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I'm an idea man. I love to look at everything from a million different angles. And will always find a slightly better "angle" than I did a moment ago... I'm an Artisan, and they can't build a box for me to think inside of.

I love people, I love fun and I love adventure. I love learning and I love teaching. I love contributing, and I love being pampered. I love being a Hero and coming to the rescue. I believe that ANYTHING is possible. I believe we are the creators of our lives and we are the ones that get to say how it goes (good or bad). I am here to have the world be a better place when my body leaves it.

Here's what else about me. My evolutionary track is on HIGH SPEED... seriously... I am NOT the person that I was when I woke up this morning... so this "about me" has evolved since you read it (and I typed it)... that I am clear of and I love that about me!
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We have a nice 31 foot RV leaving early Friday morning (8/24) or possibly Thu (8/23) if that works for everyone. Shooting for a Saturday arrival to Black Rock City.

So you'll either need early entry, or be ok with us dropping you off in Fernley, or Reno or somewhere close by and getting a ride from there for that final last leg (should be VERY easy to arrange). We're more than happy to drop your stuff off at your camp (assuming you give us enough info to find it and someone to give it to) ... read more
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