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Cassie is a 1.5 year old Cattle dog/Lab mix. She was happy and playful when she came in and now is showing some signs of getting depressed. She is so sweet and loving. She is listed as not good with kids or dogs because of her Cattle dog breed I however have not observed her being overly interested in either! She would do well with a person who has a dog as she likes to play, she would be an easy second dog to have. She is super sweet! The shelter staff also have mislabeled her as cattle dog-pit mix because of her head shape, however as a cattle dog owner myself know she is cattle dog/labby!
Please pass the word about her, she is languishing in the shelter...

here she is with my friend Lori who loves her very much but has a dog who hates other dogs, or she would have adopted her!!
Thu, October 23, 2008 - 11:19 AM permalink - 2 comments
Late summer is my way of not having to say, "where in dogs name has the summer gone???" Remember all those amazing things we had on our summer list? The goals and fun things to do...... While I was on UCD campus checking out a friends art show I stopped by to see the ducks. They had their now big fat babies in tow. The ground was covered in feathers caught in the plants like fluffy flowers. I watched them for a while from a distance and realized I never got out to see them with their little ducklings. Ahhh intentions, I thought. At that very moment the ducks spotted me. They trooped over from every direction, they got right up in my business with their quacking and waddling and carrying on! Okay I get it, get my ducks in a row. I have never seen ducks in a row by the way. This like many old man sayings I have heard many times. Mostly from a parental type, "get your ducks in a row!" My ducks are defiantly not in a row and yet it is late summer. Words of wisdom from nature.....

Okay so it is late summer. We know the days will be getting noticeable shorter VERY soon. This is the time to open those closets and cupboards and get to sorting and purging. It is time to look at those goals of ours and figure out which ones we want to keep pursuing , which ones we have met and set new ones! Get clear on what is really important. Here are some questions to help out with this process!

1. Am I happy, what would make me happier?
2. What do I no longer need in my life, am I ready to let it go?
3. Am I holding back in any way that prevents me from having more of what I truly desire?
4. Am I asking for what I really want in my relationships?
5. Am I giving what I really want in my relationships?
6. What changes do I need to make to have a life that has less stress?
7. Am I settling for less than I deserve in ANY area of my life?
8. Where do I want to be in 6 months?
9. Where do I want to be in a year?
10. What needs to change so I can play as hard as I work?

Make room in your life to dream BIG. Do not panic, ask for support instead. Get clear on what you want, then ask questions so you are clear with what others want. One last reminder..... lots of small changes add up to BIG change.

The time is now to get our ducks in a row.

Fri, August 15, 2008 - 8:37 AM permalink - 1 comment
I highly recommend we all get away even if for only a few days. As a life coach I spend time with people who are tired, stressed, overwhelmed and frankly need a break! We all need to recharge our spirits. Most of the people in my circles are giving people, who spend their time loving and caring for others. Giving support is sometimes easier than receiving it!

It is amazingly important to take a moment for yourself and get into nature. There is something about open space and being the quiet observer that is so healing. For a moment there are no concerns, tasks or obligations. You are not late for anything. You can just be still.

We each have our personal favorite environment, the forest, ocean or river. Stop and think for a moment, where do you feel at your best, connected and calm?

If you need permission to take a moment for yourself in nature I am giving it! You deserve it and as a matter of fact you owe it to yourself!

Do not buy into the lie that there is not enough time or money for you to get away even if for a long day of wandering in nature. Remind yourself you need a mental health day, it is better than staying on the couch with a massive stress headache or recovering from a hangover all day Sunday!

when was the last time you took a moment just for you? Do you put yourself high enough on your own list to make time to be kind to yourself? When was the last time you felt relaxed and connected to who you truly are?

Heres to time away from the havoc, the rush, the chores!
Fri, July 25, 2008 - 8:44 AM permalink - 0 comments
Who trained us to not say things if it is going to make us cry? You know that big lump you get that feels like your mind is saying "NOOOOOOO!! dont speak, we still can control the tears." why does this happen? I hate the list of times I should have said something really important but did not, for the lump in my throat won. Well my grandmother has cancer, real bad.... she lives in Florida and I don't get to see her much these past few years. She is an amazing artist retired as an art professor from New College in Sarasota. She was my mentor as a teen. Interesting, artsy and fun. My daughter and I flew out to see her this past week. My grandmother fell in love with my daughter. She is proud of her several winnings in photo contests, both local and international. It was a very nice visit, until the end when we had to say goodbye, that goodbye that might be the big goodbye.

At 40 I kinda thought I might be grownup enough to handle this situation with grace. I found myself clutching to my grandmother like a kid. Then I did it, I ignored the lump. I told my grandmother I needed to tell her some things and I was going to cry while I talked because that is what seems to be happening right now..... however it was very important that I get this all out while I can. I then told her how much she meant to me and that she really will always be in my heart. That our bodies are just an outfit for our spirits and I would love it if she would be one of my guardians, a tough job to say the least. She agreed and listened to my words and then, thanked me for being brave enough to cry and talk at the same time. Then I said goodbye and hugged her again. Then passed her off to my daughter for some more love.

My advice, say what you mean even if it makes you cry. You may not get another chance so just do it lump and all!
Thu, July 24, 2008 - 7:37 PM permalink - 2 comments
remember a time when you felt like this?
Sun, September 9, 2007 - 11:34 PM permalink - 2 comments
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