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Face Pictures with (large) Penis

   Fri, March 19, 2010 - 5:33 AM

Due to recent interests and topics, I would like to have my face photographed near and with a man's penis.

Size doesn't matter, but if your cock is big enough to make my head look small, that will be great. A penis that is fairly long when still limp or semi-erect would work great! That way it could drape over my nose, face, or point down to my mouth or onto my tongue. I don't mind a rock-hard penis poking me in the eye or face (or mouth of course), but I want to achieve certain effects.

Right now I am interested in capturing myself visually with a penis... to illustrate my comfort and pleasure being with cocks, but it could lead to giving you oral service of course. I am also looking for a man who enjoys having an orgasm and ejaculates.

Cum is optional, so if you want to give me a facial that’s fine.

Being a penis slave and a penis admirer are two different things, although I am both. That's why getting pictures done is so important to me.

Thank you for your attention.

- Jim


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