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Currently based in Brooklyn, I am concerned with the state of the world. At this moment some of my people are in prison or on their way there. The person I was closest to in NY was just murdered by the Mexican government- BRAD WILL PRESENTE!. I was not so long ago severely f*d over by the closest friend I ever had in a more complex and severe way than I ever felt possible who feels fantastic about becoming a user/abuser and developed a too cool to care attitude on life. As my life moves ever forward I am gaining a new sense of involvement to stand up against injustice and, more importantly, for responsible community based equality. For me this means being vegan, standing strong with Antifa, and keeping the free flow of communication going. Having been involved with groups in many different countries- making international solidarity a reality. La rivolta continua!

Musically this includes many genres- basically deep lyrics with a forward thinking message. HOWEVER- it must have the flow.

Ok, fine, you got me, I have got many interests as well- such as hiking, bicycling, swimming, dancing 'til dawn and even football (soccer)- viva viola- Forza Italia = Campioni nel Mondo- but more so - big up antifa hooligans! <a href="
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