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   Fri, November 11, 2005 - 10:58 PM
Hey, um, perfectionism? Yeah, I’m talking to you. And, yes, I *do* have a problem with you. You ruin everything. I mean, having you around seems like a good idea but it’s not really. You suck the life about of wherever I bring you (which is everywhere) and I can’t take it anymore. A wise woman once told me “The only thing perfect is death” and I just kind of looked at her blankly and blinked a few times because I didn’t really understand that statement. I DO NOW.

You are a concept and not a realistic one. Or a pure one. Or a nice one. You’re impossible…'because nothing is perfect and that is perfect. (Talk about oxymorons! Buddha would be proud. Or did he say that bit about imperfection being perfect?)

Besides death, I think there might be two other perfect things in this world and they are: 1. the demeanor of game show hosts and 2. the teeth of Donny and Marie Osmond. And the more I think about it, those could be imperfect too. I mean, sometimes game show hosts are wildly annoying because they never seem to have bad days (and that’s infuriating) and maybe the Osmonds get broccoli stuck in their teeth and walk around like that all day and that’s not perfect.

UGH, perfuckionism: assassin of joy, killer of spontaneity…'kiss my ass!


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Sat, November 12, 2005 - 2:05 AM
I LOVE when the Jesey Girl comes out in YOU!hehee
I know what you are saying Goddess and I agree whole heartedly!
There is NOTHING more annoying than faux perfectionism!
Are we not all human and is it NOT in our nature to be imperfect?
So why do you pretend?...get over yourself you self-righteous phoney excuse for a human being!lol
Sat, November 12, 2005 - 8:48 AM
right on girl... we humans are messy and tricky... perfectionism is just another ism... :)
Sun, November 13, 2005 - 5:31 PM
You shouldn't start a sentence with "and," as it is a conjunction which connects two clauses within one sentence. AAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRGGGG
Tue, November 15, 2005 - 4:46 AM
Or with or.

And I agree wholeheartedly.
Tue, November 15, 2005 - 4:12 PM
•••Proceed with caution•••
You guys are playing with fire! My inner dominatrix popped out after reading your comments!! :D

Tue, November 15, 2005 - 10:05 PM
Well spank my ass and call me imperfect!
Wed, November 16, 2005 - 3:40 PM
Hang on, I'm the imperfect one -- I thought *I* was the one who got the spanking?! One can only hope. :)