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THe Call for Shaman's Gathering 2008

I got the OK today to blast Tribe with the call for this year's Shaman's Gathering... So here you go.....

The 8th annual Queer Shamanism Gathering will be held between August 15th-24th, 2008 @ Zuni Mountain Sanctuary in northwestern New Mexico.

The Stewards of the sanctuary are putting out a call for energy assistance in this endeavor.

This years proposed and requested possibilities include -- Storytelling, Heart Sharing; Sweat Lodge; Positive Tea; Playback Theater; Acoustical Music Circle, Divination Studies, Desert Walkabouts / Visionquesting ; Massage, Energy Balancing, Claycrafting; Desert astronomy; entheogen discussion; body/energy playgroup; BDSM workshop, desert spirit rain dance; Morning/Evening Yoga; Incense Making; Herb Wildcrafting; Poetry ReadingRants, permaculture and various happening and on-going infrastructure projects.

A Know-Your-Talent Show Multi-Media Arts Exhibit is planned for the Wednesdays (in the middle of the happening) as a benefit for the sanctuary and the neighboring community. Help make this your gathering by letting us know where your interests are and how you would like to plug your energy into the mix.

Plenty of tenting areas are being prepared by faeries for camping on Camp Hill as well as more secluded permaculturely friendly areas on the land. The RV parking is also available for persuns wishing to camp nearer the road. Food and water will be provided by the sanctuary with vegetarian meals prepared and served by volunteer attendees. Please notify us of any dietary restrictions, allergies or other health concerns or with special needs we should know about.

*** To help cover the costs for this years event a suggested donation of 35/day per persun per day is requested - more if you can less if you cant; no one turned away for lack of funds. This year as in the past there will be also be study/actualization spaces for those seeking independent explorations.

Full or partial pre-registration funds would be most helpful. Checks can be paid to the order of Zuni Mountain Sanctuary and sent to us by snail mail care of ZMS attn: ShamGath 2008 PO Box 636 Ramah, NM 87321 Even if you are unable to prepay please notify the sanctuary to let us know if you are planning to attend.

--- IN YOUR REGISTRATION REPLY PLEASE INCLUDE --- How you want to be referenced - name and the best way to contact you; your estimated time of arrival in New Mexico -- also if you are driving to the sanctuary and need driving instructions or a map. Pick-ups from the bus/train/airport in Gallup or Albuquerque can be arranged, compensation for gas requested. Carpooling is also helpful so let someone know if you have extra room for sharing space with other travelers.

It is also proven helpful for visitors to have a persunal intention declared for themselves lending definition and structure to their time in space in the sanctuary during the gathering. Intentions can be general or specific but should allow for open-ended possibilities. Past experiences on the land indicate that in offering such a devotional pledge - such an act lends definition and measure to your experience and the ways in which we may better serve one another.

If hospitality is your scene you can contact the sanctuary to let us know your specialties. We always need crews for Cafeteria Committee, Kitchen Queens, HydroGrrls , Dish Dudes and Wood Tenderers. If you have any other skills or talents you would like to share let us know in advance so as to better accommodate your context for space and/or materials in which to honor your gifts.

*** Please notify ZMS either by email or by phone 505.783.4002 to let us know you if intend to attend - to arrange transportation or with any questions.
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Its been about 6 months since I did my last check in on here. Life has been very wonderful. I spent some time in Chicago at the beginning of the year. Got to see a lot of family and friends while I was there. Its kinda funny sometimes how you don't miss the bio-family till you see them again after long periods of time. Its was an awsome trip. Hanging with Web and Flood while I was in the city made the trip totally worth it.

Since I have been back home in NM I have been getting ready for the upcoming Art and Growing season. My latest gallery show just ended last weekend. Now I am imagining what my next step is going to be. The farmers markets and the art shows that we participate in run concurently throughout late spring into the fall. Now its into the garden for me. I have been spending time in the greenhouse and outside getting everything ready to go into ground. Self-sustainability is the goal. Hopefully within the next couple of years all of us here will be able to say we live off of our artwork and our direct interactions with the land. I've really enjoyed living life through what mama has gifted me over the last couple of years.

Its a short and sweet check in... Life is good!! And I am happy !! Gotta get back outside this afternoon and get a new bed ready for some raspberries that are coming in tommorrow.

Hope everyone that reads this is doing well and loving life to the fullest. Love ya and miss ya, Dreamie
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Today's front page of the Cibola Beacon News

The Collective is starting to get known!! Woo Hoo!! This is a pic of Owl's bowls at the show. Wish us luck tommorrow.

Ceramics show opens

Thursday, September 27, 2007 6:29 PM MDT

GRANTS - Billed as the largest ceramics show in western New Mexico, a new exhibit opens tomorrow at the Double Six Gallery.

A reception will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. with refreshments and appearances by most of the artists. “The idea developed after the last studio tour when we had a rather sparse turnout,” said Robert Gallegos, director of the gallery. “Because we had several potters represented on the tour, we put our heads together and decided to have a large ceramics show at the gallery,” he added.

Gallegos went on to say that he knew it was a gamble. “We decided that if the artists appeared with their work, we could make this an annual event,” he said. “On the day that the artists were supposed to start bringing in their work, I thought that maybe nobody would show up, but they started coming in with massive amounts of ceramics.”

As it turned out, there were enough ceramics works to fill table from the desk to the back door with an additional 100 feet of table space.

When you enter the gallery, you're stunned by the sheer amount of work displayed. Sherri Carattini, assistant gallery director, reported that there are more than 500 pieces of ceramics and more than 10 artists represented. “We have Emma Singleton, Laura Bezzeg and John Strange of Magnolia Cottage, Maika and Kabu of Grants, Dream Eagle, Owl McCabe, Red Wulf and Alicia McCabe of the Whooville Art Collective and Scott Goewey of Carrizozo in the exhibit,” she said.

Goewey works with clay that has mica in it so there's a special shine to it, according to Gallegos. “He actually makes a living from making from his art,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos related that Goewey had called the gallery after seeing an announcement on-line and had been sent a flyer on the event. “He wondered if this would actually be the largest ceramics show in western New Mexico,” he said.

The gallery director said that the exhibit is beyond his expectations. “Whooville Collective showed up with a truck, which helps to make this exhibit an art installation.”

Gallegos spoke to the philosophy of exhibiting art. “We call it the 'rolling of aesthetic marbles,' which means the moving of art pieces around the gallery until an aesthetic whole is achieved. At that point, the art ceases to be an exhibit and becomes an installation,” he explained.

“It is fantastic to see all the pieces come together as a whole and become an installation,” he added.

The exhibit has such a wide variety of pieces for sale that range from $1.00 to $600 in price.

The show will run until Oct. 14. The Double Six Gallery is located at 1001 W. Santa Fe Ave. in Grants. For more information, call 287-7311.

By Diane Fowler

Beacon staff writer
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Blog for July - Part 2 - Studio Paintjob

Last week a group of us Candy Kitchenettes got together for our semi-bi-try-monthly Eldergarden. When we get together we pick projects at one of our houses that needs, wants, or is just gonna get an artistic overhual. This time it happened to be my new art studio... Wooo Hooo! For about 8 hrs everybody went off with awsome creativity on the studio walls. There is still a little more paint needed to fill in the blanks but all in all it is amazing. Over the next couple of weeks I will be uploading more pics. There are some of the beginning of the day pics in my personal pics. Thanxs Eldergarden for another great day!!
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Blog for July - Part 1 - Kitties are Crazeeeee

I am finally at a place in my life where I feel like I can handle the responsibility of having pets again. I told myself after Cosmo I would not give my heart to an animal again. As we all know life moves on and things change. Dude and Slinky came into my life a couple of weeks ago and it been quite an adventure. They are beautiful kitties and have a childs energy. I am learning alot about how high a kitten can actually jump and that if I have a palatte laying on a table I will have paint all over the house.... just little lessons in life wth kitties.
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Lamas Gathering!!! Are we ready??

After many days and nights of interspection the maidens of Midsummer's Night Majick have decided to go Nomadic. The Midsummer's Nights Majick Artist Spiritual Gathering was created during a Pangender gathering in 2004. There was a group of fairies and freaks sitting in the smoking circle diss-cussing what they were looking for in a gathering. They were talking about respect, art, ritual, spirituality, love, music, DJs, dancing, self,and anarchy. They (we) were looking for something more. Something that would bring us together, to gather, to explore our inner selves, to work, share, learn, and teach our art. A place where we could be ourselves. Thus came the first Gathering during the Summer of 2005. With Music, dance, ritual, Beautiful alters, DJ's, paint, coloring, fire, circles, love, ,food, and so much more, we found a place we that we could be ourselves.
This year Zuni Mountain Sanctuary was very kind and offered up the space to hold the gathering during Lamas. There will be workshops and rituals at ZMS and also in Candy Kitchen (20 mins away). The New Mexico Fairies have been very excited about this gathering and are ready to make it happen.
SO here it goes. Here is this years call!! Hope to see you all there! Love ya, Dreamie

What is ART to you?

How does ART affect your world?

Are you SPIRITually connected to your ART?

What happens when your ART and SPIRITuality combine?

Are you ready to EVOLVE?

To take your ART, whatever it may be, to a higher plane?

-- Lamas Artists Spiritual Gathering in NorthWestern New Mexico ---

Saturday, July 28th and Friday August 3rd

@ Zuni Mountain Sanctuary and other workshop locations in Candy Kitchen, NM.

We gather, to learn and to teach, opening our hearts and our minds to the gifts of spirit. Using this creative spark to kindle within us all the flames of inspiration. This gathering is open for all who seek to combine their ART and their SPIRITUALITY, whatever that may be -This gathering is for you. Be prepared to be divinely inspired as you enter the Lamas Full Moon Artists Spiritual Gathering, An intentional gathering for those who desire to move their ART forward in a meaningful and spiritual manner.

Dates and Registration:

The Lamas Full Moon Artists Spiritual Gathering will take place between Saturday, July 28th and Friday August 3rd. The suggested donation is 35 dollars per person per day (more if you can, less if you can't, and no one turned away for lack of funds). This includes your food, propane, and the costs of hosting the gathering and maintaining the land. If money isn't in your particular bag of tricks this particular year, there are many other ways you can contribute to the sanctuary.

Please contact someone at ZMS to let us know the dates you plan on being here and how many will be arriving in your party. Registering early helps up get an idea on who's attending, and also gives us a head start on the summoning the foodstuffs, toilet paper, nail polish, and glitter.


You are invited to arrive on Friday, July 27th to set up your tent and get settled in. The Gathering will begin the next day with an Opening Circle/Ritual. Each day will include a morning circle after breakfast and plenty of time for workshops and smaller circles. There will also be heart circles, ritual planning circles, and many other ways to plug in to community life.

Come prepared to camp, and come prepared for both rain and sun. It's the beginning of the monsoon season here in the high desert, and that means the possibility for wetness at least once or twice during the week is pretty good. Special-needs space is for faeries who require a dry indoor sleeping place, and is very limited, so call ahead to let us know of your special needs.

What to Bring: a tent, tarps for your tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, warm clothes for chilly nights, something to wear if it rains, sunscreen, books and pictures of faerie lore, a workshop, a vision to share of what you want this community to be/look like/feel like, fabulous outfits, drag to share, drums and musical instruments, paint, art supplies, canvas, clay, a sense of humor, your medicine, tarot cards and other divinatory tools of magick, high heels in your size, extra pumps, towels, biodegradable shampoo, a toothbrush and toothpaste (again biodegradable), your razor if you want to shave (it's not safe to share), floggers, cuffs, leather, furs, lace and poetry, a clearly divined intention, and your best fabulous faerie friend.

Further information about the Sanctuary can be found on the internet at

We are proud to be open to all gender and sexual identities.

We are proud to be closed to all negativity.

Let us move beyond these mindsets and step into the light with our ART and SPIRITUALITY.

This is a safe place for all faeries, so it is up to all faeries to maintain that positive flow within and amongst ourselves. Please be conscientious of the land and one another, to help contribute to a gathering that is intent and focused and healing and, above all else, rockin'. Magick of intent demands an environment of intent, in order to thrive. This journey to a powerful place can awaken your heart and help you discover yourself.

It's Y(Our) Gathering

From cooking and cleaning to circles and rituals, it's our communal energy and labor that makes a gathering happen. If there is a circle, workshop, or event (such as the "Full Moon Ritual" or "How to center your chakras with music") you would like to facilitate or a skill you have to share, or if you feel called to contribute to the opening and closing ritual/circles, please let us know.

Kitchen Queens!!!

The Kitchen really is the heart of the gathering, and we need kitchen-wise faeries to step into their power as High n' Holy Kitchen Witches. Strut your stuff in the Main House. We need food wise faeries to plan and present meals each day during the gathering. Gather together some of your faerie friends to help, and treat your community to a show of your kitchen mastery. We're ordering the food in early July, so join us now. Send your commitment for one of the days, July 27th -Aug 3rd.

For further information, to offer support or just to say "You betcha, I'll be there," contact us at and/or join the Lamas Full Moon Gathering 2007

or Zuni Mountain Sanctuary tribes on

Or give us a call at (505)783-4002, or write us at

Zuni Mountain Sanctuary

Attn: Lamas Artists Spiritual Gathering

P.O. Box 636

Ramah, NM 87321

Things are Heating Up this Summer @ ZMS
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Back from Dallas

Dallas was an awsome time! A heartfelt thanx goes out to all the Dallas fairies. You guys made our week!!!!! I also need to say thanx to the beautiful Crystal Cobra : ) I love you so much!! You once again opened my heart and spirit...LOve you....
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"Abundance thru Creativity"

Another year, another Beltaine.
As I sit here, a thousand miles away from Wolf Creek, I give thanx to the Goddess for all the abundance she has reaped upon me over the last year.
A year ago I celebrated my 4th year at Beltaine Wolf Creek. I threw lots of crap into the fire and wrapped my intention around the pole. That intention "Abundance thru Creativity" has kept me going for 13 moons.
In the last year I have built my own house (with alot of help), co-started an artist collective, shown my artwork at a dozen shows in several states, been part of a acting troup ( Yoo Hoo Revival), and helped set-up and plant an edible forest garden. It has been a busy year!
This is one time I can say I got exactly what I asked for. I have not been this creative and happy for many years. It feels so great to be alive at this time.
This Years Beltain was very intimate. There was about 20 of us gathered at Zuni. It was a beautiful ritual without all the hoopla of a larger gathering. We each made our own ribbons and wrapped our intentions in a dance while the wind and rain ripped around us.
This year my intention is the same as last year "Abundance thru Creativity","Abundance thru Creativity","Abundance thru Creativity" Sssssssssssssss
I do have to say that I missed all of my friends and family at WolfCreek. Many of you were in my thoughts throughout the ritual. Each day I learn more and more about love and trust. Thank you all for teaching me so much.
Before I end this blog I ask each of you to keep us in the artist collective in your thoughts over the next week. We will be leaving for Dallas next Monday for a huge show. This is the largest show we have done so far. It is five days in the center of Grapevine Mills Mall next to the Dallas Fortworth Airport.
Love you all!!!! Dreamie
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