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I have been belly dancing for about 7 years, studying the Suhaila Salimpour format. The first two or so years from a wonderful now retired belly dancer here in Cleveland - Gina Schatz, and I am now being mentored by the incomparable and internationally renowned Suhaila Salimpour from Berkeley, CA and am currently Level 2 certified in her dance format, working toward Level 3 certifiation. I instruct in the genre of Suhaila's Levels 1 and 2 format weekly on Tuesday evenings in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

I am Married to a wonderful man, have 2 awesome step sons and two wonderfully sweet kitties, Oakie and Musik. My family is the best - mom & dad, 3 sisters/brothers-in-law, 3 handsome nephews, 2 gorgeous great-nephews (OMG!) and 2 beautiful nieces.
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May 12, 2008
When I first met Erika, she was so friendly and supportive. She is a caring person, smart and beau-ti-ful! I get to laugh my socks off when she visits California. She is a wonderful teacher to her students. They are lucky to have her!
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