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Hairy Chested Stud

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LOVE this site! Never knew it existed, but damn, so glad i found it! I have to say that the ultimate turn on for me is a hot guy with a hairy chest... in fact, hair anywhere really gets my attention: hairy arms drive me wild, and a hot fully-covered hairy chest along with those incredibly hot "gravy trails" (they lead to the meat!) drive me insane!! Hairy legs, shoulders and backs also turn my head big time. So yes, i am a total fur fanatic, but it has to be on a lean or muscled body, definitely on a guy who takes care of himself and who cares enough about his appearance to make the investment in time and energy to look decent. Give me an easy-going, hairy and in-shape stud, and i'll be happy!

Genuinely nice guy here, not into the gay scene, though i have checked out a few gay bars and feel very comfortable in that atmosphere, and do not drink much, am a total non-smoker and definitely do NOT do drugs. I love the sport of volleyball, and play sand and indoor hard court, and have watched a whole generation of players come and go. I am also someone who values friendship and loyalty very highly, and i treasure the friends that i have. I am also very clean and totally disease-free and plan on staying that way... and am quite inexperienced with guys. Single and new to the world of men. Goatee here, and love those too, and as you can see from my pics, i am hairy all over as well, and will NEVER trim or shave one hair that i got... i feel too attached to it! I love music, cooking, media, construction and have a host of other interests and though i can be on the shy side, i sure come out of my shell when it comes to talking about hairy, muscled men! Love having friends over for a great evening of food served on a nice table, and chatting. A romantic at heart, would love walks along the beach, holding hands, watching a movie or hearing a concert, or a video at home, with my head resting on a hot man's hairy chest (that's a dream that i hope comes true some day soon), and LOVE a nice leisurely stroll in the Castro, shirtless! In fact, i love walking around shirtless, have gone whole days at a time in So. Cal. shirtless, and a week almost in Hawaii. Doing errands at Home Depot up here shirtless is great too, and they don't throw you out! Also, having a conversation with an intelligent man with a witty sense of humor just about rounds out my turn-ons.
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