank you for your kindness......we had an excellent meal,and a bottle of lovely red wine,and we had a pleasant stroll home,even holding hands like lovers! i was quite chilled when arrived home,and i prefer not to wear underthings in the evenings,but it did not spoil a wonderful evening.i love looking towards the heavens ,and i am sure i see mummy waving sometimes.we sat and chatted for nearly an hour at home,about nothing and everything,a perfect end to another wonderful day.i love you so much,daddy.
woke up this morning feeling seemed irrational but very is at times like this a lover is a wonderful person to be with,to calm and soothe me,to take me to heaven again and is sad but i have been without an intimate companion for several months now,i would very much like to change that.this is my last entry for the time being,i have enjoyed writing for you all,and i give you my love.
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