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Earth Log 5 & 6 July 2007

5th July : The "Vanishing Point" Crop Circle, Avebury 28th June 2007 : The latest Crop Circle at Avebury was photographed on the 28th June. Unfortunately, the image is copyrighted, do if you want to see it in full size, you can click here at www.cropcircleconnector.com..

I loved this particular circle, because, as anyone who has ever studied art will know, it is based on the "rules" for perspective drawing, which are used to create the illusion of 3D on a flat Surface. It has been called the "Doors of Perception" circle, by some, and another interpretation was that is was a diagram of what was inside the Avebury barrows. Another person called it the "Da Vinci Code" circle because Da Vinci's "Last Supper" is painted according to this set of 3D perspective rules and has the same look about it.

Well, yes, but I like to see it as a message about where we are in time and space, since it links in with the "Infinity Code" channels that I did with Archangel Michael in June. I think that the second part was published on the 28th of June.

When you create the illusion of 3D with the rules of perspective drawing, you work with the "horizon" and the "vanishing point". In this case, the "vanishing point" is right in the middle of the image, and the eye is drawn towards that vanishing point by the checker board pattern, and through the square arches.

This seems to me like a clear message that we are approaching the "vanishing point" or the "zero point", when the illusions of 3D will collapse, and we will move into the perception of Infinity. The Circle Makers are letting us know that we are getting closer, and that we are about to move through the doors of perception into a new reality. We are co-creating that reality.

Here is some information given by Michael about these shifts, from the "Infinity Codes :Part Two" :The Infinity Codes are Holographic information "packets" in the form of light and sound. They are being introduced into your Earth hologram in this period of 2007. They carry information that will enable the Collective Consciousness to make a huge shift in its perception and creation of Reality, for in truth, perception and creation are the same process.....Now, we are going to say, actually, all reality lies within you in the realm of consciousness. It is this Inner Consciousness that creates the Outer Reality. So, whatever is experienced in the Outer World is a projection or creation of your inner reality or consciousness. It is not what you "think", but what you are! Your essence, your being, which is projected into creation at a given moment.

So, this new circle or hologram is taking us to that point of change and shift! The checker board pattern of the floor seems to represent the old foundation of duality, the "black and white" world of the 3D game, that we are now moving away from. We are living in exciting times and great times, if we can only pereceive and feel the shifts.

6 July: Integrating the Solar Light Body and Working on the New Grids......

Many people wrote to me about the posts that I did on my own experiences of the Solar Light Body integration process. Most of you agreed with how difficult the process had been, and some even stated they they could not see anything different in their lives despite the process. So, here is an extract from a channel I did for a young man yesterday. Archangel Michael talks about the changes and how we experience them. What I find interesting is that the symptoms that we feel are in the Lightbody rather than the physical. This is why, quite often, a person experiencing the symptoms will go to a doctor who will find nothing wrong with the physical body. As the physical integrates with the Light Body, one feels the symptoms as if they were physical, but in fact they are electrical or "light" experiences being felt through the physical system as the integration takes place.

Here is the extract:

"As you become more sensitive, you will indeed feel and experience your Lightbody almost as much as your physical body, and indeed, at times you will not be able to tell which is which, for they will indeed become one and the same! You will become your Lightbody. What does that mean? It means that you will become a being of Light while still in physical form, and you will live a life of “electric light” like an angel. You will be able to exercise the gifts and talents of an angel, while also being a human. What are those, you might ask? Ah well, dearest soul, have you never wanted to fly…...to do wonderful and miraculous things…indeed you will when you learn how to activate the angel within, or the angel who you are becoming.

For many people pass through Ascension and activate their Solar Light body, and the say, well, now what. What is different, for nothing appears different. Dearest one, we laugh, for you have no idea how different you are. You have just not yet learnt how to unfurl your wings and fly. You are still not even aware that you have wings and that you can fly……now we do not mean literally, but we mean that you have wonderful gifts and talents that you are only now beginning to understand. Try to understand how you would feel if you were taken from the 18th century and dropped into a modern city. You would not know what to do. You would not know how to use a telephone or a computer or drive a car. So it is now. You have been dropped into the future, and you are still trying to discover how things are done in this new place. We would say, you do not need a telephone or a computer or even a car….you need only your consciousness and the skill or understanding how to create and communicate on the geometric grids. For that is how things are done in the future that is now…."

Now, here is something about creating on the new grids. My artist friend, Christina Bryer, sent me this lovely image yesterday. She is a gifted artist working with Sacred Geometries, and she calls this "A Section through 5th Dimensional Hyperspace" (**see pic at top of post)

This is what the geometric grids of consciousness look like on the deep sub-atomic levels. This is where the changes are taking place. This is where consciousness creates and manifests on the level of shapes, sounds, tones, geometries and desires. This is the "new reality", a graceful grid that pulses and changes constantly as we pulse and change in harmony with the Great Cosmic pulse of the One Heart.

Learning to work as a Human Angel is learning to manifest and work with these energies, and to manifest and create from this grid of cosmic light.

And, speaking of new realities, I had a mail from a memnber of the German Starchild family, to say that she had been told that today was the "new reality". I have a sense of that too. It just feels different. Somehow a little lighter, maybe. Also, the weather is strange. The last few days have been like summer, although it is midwinter. I nearly put my airconditioner on last night!

www.starchildascension.org (Earth Log July 2007)

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Energy Updates!!!


3rd July : The Amazingly Grace-full Human body...or activating the Solar Lightbody and what to expect......:

Well, with all the deep changes that we are experiencing, many people are becoming aware of the physical changes that are happening. I see recently that Patricia Cota-Robles has come out of the spiritual closet, so to speak, and said what some of us have been thinking for quite a long time but were probably not reallly going to say in public until we were sure. For me, this is an evolutionary process, so it is difficult to make definitive statements about anything until you have experienced it. But more of us are experiencing this, so I guess it is time to talk about it.

We are now entering this process that I call Galactic Reconnection or activating the Solar Lightbody. I did this one last year. I was one of the first to go when the energy came through the Southern portal which aligns with the Galactic Center. Ok. So, what was it like? Hmmmm...it was like being electrocuted. I had waves and waves of high voltage energy pouring through me. I could sit at my computer and feel the waves pouring through my body. It was deeply unsettling. I felt like an electrified fence for a long time. I hummed. Literally.

I don't think I was a hundred percent ready for the process, which is why I am grateful to Patricia for making her CD package available to help people to work with the energies. In my case, the energy went into immediate physical healing, and I had a miraculous spontaneous healing of my physical body, but my nervous system blew, and I suffered from intense anxiety for quite a while. Its more or less OK now, but my homeopath tells me that there was a reversal of the normal healing process. Usually healing happens from, the inside out, and the physical is the last to heal. But, in my case, the physical healed first, I think because I had deep emotional blocks that had not been lifted in the earlier ascension process, and they were just blown open at this point.

So, I would urge everyone who intends to go through this process, get balanced, work with your emotional clearing, and be prepared to accept this amazing high voltage gift of grace.

People ask me what they can expect. Well here are some of the good things that happen in this process:

Spontaneous Physical Healing: I have experienced this twice now. It is truly a wonderful and weird experience. What happens is that I have felt a wonderful warm and soothing fire or energy move through my body, and then physical ailments are healed. The first was intense joint pain in my hips, from years of running in my youth, and the second was the nervous system stress that translated as anxiety. In both cases, the warm golden energy moved through and the condition just healed. Instantly. When I asked my homeopath what this was, she callled it "vital force", and she knows I am "psychic" so she just assumed that I was feeling the flow of vital force more than other people.

No More Sickness: OK. This one goes back to 2001 when I first started ascension. I had a mild (er) electrocution experience. I also was guided to give up all forms of medication, as in over the counter headache pills etc. Since 2001 I have not touched any form of pharmaceutical. I have also not been ill, had flu, or a headache. Prior to this I used to get flu when it went round, and suffered from migraines and sinus problems. Now, I have none of that. I never get flu, even though this has been a severe winter and everyone has been coughing and sneezing all over me. I have not had even a sniffle or a cough.

Physical Resilience: This one is also from a few years back. I slipped on the wet stairs of my home, and as I started to fall my ankle folded under me and my body came down on top. As I landed I thought, broken ankle for sure, and was already trying to work out how to get back up the stairs to call for help. Well, after I landed, I got up, and my ankle wasn't even sprained. I just walked off. And a few days later a much younger friend slipped and broke her ankle while walking and had to have metal plates put in. Well, I was just amazed. I could not believe it. But it happened. Spirit wanted to show me something.

Aging: Hmm, not really sure about that one. Some people have told me that I look younger now than I did before. Again, not sure. But I do know that the inner healing will take place before the outer, so the affects of "getting younger" might take a bit longer to be seen.

So, these are my own experiences of Solar Lightbody integration and what we can expect. I have also gone on record as saying that I believe that we will not die any longer. We will translate into light when we feel ready. This will be a conscious process and which we will effortlessly move into light and joy, releasing our physical body to move to the next level that we have chosen.

But, let me say once again, that to reach this level of solar or light energy, your body and its cells have to tolerate and accept a very high level of voltage or galactic light. It can be unsettling and uncomfortable. It can cause seizures, convulsions and nervous system problems. But I tell you these things so you know what to expect if it gets difficult, and you also know what to do and not to be anxious. Anxiety blocks the flow, because the fear causes you to contract, and then the energy has to push against the resistance. And know that once you go, you go. You cannot switch it off. You just have to flow with the process until your body finds balance.

So, relax, breathe and rest. I was told to rest as much as I needed when I started this process. I am glad that so many of you are coming along as well. It was a bit lonely being the only human "electric fence" that I knew, but it seems like others are coming along now too.

This is a most amazing gift. The tune of "Amazing Grace" keeps coming to me. I see my body as an amazingly grace filled gift.

I do not really know for certain what is happening and what I am becoming. But I know that it is miraculous and wonderful, and it will unfold as it is meant to.....We are all in this adventure together, as we move into our personal and group experience of Cosmogenesis...the renewal and re-creation of the physical body.

Earth Log 4th July : The Cosmic Fire and the Kundalini Fire...

Thank you to all the people who wrote to me yesterday and shared their experiences and symptoms. It does look as though many of you are also going through these changes!

Several people wrote about the burning and heat sensations in their chakras, and experiences of feeling electrical energy through the feet. These experiences relate to the Kundalini energy, and this brings me to the question of the relationship between kundalini energy and the Solar Light Body energy. Many people ask me whether the Ascension process is the same as a Kundalini awakening, and I would have to say no. But I would say that a kundalini experience will be part of the ascension process as the body awakens and realigns energy.

A kundalini awakening is what constitutes the traditional yogic experience of enlightenment. It involves your own personal kundalini energy. This energy lies "coiled" like a serpent in the base chakra, and when it is awakened it "rises" up the spine and blows open the chakras. Usually this is accompanied by extreme heat and the feelings of shaking and tremors or vibrations. It also has beneficial effects on the human body, since the chakras are all clear and the body can receive a clear flow of higher energy.

The Cosmic Fire that activates the Solar Light Body is a very different kind of energy, it comes down to you from the higher dimensions and activates the pineal gland. The waves of energy that are felt are transmitted from the pineal gland to the pituitary and then to the rest of the body. There is a very definite feeling of electrical waves moving down the body. For me, there was no heat associated with this process.

You can read more about this process in my earlier articles about the "Crystalline Body", which does discuss the role of the Pineal gland in these physical changes.You can click here to read Part One and Part Two.

I did experience the kundalini awakening in 2001/2. This was what I called the milder electrical experience in the previous post. I felt it first as a whirring or rumbling in the base chakra, and then the electrical symptoms followed and there was a significant awakening and many changes. I started to channel after this experience. The Light Body activation in 2006 was much more powerful, and I am still working with the nature of the shifts and changes created by that experience, as are most of us.

This brings me to another topic, or a related topic, and that is animals and ascension. Yes, animals are also doing ascension and going through their own processes. Those of you who live with dogs or cats will know exactly what I mean. These beings are also changing and becoming enlightened and empowered in their own ways. They are feelings the effects and the benefits of the process.

One of the things that needs to happen soon is for there to be a program of education so that people begin to understand that animals are also sentient beings with a Divine Consciousness. We need to begin to educate people on how to live with the other species on the planet as awakened and enlightened beings, and to treat them with love and respect for what they are. My guidance tells me that many people are being prepared for this work right now.

And, one last thing about the changes. It has been a very cold winter here, yet the "climate changes" associated with warming persist. The squirrels in my garden, who should be hibernating, are not. They are active and running around the garden, eating all my carefully planted spring bulbs. My willow tree, which is normally quite bare of leaves after the winter storms, still has green leaves, although they are a bit bedraggled. But usually at this time I start looking for the new buds for spring. And my roses are flowering. In the middle of winter, I just picked a beautiful rose for a vase! Obviously, the energy is rising and flowing in all these beings as well.

Finally, one more, I think that many of us are suffering a little from what I would call "Ascension shock". The changes have been enormous for many of us, and it has been traumatic, lets face it. Most of us who are Lightworkers had traumatic early lives. We then had to reprise them as part of our healing process, and go through physical changes that often seemed like some weird disease that we were not sure whether we were going to survive. So, as we near the completion of the process, we are exhausted and feeling very vulnerable, and I think its ok to say so. For me, the ascension process has been characterised by the two "l"s, and I don't mean love and light. I mean loss and loneliness. Before I started ascension I was a highly sociable person and my home was always filled with family, friends and clients. Then, as the process got under way, all the repressions that I had put in place to achieve this were released, and the marriage went, and then the family and friends. Followed by a long period of aloneness in order to deal with the changes and adjustments. I did try recently, to revive my former dinner party career. The first time the people arrived two hours late. The second time they didnt come at all. I think Spirit was trying to show me that my days as the perfect hostess were now over. I took the food the next day to the children at my "Children of Africa" project, and they all enjoyed it! So, the focus of life has definitely changed and shifted.

I look forward to the time when this all settles and we can truly enjoy the rewards of the processes that we have chosen to work through, as pioneers and wayshowers for others.

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From The Family of Michael - June 2007

Strength in Numbers

Did you know that every step that you take leaves an energetic footprint? You could even call it a path or a marker that shows you were there. When you are searching for your path, it is exactly this same path that you create. This is one of many cosmic jokes of the human experience. Every person that you have ever met and exchanged energy with has altered your life and your path by their connection to you. You are changed a little bit every time you touch and exchange energy with another human. You are part of a collective, an organization if you will, that very quietly gives you energy and keeps the wind at your back. They give you confidence. This is your real soul family.

We wish to speak of that family this day. Due to the nature of the game, it was important to forget that you even had a soul family, and some of you have done that well. It was important for you to do thi s to motivate you to search for your own inner confidence.

Now, imagine what it would be like to wipe the sleep from your eyes right this moment and awaken as an empowered creator. This day we wish to share with you a bit of your own royal heritage, and in doing so to lend you soul confidence.

When you are Home, you have no problem whatsoever with confidence, because you constantly feel surrounded by the energy of this family. When you can draw on the energy of the whole, your confidence is always high. It is playing the game pretending to separate from each other that is making you think you must do everything alone.

It is very difficult for you to bring that understanding through the veil, yet that is what you are doing at this moment. So what we do this day, is to give a gemstone—something you can carry in your hearts—one piece that above all, will help you to re-member. For there is a group of angels on this side of the veil that you are a part of and that is your original spiritual family. This is the Family of Michael; it is much grander than you first imagined.

A Vision of Home from the Angels

For us to fully describe this to you, we need to pull back and describe what the angelic realm looks like from our side of the veil. We realize that you have all of these visions of angels. You think all these small young angels have these little, small bodies and they have these little cute wings. They cannot quite fly yet, but maybe someday. . . . Dear ones, we hate to disappoint you but we do not need wings to fly. There is no real need to fly when you are Home because all you do is to think of a place and you are there.

The wings that you envisioned are not actually feathered aerodynamic wings. Instead, they are tools for a specific purpose; we spread our wings only to reflect the magnificence of humans. The angelic realm exists for the primary purpose of helping you re-member who you really are. We would love to complicate that for you if you desire, but it really is just that simple.

It is our greatest task to touch your hearts with the true love of home. If we can do that, then you will find confidence in those times when you need it most -- as you feel alone. An interesting thing happens when you give a creator in hiding confidence. They begin to push the limits and create new things; they begin to awaken from the dream. That is the primary purpose of all angels everywhere.

Keep in mind that Earth is not the only game. There are more games throughout “All That Is” than you can imagine. Our task in the universal scheme of things is to touch your hearts with the Love of Home and give you soul confidence.

The Family of Michael

Archangel Michael is perceived in many ways. We will speak this day of the energetic view as a collective energy -- a collection of grand souls that have combined eons of evolution toward a very important purpose. This is what we know as angelic intent.

It is the direction we have all lent our energy toward. We tell you it is not nearly as important to understand as it is to feel it. It is not going to be possible for you to fully understand the other side of the veil, for your own connections keep you from seeing your own magnificence. It is our job to spread our wings and to help you see and re-member who you really are.

Our wings are only for the express purpose of reflecting the magnificence of humans…helping you hold your space…helping you gain that confidence as a soul, playing the game of pretending to be a human. All it takes is a few successes for you to start building upon, becaus e you do this very well. Once you have had that vibration of success -- of soul confidence -- it is easy for you to add to it, and make it grow as you move forward. We give you this gift today. We give you this one piece: to know that you are part of an angelic purpose.

The angelic purpose of the Archangel Michael is truth. It is about helping you to discern your own truth. When we say the word truth, immediately humans, being of finite nature, believe there is one truth. No, there are many flavors of the truth. We are not here to help you find the truth. We are here to help you find YOUR truth. We are not here to give you your truth. We are not here to tell you what your truth is or to direct you in a way to where you can find our truth and call it yours. That is not what happens on the planet of free choice.

What happens as angels is we stand back and try to find that little bit of success you have had, that little piece that makes you giggle whenever you think about how and wonderful that was. We are able to take that experience, expand on it and help you to build that energy of success and confidence.

There are many ideas and stories that are told about the angelic realm and the angels in heaven, and about how we come down and intercede in your world when we are needed. Angelic intervention was a commonplace event in the beginning of the game, yet over time has been needed less and less. We come into your lives, we sometimes work with you in different areas. However, we tell you that the experience is actually quite different than the way you perceive it.

In fact, there is less angelic intervention on this planet than ever before in history for the very simple reason that humans are getting closer to Home. You do not need the same type of attention that you used to need from us. So, we have had to learn to reflect your magnificence in new ways. We no longer tell you which way to turn or instruct you what to do, or what not to do. Now the best reflection we can give you is to empower you by building on your own success. This is what we do, and we are now charging you with that very message. It will give the soul confidence needed for the shift you are now facing.

Steps into Becoming Human Angels

Now it is your turn. You are becoming the Human Angels. That is your next stage in evolution. Find ways of doing that with each other now, and you will find empowerment taking hold on this planet like never before. You are at the precipice of change throughout all of humanity. We have spoken about the re-wiring, as your physical and energetic structures are totally re-wiring to carry the higher energies of the new Earth.

The human animal is evolving to carry more of the spirit of Home. In order to do that, there are a lot of adjustments that have to happen concerning your own thought processes about things that have been true in the past. Much of that we will ask you to re-think and to find out what is really important in your life. You can do that by first finding your one little piece of confidence.

We understand that it is very confusing for many of you. We know it is difficult to be a human. If it were easy, everyone would want to be a human now wouldn’t they? Since being human is a very difficult job, it was left up to the most ambitious souls to come down, to put on a veil and pretend to be a human. You are doing a marvelous job, even when you cannot see who you are or what you are supposed to be doing. That confidence is there if you will let it through. That is the reminder from Home of who you really are.

If you will let us and the other Human Angels who are working to do so, we can help to amplify that little bit of success. We can help you to experience that little bit of confidence that will in turn help you to create even more confidence and success, while keeping the wind at your back all the while. That is what we are here to do when you allow us to do so. That is our greatest purpose a s angels.

The Lucifer Experiment

Yes, there are many misconceptions about the angelic realm. Let us speak of one in particular that we love, because humans have such wonderful concepts. It is so interesting for us to look at ourselves through your eyes. We hope that you can do the same thing and learn to see yourselves through our eyes. By looking through each others’ eyes we can evolve and grow together. We are learning by looking at ourselves through your eyes to be better at what we do, and how to best reach the new humanity. You are moving so fast at this moment, it is almost like trying to hit a moving target. The misconception of which we speak has to do with the Lucifer experiment. Let us explain these events from a different view.

Humanity has been very strongly into polarity; you came in to work with polarity consciousness. You came in to work with up, down, right, wrong, good, bad, love, and fear—all the opposites. You only see things when they are total opposites, and you have a tendency to move in those directions. However, you are not in that area for long because you are moving out of a field of duality into a field of triality.

In triality, all of those visions will now be balanced, with a stronger connection to the higher self. That forms the triality that we have been speaking of and it is very magical to watch all of humanity change the way you are living your daily lives. It is very exciting to watch and very scary for you to go through sometimes, but you are doing well. You are the ones that are going to help the others. In the beginning, it was very important for humans to understand and to see Heaven and Home as a reflecti on of Earth. Because of this you have a tendency to put human attributes on the other side of the veil. That is why the Archangels have names. Is it not interesting that they only have Earth names? They only have Earth names in the realm that is dealing with Earth. You would not understand the other names anyway, so trust us.

In the very beginning, in order to give you the illusion-- within your field of polarity--it was necessary to pretend to play the game of “polarity” in heaven. One of the greatest angels stepped forward and said, “I will play that role of pretending to be opposite.”

You may never know how difficult of a role that turned out to be. You may never know the real love that went in to playing that part. That was Lucifer. He stepped up and did an incredible job of playing the bad guy in heaven. What a wonderful experiment, because it gave you something to relate to when you tried to remember Home. That is what it accomplished.

More than anything else, you understood the concept of heaven at that point because there was polarity. You could see polarity, and you understood Home for the first time. That was the gift of an angel named Lucifer. Dear ones, Lucifer is Home.

Lucifer has done his job and he is back where he belongs as one of the greatest angels that has ever lived. He is home now because humans no longer need the drama of polarity consciousness. Humans no longer need an evil entity to motivate them toward the light. You are much more evolved than that now.

Please know that you still have polarity. You are dealing with polarity daily. A lot of you have clients who are stuck in polarity situations, or polarity belief systems, that they have difficulty getting out of. What we tell you is that if you understand that all of it is based on your confidence as a soul, that is what works. That is where your empowerment is. That is the gift that Lucifer gave you.

By allowing him to play that role, to come back into the family afterward and to be a part of this whole process was absolutely incredible—not only for him, but for you because it gave you gifts you could not get any other way.

Here you are walking with this little piece that is missing inside of you. Look as you might, there is always this one little part when you look in the mirror you say, “Who is that? What am I doing? Where am I going? What am I supposed to be?” You ask all of these questions to know your destination. Understand the journey first, for that is the truth of your path. The destination is only the conclusion of the journey. You do not reach the destination until you come Home.

We ask you not to live your entire lives with the anticipation of going Home. What a sad journey that would be, because there is so much beauty on your path. There is so much that you are starting to comprehend and understand about where you are and what you can do. It is exciting watching you step into your empowerment.

There is now so much that you will start to understand about the light within the dark side. Your darkness has always been a lacking. Your darkness has always been a secret, a sort of vacuum that attracts all the ambient energy floating around and sucks it into a hole that you created from your fear. Now you are starting to move into a field of triality--particularly those of you who receive this message, for there are a select few who are leading the way vibrationally and carrying this energy to the rest of humanity.

The Game is Changing

Let us ask you to first find that unique part of yourself that you can share with others, for that is what will give you confidence. That is what will help you complete the process. You did well, dear ones. You have worked through an entire game that you have laid out. You have set the rules, you have set the possibilities, you have set the direction of how you were going to play the game, and now you are finding the whole thing changing on you.

Just about the time you were getting quite good at playing the game, the game is changing. You are the ones who set this all into motion. You are the ones who are taking the next step; you are doing so through your own re-wiring process and also through your thoughts.

Humans, you now have possibilities to hold thoughts and to carry visions, ideas and concepts that you could not even conceive of only a few years ago. You have moved so rapidly, and sometimes we ask you to please take that slow escalator over there because it will help you acclimate to the energy. But no, you have to jump on the express elevator and shoot up 600 floors at one time and try to walk when you get out…and you cannot figure out why being human is so hard.

You are ambitious Human Angels and we love you so much. Do you understand that you are in an evolutionary process? Do you understand that as you evolve you will end up in our jobs? That is where you are going and it has never happened in this fashion before.

You will be the angels to the second planet of free choice, dear ones, and you will experience both the joy and the frustrations, plus all the fun things that we get to experience with you. Do not wait. Step into it now. Make a commitment to yourself to first hold that piece of confidence no matter how small it is. That confidence connects you to Home, to the Family of Michael, to all other families and all angelic purpose. Know that it is entirely possible for humans to be members of several different families on this side of the veil. There is no competition or exclusion.

The idea is to be of the highest service, to be here to help spread our wings to reflect your magnificence, and to help you re-member who you are. There are times when you look in the mirror and you cannot see who you are and sometimes the tears come because you feel so alone. On those days the veil is thick. Every once in a while, that little smile cracks in the corner of your lips, and you start to see through the veil. On some level you remember that it is a game you are playing and life flows easily. Those are the moments when we are spreading our wings in your honor and direction. That is our personal gift to you. You have an opportunity to be of highest service as a soul in the days just ahead of you. If you choose to step into your future, we will be there to help you awaken from the dream. You are can make a difference on this planet. We promise you that.

You have already completed the game of free choice, and yet here you are asking, “What can I do? How can I make the next step? How can I help others around me make the next step?” We stand with such pride looking at you when you do that, knowing that you are after our jobs. We will gladly give them to you. Enjoy the ride. Do not forget to laugh whenever you can. It is the part that balances all the energy and brings you Home again.

Understand that you are in the Family of Michael. It is a birthright. It is something you have done over and over and over again. It is part of the process. It is where you came from. When you find those little memories, use them in some way. Bring them Home, express them in your life and gain that tiny bit of confidence that can grow and help build upon that piece of success. That steps you into being the Human Angel; that carries you into taking your next step on the planet of free choice.

The ascension process is not about ascending to go Home; it is about ascending to be in a higher vibrational status while you are still here on this planet. What would it be like to be an angel and to have all the gifts, all the powers, all the unique abilities of the angelic realm while you were still here in these physical bodies? We asked you that question on purpose because you will answer it. That is where you are going. Enjoy the ride.

We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for you are part of each other. Nurture one another at every opportunity because that will build on that success. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together


The group

Copyright 2007 Lightworker. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part. User agrees that this copyright notice shall be included with the published material. And agrees that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain the property of Lightworker. Further information from the Group may be found at: www.Lightworker.com . Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

*~*Love, Light and Laughter All-Ways!*~*

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Energy Alert - 9 June 2007



The current energies are interesting indeed. I love it when they are new and surprising, as it is always fun to see something I have never seen before. It keeps us new and fresh, and certainly always open.

Laser intensity, sharp, disruptive, pushing…always moving, and cutting can best describe what is currently occurring for us now with the energies present. It is now or never….the new absolutely has to move in…and a no nonsense approach is needed. These cutting and sharp energies are supporting our current evolutionary stance.

The new and higher ways must be direct. They must tell it like it is. And in addition, in the higher realms, energy simply moves in and moves out. Always direct (like our new little ones!), with no room for maybe’s, second chances, and we will wait attitudes.

These new energies and this latest phase of evolutionary growth is manifesting in a variety of ways. You may find yourself ever busy, wondering it you will ever catch up with all there is to do for your new creations and for your new spaces. With all the pushing and direct energy, it may seem like it is now or never for the new. Will we ever get to sit back and bask again? With all the immediate manifestations, can we keep up with it all? With the new and fast energies pulling us this way and that, it can be difficult to stay focused and on track.

Here in the US, Paris Hilton is creating much controversy, as she was sentenced to a short jail term and then released early. She is embodying much of this latest energy that is serving to support the energies of directness, now or never, no room for second chances, and the like.

This latest energy is very tight. It is creating disruption in our lives, squeezing, and a tense attitude of a choking nature. Here is the big picture: It is absolutely finally time for the old structures, paradigms, and systems to completely fall. In the past few weeks this has created fear in many ways. It first created a holding on for dear life and an attacking scenario based in fear. But now, the new is really pushing out the old. Because the time for the old is now absolutely over, the new is not willing to wait one more second. “Enough already,” it seems to be saying. “Your time is over.”

Consequently, it seems to be getting stranger and stranger, and uglier and uglier “out there.” Everything will begin to fall rapidly now, not much of anything will make sense, and there will literally be no energy to hold these lower vibrating creations together.

So then, many of us will be motivated now more than ever to stay in our sacred spaces of home, to stay in our places of the beauty we have created, and to stay in the higher vibrating surroundings we have made for ourselves.

We, of course, will not and do not need to be involved with what is falling. After things have fallen to a certain degree, it will then be time to move in and introduce the new. Yes, it will be time to introduce new and higher ways of living and being, and thus, our store-fronts.

We are in the final vestiges of the falling away of the old 3D physical reality. Many will begin looking for something new and different. “What do we hold onto now?” many will ask in panic. It will be our responsibility as lightworkers to have created a firm foundation of the new that works in the higher realms we now find ourselves residing in.

Behind the energetic line of dimensional hierarchies, we are creating these new and beautiful spaces. And these new spaces feel absolutely awesome indeed. We will want to be in them as much as possible. As mentioned so many times in the past, we will go back to the old, which is waiting for the guidance we have been receiving and now embody, for short periods of time to teach, advise, and support, and then return to our sacred spaces.

Because of “the fall,” many will now be ready and poised to accept something new, and the something that we have to offer. It is supposed to get uglier and uglier out there. Everything is supposed to fall apart. This is a part of our evolutionary process in divine and perfect order.

The more tapped in we are to a higher vibrating reality, the more our lives will flow with ease and all our needs will be met. It is a matter of residing here or there….in a higher or lower vibrating reality. We came to support the ascension process through ourselves. We are supposed to be supported. We are supposed to be successful. Our suffering days are over. It was not intended for us to be a part of what is falling apart. We are miles beyond that. The fear and falling are not ours to be a part of. We are being protected. We need not get caught up in it. Our reality is meant to be different, as we are ahead of the game and we are the wayshowers.

This is the way it was meant to be. All is in order. Watch as miracles occur that will protect you. Watch as you find yourself in a very protected sacred space. Watch as your world begins to build and strengthen. Watch as perfect solutions arrive for you that were right there all along and just not tapped into yet. And know that you are now residing in the reality of your dreams…not the reality of what is now departing.

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The Energies of June 2007

The Energies for June 2007: Abundance, Passion and Inner Wisdom - Welcoming Home the Energies of the Divine Feminine

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, after the intense focus on the Divine Masculine energies in April and May, the energy of the Divine Feminine once again becomes felt in your lives. This begins with the intense Fire Moon at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 1st of June, and culminates with the celebration of the Triple Goddess energy at the mid-year Solstice on 21st June 2007 ( 3-6-9).

Indeed, this it time to celebrate, for the Divine Feminine energies are now fully returned to Planet Earth, and are flowing through the new crystalline grids. They have been balanced with the Divine Masculine. Harmony and Balance is achieved as this cycle comes to its completion in September at the 9-9-9 energy harmonic (9th, 18th and 27th September 2007.)

The Archetypal energy of the "Triple Goddess", represented by the numbers 3 -6-9, has been rebirthed and renewed as the Great Mother aspect of the Divine Source energy re-establishes its presence on Earth. In the old energy traditions, she was known as the "virgin, mother and crone". But we find a new vitality and power in her manifestation. If you go to that ancient set of archetypal keys called the tarot, you will find that the images that correlate with the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are called "The Empress", "The Lovers", and "The Hermit". These symbols represent Material Abundance and Beauty; Passion, both erotic and creative; and Inner Wisdom through experience and contemplation. Indeed, this is the true essence of the power of the Divine Feminine in your New Earth energies. It is to assist you to create an abundant life, with deep passion and from an alignment with your inner wisdom, as spoken to you by the voice of your Heart.

And, with the re-alignment of the Goddess energy in your lives, you also experience the blessings of the two powerful Goddess Feminine Rays or "Flames", expressed as color energies or frequencies. Firstly, the Orange-pink Flame, under the guardianship of Mary Magdalene. This is a warm, loving, generous and playful energy. It can also be creative, passionate and erotic. It is the warm flame at the heart of the Goddess "fire".

Then there is the Opalescent Flame, which is under the guardianship of Kwan Yin. This flame represents the energy of Compassion and Absolute Truth. It cleanses and removes all that is not in alignment with the absolute truth of who you are in your Divine Essence. It operates at a very high frequency, and its power cuts through all illusions. It is not an easy energy to work with initially, but it has great power to reveal the essence and truth in any situation. Those who use it wisely will find it to be a powerful tool for working with the new energies and creating the New Earth.

And so, at the Solstice, the Goddess empowered within each one of you will come to meet with her Divine partner under the sign of Gemini - The Twins. It is a time to celebrate Sacred Union as the flame of the Goddess unites with the Divine Masculine in the Cosmic dance of the Twin Flame energy. You will feel this energy within yourself, and it will be the power that will lift you into a new consciousness, and a new way of perceiving who you are and what you may create.

You will find, dearest Lightworkers, that things will flow with more ease and grace in your lives. The Harmony and Balance that is being restored on the planet and within you as individuals, will produce more loving and harmonious relationships. The potential for Balance and Harmony and the possibility of choosing and creating Peace is now established in the Collective Consciousness as an Archetypal pattern of the New Earth energy. Sacred Unions of the God and Goddess, the Dance of Complementary Energies, and the blending of the Flames of Passionate Creativity, will shape the nature of your material experience on the New Earth.

We will say to you also, dearest Lightworkers, that the energy of the Fire Goddess will continue to be the fiery forge that will provide the "womb" for your new creations at this time. On the 6th of June, the planet Venus moves into the Fire sign of Leo, representing Isis, the Great Mother in her aspect as Sekmet, moving towards the Lion's Gate for the opening of the Sirius stargate in July. Venus will remain in Leo until the 15th of July, when it will move into Virgo. But, at the Lion's Gate, between the 9th and the 12th of August, it will retrograde into the Fire sign of Leo.

This means, dearest ones, that whatever issues of Creativity, Sexuality and Passion are brought up for you to work with in June, will be completed and finalized at the Lion's Gate in August. This is a powerful time. You are being "upgraded" and "re-wired" so that you are absolutely prepared to make the maximum possible use of the river of light that will pour through the Lion's Gate and accelerate your conscious evolution into a new phase. We ask you indeed to pay close attention to what unfolds in your lives in these weeks leading to the Solstice.

For, as the Lion's Gate energy pours in, it will facilitate completion of all old energy issues by the 9-9-9, and will prepare you for the first true cycle of the New Golden Age that commences on the 1st of January 2008. (1-1-1)
These are indeed powerful times, dearest ones, and blessed times. Your Heart will be the only true compass that will take you into the new spiral of consciousness. What you feel, within you, must unite with what you think, and there will come a harmony between Head and Heart, between Thought and Feelings, that will enable you to create and manifest in absolute alignment with your personal truth and who you are.
The Balance between Soul, Spirit and Body
Dearest Lightworkers, as you have worked with balancing your Inner Masculine and Feminine energies, you have also worked to facilitate the balance between Spirit or Soul, and Matter or the Material Body.

At this time in your Ascension process, you are becoming fully "ensouled", and your soul's light or energy is engaging or illuminating the full potential of who you are in your physical body and within the DNA records. For, the essence of the Human Angel is the exact balance of Human Physical Form with Angelic Radiance and Power. Or, the illumination and activation of the template of perfection held in the DNA by the electrical power of the Angelic Light.

Dearest Lightworkers, when you achieve that balance within yourselves, you will begin to perceive it in others too. You will see, not only the physical form, but the light and radiance of the soul and spirit within the body. And, as you become aware of this aspect, you will learn to communicate and commune on the level of the Soul and Spirit, as well as the Physical. This will be the true language of the Heart, the language of Light, where soul will speak to soul and heart will speak to heart, even as you connect and communicate as humans. And, in time, each human encounter will become what it truly already is, a sacred communion between souls.

And, as you learn to honor the Soul and the Spirit in every living Being, you will also see the beauty reflected in the physical form. For, the Inner Light will begin to shape the Physical manifestation in a way that reflects the radiance and the inner beauty. You will shine with the perfection of who you are as your Soul and Spirit fully inhabit your Physical Form in complete and harmonious balance.
More Energies in June
Also, in this mid-year month of June, there will be two full moons, the second being known as a "Blue Moon". The first will be on the 1st of June, and the second on the 30th of June.

The first Full Moon will be a Fire Moon, in Sagittarius, carrying the powerful energy of the Solar Divine Feminine. The sun will be in Gemini, an Air Sign, creating the playful, warm and dancing energy beloved of the Fire and Air elementals. It can also be unstable, so be prepared for small "conflagrations" and "hurricanes" on the emotional level as well!

After the powerful Solstice, and as we move towards the Lion's Gate, the second Full Moon, the Blue Moon, will be in Capricorn with the sun in Cancer. This Earth/Water elemental combination will be more stable and more gentle, but with the potential for emotional and abundance issues to be highlighted and cleared before the new cycle commences.

Also adding to the intensity in June and July will be Mercury retrograde, from the 15th June to the 9th July. This energy will give you the time and space to work with any old issues and energies that need to be released. A final opportunity to fully release old patterns of belief and behavior before you enter into the flow of the radiant new energies of the new cycle.

The New Moon in Gemini will be on the 15th of June. This will be a good time to "seed" your Intention of entering the new cycle in perfect inner balance and harmony.

And so, dearest Lightworkers, we wish you joy and love on your journey into Light!
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Energy Alert: 31 May 2007

Get Ready! We are Free at Last!!! - Energy Alert for 31 May


We are teetering on the very threshold of a new phase…a new phase of forward movement, but most importantly, of rapid and magical manifestation. The past few weeks we were completing a phase of arriving in our new spaces. This involved much change, arriving in the new, re-arranging and organizing, and a very new nesting as well.

During this last phase much arrived for us indeed, and mostly relating to our new dimensional and energetic spaces. But now, as of June 1st, we will once again experience some awesome and incredible energies that will bring to us the manifestations of our dreams.

The phase we are just completing involved some crashing and colliding. This was because the higher energies were colliding with the lower and pre-existing energies. All resulting in attacks, fear of loss of identity and the security of the old, and mostly, butting heads in regard to what one thought was right and what another thought was right. Attacks always occur when the light enters, as the old must depart and it goes into great fear. It clutches on for dear life.

Because we are now poised and ready for the very new phase ahead, these “colliding” and “new spaces” scenarios were to be expected. This is how energy works and how evolution works. All in perfect and divine order.
Now that we have finally completed enough of the integrating with our new energetic and dimensional spaces and purposes, just watch as we catapult ahead with awesome manifestations of the new!

Most of these manifestations will involve our new roles for the creation of the new planet earth. Just think of something that you require, and watch as it effortlessly manifests for you. Support will arrive like never before. Joy will abound, miracles will be un-ending, smiles will be forever present, and we will feel as though we have finally arrived in heaven (or on an earth that we always knew was possible), with the light at the helm.

After years of see-sawing forward, integrating the light, ever so slowly, we have finally reached an awesome critical mass, and the light will seem to be all that exists. Yes, our evolutionary process will continue on, but it will get so much easier, especially for those that have been carrying the torch since they arrived. For those that have come to transmute the darkness (you….if you are reading this), for those that have held the higher vision, for those that agreed to raise the consciousness of this planet through themselves, and for those who agreed to stay until the new earth was created and in place……your time is finally here.

Think of a desire, and watch as it arrives from seemingly nowhere. Realize that fears and distress from the past cannot exist here. Know that a new reality, with very new experiences, feelings, and ways of being is here at your fingertips. If you are experiencing unpleasantness in any way, realize that you simply forgot where you were, and focus again on a world of no darkness, on all the good that is in your life, and know that the rest is a grand illusion that you just made up, or were simply used to seeing in your past life here on earth (yes, we have been re-incarnated again into the new world). Any perceptions of darkness are simply an illusion now that comes from our own distorted thinking.

Watch as relationships begin to carry great light and love, as the old dysfunctional patterns are no longer present to support them. Watch as you begin to live a life that you never thought possible before. Watch as things arrive for you at soul levels, as the soul level attractions always over-ride the law of attraction (like energies attracting like energies). In the higher of higher realms (but certainly not the highest), soul level attractions are much more ever-present. This means that you will attract to you, things and people that are a match for your soul plan…not necessarily a match to where you are vibrating and what your beliefs or perceptions are.

And in this regard, the magic happens as the lower level laws of attraction will cease to exist. Soul partners and soul experiences in regard to our soul purpose and plan will arrive for us in rapid time now. If you are needing land, you will get land. If you are needing your soul team to manifest, it will manifest (and it might not look like what you thought it would! Our soul partners have been in disguise for a very long time, and now they will come forth and remove their masks. “Oh, it was you all along!” you may exclaim. Or perhaps you always knew, but no-one was behaving as you thought they should….)
Yes, our time is now. And know that our spiritual evolutionary process will continue to see-saw, ever forward, so we need not get discouraged when we again enter a phase of “Oh no! Not this again!” But the higher we go, the less often we have these lower vibrating experiences, and eventually, they will cease to exist at all.
The last links of the chain that has been connecting us to the old manifestations and old experiences, are finally breaking. We are free at last. We are free at last.
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Energy Alert - "I'm right... you're wrong"

I'M RIGHT......YOU'RE WRONG - May 24 , 2007

Today brought in another wave of higher energy, and along with it more beautiful manifestations and experiences. Heart palpitations and symptoms of overloaded circuits, sleepiness, and even a great sense of peace could be felt as a result of new and higher energies arriving once again. When we are experiencing a break from an energy influx, it can be easy to catapult into the lower vibrations. When this occurs, we see conflicts on the rise….heads butting, opinions differing….defenses and insults growing….and thus….attacks and separation resulting.

Tension may seem to be mounting in the news and elsewhere during a lull stage, but there still exists a flow of synchronicity if we only allow ourselves to tap into it.
And along with this, the energy of busy-ness persists, as much is manifesting for us in record time….whether it be in regard to things we do not desire, or things we do desire. We are also busy with things related to transitions, but we are nearing the end of getting things into the new spaces…and it has been quite a transition indeed.

There is an opportunity here for us now more than ever before, and the opportunity lies in tapping into the higher realms reality. As mentioned in past energy alerts, we can either choose the high road or the low road. We can either choose to stay in an old reality of fear, low expectations, doubt, insecurity, and much else, or simply go higher…matching the new vibration of the higher energies that now surround us.

The new vibration and reality knows that there is a very simple solution to every dilemma. It knows that we need not go around the block to get across the street. It knows that suffering and effort are no longer necessary in this new world. It knows that we can now connect to one another at soul levels, if we only choose to disregard the illusion of dysfunctional relationships, as our higher and deeper selves are really all that exist.

The higher realms knows that what we focus on becomes our reality…it becomes our experience and everything around us only serves to act as our stage…a stage that serves to support what we are choosing in our lives and what we are choosing to fill our heads with. Our surroundings love to support what we choose to create in every way. They are at our beckoned call…willingly manifesting what we are wanting to see and believing we see. We are masterful creators indeed. Blame can only exist when we refuse to see own our own power as true creators.

In the higher realms, what we do not choose to see or what we choose to ignore or pay little attention to will simply not exist. We are making everything up, and the higher we vibrate, the more apparent this becomes. Thus, focusing on the positive will grant us exactly that.

So what is creating all the attacking scenarios and insults that are being tossed around? As we begin to lose so much of ourselves….the aspects that can no longer exist in a higher vibrating reality….we panic at some level. We are afraid that we will no longer exist, but we at times fail to realize that what is left is only the pure gold nugget of our true selves. (This is a part of the reason why we gain weight…we don’t want to disappear! But we are also holding the higher energies within us as well, creating a more full bodied physical form. We may think that as we vibrate higher we become lighter and more fluent, and here we are becoming denser physically!)

Attacks occur because we are afraid that we will be gone…that what we hold to be true will suddenly become invalid. And then what would we be about? Were we simply hooked into an illusion of what we thought was the higher road, or the right and best belief? And in other scenarios, are we hooking into our fears, because that is all we have known until now?
Clinging on, grasping to save ourselves (or who we thought we were), and lashing out at those who have differing beliefs (or even being attacked ourselves for our differing beliefs), can become an all too prevalent reality when we reach a higher vibrating rung on the evolutionary ladder.

But here is the antidote: In the old world, the planet earth was created as a playground for creating and experiencing. Anything and everything was allowed to exist. It was right and appropriate for a vast array of beliefs and experiences relating to these beliefs, to be allowed a home or playground. Non-judgement, then, was right and appropriate in this regard as well, because there was no right or wrong, as we were making everything up, and everything was allowed.

But now we are vibrating higher. We need not wind around a hundred roads to get to our destination. We need not navigate through a swamp of endless beliefs…getting hung up on these denser energies and banging into so many differing opinions and varied beliefs.
In the higher realms there are only a few beliefs and a few scenarios present. And if we can tap into these, we will then be in alignment with the higher realms, and all else will simply exist in an old world reality that cannot touch us.

What are these beliefs, you may wonder?

We can choose to believe that others are doing us wrong, or that all is always in perfect and divine right order. We can choose to know that we are all on the same page, even though we may express this page in a hundred different ways. Ultimately, we are all one at the core of our desires.

When we find a similarity or overlap with another, we are simply identifying a unity or commonality in regard to the arena, subject matter, or similar way that we have chosen to express our higher level desires. When this occurs, we feel that we are kindred spirits, one in the same, and united with others in a beautiful and special way. This then causes an alignment to occur, and this alignment creates an opening and channel for more Source energy to pour through us on a regular basis with no resistance…..as resistance always serves to block the flow of light.

If we can know that the vast majority of the time, we are all wanting the same thing, even though we may express this same thing in different ways, we can then know that we need not attack, insult, or criticize the beliefs of another.

What we are letting go of when more light enters the planet and enters though us as individuals, are the lower level ways that we have expressed ourselves and our views in the old world. If we can jump over and arrive in unity and harmony on the same page as everyone else, with a higher level view, we can then by-pass all the conflict. There are many roads to heaven, but once we are in heaven, the roads to get there become inconsequential.

Do you remember your brothers and sisters at soul levels? Do you remember how we all agreed to take on so much abuse in order to transmute it? Do you remember that we are all one big united family with the same mission and purpose? Do you remember our common goal of raising the vibration of the planet through ourselves? Do you remember that we all have a very specific mission or purpose in bringing forth the new world through our passions and areas of interest and expertise?

I will say to you, that if you are in alignment now with your passion and joy (or specific purpose in creating the new world), you will continue to experience the most awesome synchronicities you could ever imagine. This arena will place you in alignment with the higher realms reality. The small stuff is totally inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Sweating the small stuff and focusing on it, will only serve to pull your invaluable energy away from the heaven you could experience now. Jump over and beyond this. There is a great expanse of heavenly experiences just waiting for you to jump into.

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LIVING IN THE NEW EARTH - You and your Crystalline Body

by Celia Fenn

This information is transmitted from Archangel Michael in the interest of helping you to better understand how the new Multi-dimensional Crystalline Body functions, and to assist you to create and maintain the crucial balance between Energy and Form that is so essential right now. In this article we will discuss what we term the "Spiritual/Endocrine" system and its role in balancing energy within the body. In the second article, we will discuss "Emotional/Spiritual Balancing and Grounding the Physical Body".

Many of you have noticed how you seem to struggle with your energy levels, often fluctuating from high energy to extreme exhaustion. Or you may just be exhausted all the time. Or you may feel yourself slowing down and not being capable of the same levels of physical work that you were before. Or you may be finding the physical demands of life very hard. Or you may wonder why some people are so affected by the energies and others seem not to notice anything.

Well, the "old model" third-dimensional human being operated on a seven chakra energy system, of which only maybe two or three of the lower chakras were fully functional and clear. The new energy "human angel" operates on a twelve chakra energy system, of which all the chakras need to be clear and functional. And further, the higher vibrations of the 8th and 9th chakras are mediated through the physical body in a fully awakened being. This means that tremendous amounts of energy are pouring through the bio-energetic system of the ascended New Earth "human angel".

The importance of keeping the bio-energetic system in balance is crucial to the health and well-being of the individual, otherwise the energy will "blow" and there will be problems both physical and emotional. But it is relatively simple to keep the system in balance once the bio-energetics of the Spiritual Endocrine system are understood.

Before we discuss this system, we will just add that those who have not activated their twelve chakra system, or ascended, are still feeling the effects of the higher vibrational energy of the Fifth Dimension. To them it feels like pressure that needs to be equalized. The energy "outside" seems to be moving too fast, and they become stressed and "unable to keep up". Ironically, the answer is not to move faster, but to slow down physically so that the inner vibrations can rise to match those on the outside. The higher the inner vibrations, the calmer the person becomes, and the more able to open to higher states of awareness.


The Pineal Gland: The Higher Vibrational Portal to the Body

The portal between the physical and material body and the realms of energy and light is the body's Endocrine or Hormonal system. It is through this portal that light transmissions from the light bodies are mediated into physical chemical messages that enter the bloodstream as hormones. These hormones regulate the energy distribution and functioning of the physical body. If the Endocrine system is overstimulated, it produces the energy surges and imbalances that many people feel as they adjust to their new body and its energy flows.

The light energy from the higher dimensions that is pulsated from the Galactic center, enters the physical body at the Pineal gland. This small gland in the brain is the crucial portal for the reception of higher vibrations of light. In the human angel or ascended being, it is fully active and functional at all times.

In the old energy human it was only used in meditation; the person would "go up" to meet the higher vibrations of guides and angels and the higher self, and then "come down" again. The fully activated human angel lives with this angelic/spiritual portal in a fully active state all the time. This is equivalent to being in a state of deep meditation (Theta brain waves) during ordinary waking hours. This is why so many people in transition feel "spacey" and "disorientated" as they adjust to ordinary life at this deep level of consciousness. It is the work of this time to live with this higher level of consciousness and still be grounded enough to function clearly in the physical world. However, Theta is also the level of miracle creation and shaping energy with intent for manifestation, so that when this adjustment is made, miracles can be created more easily.

At this time, many people experience "power surges" in the Pineal gland. When there are significant electromagnetic emissions from the Galactic center, the Pineal gland becomes electrically overloaded and overstimulated. This is turn can lead to an over-stimulation of the brain's other main Endocrine gland, the Pituitary, which creates problems of energetic balance in the physical body. The Pineal and the Pituitary are directly connected in the body's electromagnetic or bio-energetic "circuit board", for the Pituitary is activated by the light emissions or messages that are transmitted from the Pineal.

The Pituitary: The Key to Balance

The Pituitary gland is the "master endocrine gland", whose basic function is to regulate the activities of the body through controlling the hormonal balance. It co-operates with the Thyroid gland to regulate energy expenditure in the body.

If the Pituitary is overstimulated, it can temporarily overstimulate the Thyroid (and the Adrenals at the lower levels), producing the surges of energy and the feeling of being on a "high". This imbalances the body, and if this continues for too long it can produce adrenal burn-out or stress exhaustion. It can also produce extreme physical exhaustion as the Thyroid moves between over activity and under activity, in an attempt to regulate the energetic fluctuations of the body. It can also produce depression and anxiety, as brain chemicals such as serotonin are also put out of balance. As a result, the individual can experience extreme physical and emotional symptoms as the body seeks to cope with this new surge of evolutionary energy that is creating the crystalline body as a clear vehicle for the higher consciousness of the human angel.

We must emphasize, that the human body is a marvellous self-regulating organism that always seeks balance. In this process of bio-energetic evolution it strives to assist you to find that balance as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy the power and energy of the new crystalline body. The rewards will be increased longevity, perfect health and boundless energy. But the problem right now for many of you is often that the way that you live is not allowing the body to make the adjustments that it needs.

So as your Pituitary gland feels the increasing stimulation, you will need to slow down. If you do not, the body will do it for you. That is why so many people experience illness as their body forces them to slow down and to allow the recalibration or adjustments of the bio-energetic hormonal or Endocrine system.

It is far better, to heed your body's instructions to slow down. If you feel stressed or tired, then rest. As you rest, your Higher Self will work to create the balance in your Spiritual/Endocrine system to allow you to handle the increased levels of vibration of the incoming energies.
Calming the System: The Role of the Thymus Gland and "Breathing through the Heart".

The best way to work with calming and balancing the body is to work with the breath and the energy of the Thymus gland, or the "high heart".

The Thymus is the energy portal of the Heart Chakra, where the light or energy emissions are experienced in their essence as Unconditional Love. The Heart Chakra is also the master chakra for the lungs, and the act of physical breathing activates the Thymus and the Heart Chakra. You may have noticed how when you are anxious you may breathe in a very shallow way, even holding your breathe. This does not allow the Heart Chakra to open, and it prevents balance at this level. When you are deeply relaxed, as in meditation, you breathe deeply and allow the Heart energy to flow smoothly, producing that sense of deep calm and relaxation that characterizes meditation.

So, the way to calm the bio-energetic system and to return balance to the body is a technique that we call "Breathing through the Heart". When you breathe deeply and focus on the Heart Chakra, you flood the system with the light energy of Unconditional Love. This, in turn, counter-balances the excess electrical stimulation at the Pineal by providing a feeling of calmness and peace.

The more you learn to breathe deeply, to become a "conscious breather", the more you will activate the function of the Thymus, which not only enhances feelings of Unconditional Love, it also plays a fundamental role in the health of the body by supporting the physical immune system.

A Strong Body supports a Strong Spiritual Endocrine System

Probably the best way to support the changes in your body is through regular physical exercise and good diet. A strong healthy body is a far better vehicle for the powerful twelve chakra energies than a weak and tired one.

In fact, unless you build your physical strength, you will be unable to support the demands of the new energy load on your body. For the New Earth crystalline body is a strong and healthy body. It is designed to move and to be active.
It likes fresh air and outdoor activity. The more time you spend outdoors, breathing deeply as you walk or engage in other physical activity, the more your body will be assisted to regulate and balance the new crystalline bio-energetic system as you make the evolutionary shift.

Once the balance is established, you will feel calm, peaceful and powerful. You will be able to use your twelve chakra system to create the miracles that you desire in your life.

So, you can understand why it is so important to assist your body in this transition as it "re-wires" and "activates" your Spiritual Endocrine system. It will achieve balance all the more quickly if you co-operate andalloww the process by slowing down and consciously working to create balance in your life. To feel balanced and harmonious on both the inner and outer levels should be the aim as you move into full use of your wonderful and powerful New Earth Crystalline Body.


You and Your Crystalline Body: Part Two
The "Human Angel" Breakthrough: Re-Calibration into White Light - by Celia Fenn

There is absolutely no doubt that there have been wonderful and miraculous transformations of the human body into a multi-dimensional vehicle for "Human Angels" or the Beings of Light that we all are. In Part One, with the help of Archangel Michael, we discussed how Light and Energies were being transmitted from the Lightbody to the Physical body. In this article, we will discuss that moment when balance is achieved and the Physical body and the Lightbody become One.

We have all felt the changes, but I was excited when I was able to actually see these changes in visible form. I connected with Sheila Moore of San Diego, California, USA, who works with Aura imaging. Sheila has many years experience in working with Human Aura imaging and interpretation. She sent me the images that appear here below, with her permission. (***see image on blog)

The image in the top right-hand corner is the aura of the new "Human Angel". The Aura is filled with white light and the chakras are calibrated at one hundred percent active (see the colored blocks underneath the image). This is an energetically powerful being. I have worked with Aura Imaging as well, and I have never seen an aura like this before. This is an ascended being, a Human Angel!

Sheila says she sees about one or two of these a month!
Archangel Michael explained to me that this person has recalibrated their Lightbody to the correct "spin ratio" to produce white light. Archangel Michael spoke about the recalibration of the Lightbody in his January channel for Starchild. This represents the moment when the Crystal adult or Human Angel becomes fully activated. This being is a powerhouse - ready to create miracles.

The image just below the Human Angel Aura image shows a person still in transition. The Aura is white/violet/indigo, showing a high degree of consciousness, but the chakras are low in energy. The other two images are also people in transition. The depletion of the chakra energy accounts for the exhaustion that is a feature of the transitional phase.
In the transitional phase, the Lightbody is being "re-wired" and activated. The Higher Self allows the activation at a pace with which the person can cope safely. But the "spin ratio" is kept low, to prevent the person from suffering the side effects of electrical imbalances in the Lightbody.

However, in January of 2006 it was decided by Spirit that the planet was ready for recalibration and reconnection with the Galactic grid. And so, those who were ready increased the spin of their Lightbodies to the extent that the chakra energies blended to produce white light in the aura! The recalibration also brought the chakras up to full power. The Human Angel expresses the full power and potential of the original Human Angel template created by the Elohim to be the vehicle of the Paradise Consciousness.

Holding the Balance

My own experience with this increased "spin" is that it is absolutely essential that you be able to stay grounded and hold your twelve chakra system in balance. Otherwise, you will experience the "power surges" and "power drops" that are experienced by those beings who are "coming on-line" to full Human Angel power.

If you are ungrounded, when the power increases you are likely to lose your "connection" with material reality and become focused into the higher dimensions. When this happened to me I had a most wonderful time with the Star beings and Lightships, even taking photos of Lightships around my house. But my "journeys" started going higher, and I realized that if I did not "ground" soon, I would be leaving the planet. So, my guidance ensured that I grounded my energy into the material plane to hold the balance for the Higher Chakras.

It was actually hard work to ground, but in the process I had to go through what I call the "final clearing" of the "grounding chakras", the Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus. A Human Angel is a Hybrid of Human and Angel. There is a tendency in the Lightworker community to focus on the "angel" or extraterrestrial aspect and ignore the human aspect. This process is not about transforming from a human to an angel, but about blending the human and the angelic in a perfect balance within our beings.

So, in order to support the Higher Angelic being, the lower chakras have to be absolutely clear and open and ready to spin at one hundred percent power. This means that each human angel is totally grounded and at ease with their material reality. Abundance is a reality and a right. Human Angels always have what they need in material terms. That is the gift of the fully powered Base Chakra. What is needed is drawn into their lives, there is no lack or struggle.

The Human Angel is also completely free of Emotional dramas. The fully active Sacral Chakra means that the being has moved beyond "sin" and "karma" to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is. Human Angels create peace because they know that the Earth is a gentle and loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and violence are "games of illusion" played by spiritual "children". When the Sacral spins to full velocity, all emotional dramas are "spun off" to create complete clarity and peace.

The Human Angel is also not dominated or controlled by the Solar Plexus energy of the mind. For many, this is the most difficult step,as the ego mind resists being "spun off" as the Solar Plexus reaches full spin velocity. At full power, the mind becomes what it was meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of the Being. You may find that your mind goes into overdrive as it attempts to deal with the increased spin of the whole Lightbody. But it will settle and accept the new balance once it realizes that it is "safe" in this new energy field of white light.

And so, when this essential grounding is in place, the Heart Chakra can function as the "center" of the Being, giving access to the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Facing Yourself: The Human Angel Breakthrough Moment
As you reach this place of full calibration, there is a "pause" or a moment in time and space when nothing seems to happen. This is a void or womb-like space in which you are able to be fully with yourself and who you are as you integrate all the new aspects of self and birth your new persona or energy as a Human Angel.

This "pause" can be several months long, as your inner vibrations increase and the outer vibrations seem to slow down. Many of you experience this as feeling exhausted and being unable to cope with your normal workload. In effect you are experiencing a rapid rise in your spin ration, and you do need to slow down in the external world to allow the internal recalibration.

In this void or womb-like space you will encounter yourself, your "original face" as it were, to quote the Zen koan. You will embrace your Divinity or your God self, and you will release the fears and insecurities of your lower being. You will discover that you are and always were, safe and protected. You will discover the Love and the Peace within you. You will find your Inner Peace.
At that moment, you will spin into White Light! Another Human Angel is Born into the New Earth!


Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

This channel was given in response to a Lightworker who was experiencing severe "Ascension Symptoms".

"That which you call "Ascension Symptoms", are the physical imbalances that occur when a being becomes fully Multi-dimensional, but is unable to hold their center or keep their balance, when the Cosmic energies become very strong.

Now, the energies of the Rising New Earth will continue to be strong, and until ascended humans learn to hold their balance in these energies, they will continue to experience the "ascension symptoms".

So, what we will say to you now is, we hope, a way of guiding you and leading you to such a place where you will be able to move through future stargates and energy vortexes, without losing your balance to such an extent that you become ill and disoriented, as you have in the past.

The key to this is to integrate fully your Higher and Lower energies, and that means to be completely GROUNDED and then to be able to align your grounded physical vehicle with your Higher Energy Bodies, which are your vehicles for Multi-dimensional consciousness.

You see, often people who have a strong spiritual mission on the Planet, spend so much time in the spiritual realm that they become severely ungrounded, and they do not have the strong foundation on the Earth plane that is needed to hold and carry the powerful ascended energies of the New Earth. So, at times when the energies are particularly strong, then they lose their balance and the physical vehicle is put under great strain, which creates illness and unhappiness.

All the physical symptoms that manifest are a result of the higher and lower bodies not being fully aligned and balanced. For when the bodies are in balance and the HEART is functioning fully, then the energy is able to flow clearly from the higher levels through the Heart chakra and into the Earth, as it is meant to. At this time, many people are unable to transfer the energy from the higher to the physical, and this is felt as heart palpitations and spaciness, as the energy backs up in the higher bodies. The lower body feels tired and weak and unwell, because it is vibrating out of harmony with the energy of the higher.

Also, you may find that you will become overly emotional and angry, or tearful and depressed. Or you may become very self-absorbed and play out ego and control dramas. These are not evidences of a need to "heal your inner child", since most ascended beings have passed through that basic healing already. It is an evidence of the lower chakras being pushed out of balance by the powerful energies that are active in the higher chakras. Imagine, if you will, that the lower chakras are "coming up to speed", and in this process there is a little "speed wobble" and a little distortion as the chakras become used to their new "spin ratios".

Many people have said to us that they do not understand why they feel so angry or so emotional or so out of balance. Or that they cannot do anything about it. Well, this is true. Once the lower chakras start to spin at the ratio needed to balance out with the higher chakras, there is little that you can do except allow the process and know that soon you will feel the benefits of the alignment process. But know also, that this balancing process is natural and "automatic", and the higher energies will achieve this balance if they are allowed the time and space.

This is only a temporary alignment phase, and in time your energy bodies and your physical bodies will have worked out how to balance and align. You can help this process if you understand that it is primarily an alignment process, and that aligning higher and lower will alleviate these symptoms. Of course, the KEY is the HEART. The Heart must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Cosmic Creative Energy through the system. When the bodies are aligned and the Heart is Open, then the physical body functions as it should, as a channel for the Divine Creative Energy.

In this full alignment and flow, the space is created for the experience of miracles. For the flow of Divine Creative Energy is so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.

But it is achieved through the flow of the Heart energy and not through the head. As soon as the head or the "ego" tries to control the process, then the flow cannot proceed. And the manifestation of miracles is blocked. What results is a feeling of being in "limbo", as though nothing is happening in your life. In fact, it is you yourself who are creating the energy "dead-ends" by not being willing to accept the miracles that happen in your life. Your rational mind says -no this is not possible - and so you close off the energy and refuse to allow the manifestation. And so you live in a place of seeming nothingness, when you could be in place of great richness and abundance if you would just allow your heart to lead you there. And all that is required is that you let go and just experience what you need to feel, and cease always needing to judge and analyze with your head and then react with your ego.

The ego will need to be trained to work in harmony with the heart, and to allow the Heart to be the Leader. Only then, will you enter fully into your HEARTSPACE and will you be able to balance the energies and manifest what you desire. Often, so much energy goes into resisting what you desire to manifest and what the Universe desires to give you, that you exhaust yourself trying to hold old programs and beliefs in place.

It is time to let go and allow the abundance of love and material well-being that the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence wishes to bestow on you at this time.

And so, we would also say, that as the energies begin to accelerate once more as you move towards the 11:11 stargate and then the 12:12 gate and the midsummer solstice, that you make these simple changes in your life.

Ensure that you spend some time each day outside, either walking in nature or working in a garden space. This will help you to get grounded.

Try to eliminate all processed food and focus on fresh organic fruits and vegetables, eating brown rice and legumes or bean sprouts. This will bring you fresh and strong earth energy through your food.

Spend some quiet time each day with personal meditation and growth for you alone - not for the planet or for others, but for you. Consider your own growth as a person and what your soul and spirit might need from you to assist it with its earth walk. Give unconditional love to yourself, and then you can share it with others and with the planet.

And then, as you approach these new energetic high points, you will feel more grounded and you will cope far better.

We would also suggest that as a daily practice that you visualize yourself standing with your energy flowing into the earth. See the enegy streaming into your crown chakra from the Cosmos, and then moving down into your heart, and then down your body and into the earth and your Earth Star chakra and then into the crystalline grids. This will set up a flow of energy that will allow you to remain centered and open without losing your balance and allowing your chakras to spin out and distort, causing imbalance and discomfort."


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Marijuana: Magic or Madness? article by Jost Sauer

by Jost Sauer

Just like millions of other people, my drug-taking journey began with marijuana. I immediately loved it because it allowed me to experience the magic of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Marijuana changed my life and there is no doubt in my mind that it has been responsible for a major shift in Western consciousness. But marijuana also contributed to the development of severe paranoia and lethargy in me which ultimately drove me to hard drugs and speed addiction.

Marijuana is a paradoxical drug. In Traditional Chinese medicine marijuana would be considered a Yin drug but its action can be either Yin or Yang. Therefore you can’t predict its outcome in absolute terms as you could with drugs such as speed or heroin. The effects of marijuana are dependant on other factors such as the time, place and condition of consumption but more importantly the personality type and constitution of the user. This is one of the key factors in whether its effects lead to magic or madness.

As I have mentioned before, in TCM each drug has a target organ which activates the intent of the drug. The target organ for marijuana is the Liver and the ‘intent’ of marijuana is not sedation or stimulation but rather magnification. So marijuana will highlight your energetic nature as well as the function, attributes and emotions associated with the Liver. The latter are happiness, anger and frustration. Accordingly, the outcome of taking marijuana will be always associated with either happiness or frustration. This is another element contributing to the magic or madness aspect of the drug.


The definition of magic is: ‘a quality that seems somehow removed from normal life, especially in a way that gives delight’, or ‘the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces’. I am sure every dope- smoker can relate to this. Smoking marijuana does influence the course of events, it does make us feel we are removed from normal life and it definitely gives us delight. According to TCM this is all via the action of our organs.

For me the true magic of marijuana is that as it operates via the Liver, it activates the spiritual resource of the Liver – the Hun. This is the mechanism that facilitates the sleep or dream state. This is why marijuana will give you a conscious experience of being in a dream. This was what captured me right away, the fact that I could now feel like I was in a dream while fully awake. In a dream you are not restricted by laws of physical reality, you have an effortless flow of ideas and you experience no restriction. When you are asleep and dreaming you have no concept of time. When you are stoned the same applies. Ideas and visions flow through your mind and you can’t tell whether one hour has passed or five minutes.

The Liver is the organ associated with creativity which is why marijuana can enhance creativity and inspire grand plans. Not only can marijuana stimulate ideas and creativity, but because it provides a conscious experience of the dream state, it can stimulate ideas beyond the normal limits of physical reality while you are in physical reality. On marijuana you can imagine a whole song already written and recorded, you can imagine a completed picture on a blank canvas, a fantastic building or, on a more domestic level, see your home fully renovated. You can imagine yourself as who you want to be. Visions seem tangible.

The Liver is associated with the Wood element which represents growth and expansion so marijuana is also associated with growth and expansion. If you have a restricted life it can magically expand the boundaries. You can expand with your dreams, desires and the universe.

As a teenager I felt my world was restricted by a narrow-minded society, family and authority figures. Marijuana showed me where I could go. It opened the doors to the rest of the universe, doors that society had shut. It activated the spiritual resource of the Liver, brought my dreams to the conscious mind and set me free. It did seem truly magical.


So, whats the problem? The problem is that life in physical form requires union of body and mind. Like LSD, marijuana is an hallucinogenic drug but a mild one (or it was at least before hydro dope). Like other hallucinogenic or psychedelic drugs marijuana interferes with the body-mind union, its sets the mind free of the body. It allows the expansion of the mind but the body gets left behind. Part of the experience of being stoned for many people is lying around on comfy couches and letting the mind create. However, I believe that marijuana can only be beneficial if you can apply what has been perceived.

Because it allows a conscious experience of the subconscious it can reveal elements of your true nature. If it shows you who you truly are you are then obliged to following up on that, to make your dreams reality, but most of us don’t. I can’t count how many patients sit in front of me telling me what they wish they could be in life but not following up on it. This is a major source of unhappiness and pain.

If the initial gain of freeing the mind is not matched by expansion of the body you can’t implement all your great ideas. Bonging-on all day without acting upon any ideas, visions or even feelings is like constantly uploading new software onto your computer but without having the operating system capable of running it. Having great ideas and working immediately towards applying them means chi flows smoothly - translating as happiness. But if you have ideas and you can’t apply them chi can’t flow smoothly and, going back to the other emotions of the Liver, we start to see the frustration, anger and bitterness rise.

In my day, marijuana used to be considered a mild or soft drug but now it seems to be getting a lot of bad press linked to psychosis and madness. In my experience this is due to a number of reasons. It has increased in potency in recent times, particularly in regards to hydro dope, so it is more powerful than ever before. This means you need an even more developed body to balance its effects. What I am seeing now is case after case of hydro dope psychosis particularly in young people. They can roam the universe with their minds but not connect it to the body. This creates an accelerated separation of mind and body and leads to more intense pathologies. Also with hydro dope, because it is grown in water there is none of the grounding provided by the Earth Element.

The Spleen, the organ associated with the Earth Element, can’t digest and process what has been perceived, the mind is ahead of the body and without the nurture and structure of the Mother (which the Earth Element is also referred to as in TCM), fear, paranoia and confusion arise.

On top of this, as the mind is activated by the dope (Wood / Fire Element relationship), it is flooded with visions and ideas. It is restless and in an attempt to make order out of chaos it lashes out at everything that is perceived as threatening. The frustration, anger and bitterness reaches critical point resulting in behaviour patterns which Western medicine commonly refers to as psychosis.

I would say the dope is providing too much magic and the user is not equipped to deal with it. On top of that most users have a lifestyle that depletes the body. The recreational drug scene doesn’t focus on the discipline of building the body so there is already a drifting apart of body and mind. The hydro speeds up the mind, the lifestyle takes the body in the opposite direction.

The organs are unable to process what has been perceived through the body, so massive malfunctions occur. If communication between the body and mind is ineffective it leads to conflict, either in the user or in the people affiliated with them. Biologically we are intended to live in balance and psychotic behaviour is an action initiated by the affected user to establish some sense of inner harmony again. Instead of magic, you have madness.

If we keep with the computer analogy, the answer is upgrade the operating system. Get the body in line with the mind so that you can follow through on visions and live your dreams. I haven’t had marijuana or hash for over two decades but despite the fact it launched a long period of addiction and pain, after I stopped, it forced me to accept the consequences of going through that door. I had to integrate the changes that occurred during and after the consumption of marijuana and the other drugs I took.

I had to decide to live my dreams and recapture the magic or I would have missed that element for the rest of my life. The only way to do this is the path of self-realisation. This leads to expansion, creativity, vision, happiness and conscious dreaming, everything I sought in marijuana.

copyright Jost Sauer 2007
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*~*Shell's Healing Mer-Love Bath*~*

I posted this in the Indigo Children tribe today...

I use this bathing ritual every month or so to get back in touch with my inner mermaid and goddess… it connects me with the healing energies of water and love… and assists me to de-stress, take time out for myself, cleanse, purify and re-energise all at once!

*~*Shell's Healing Mer-Love Bath*~*

You will need:
*Lavender Oil (suitable to put in the bath) and/or any other relaxing blend you have
*Epsom salt (or other mineral salt)
*Rose petals (optional)
*Rose Quartz
*Shells (optional)
*Candles (as many as you want!) - preferably in pale blue, pink, red, white or silver
*Tea light candles
*CD Player with some relaxing music
*A mirror
*A sponge, washcloth
*Soap/bath wash/cleanser

Note: Remember to forget your ego. =)

Feel free to use this as a guide, and tailor it to suit your own needs and desires…

Set aside at least an hour for yourself. Ask your angels, guides, ArchAngels or anyone else who you desire to attend to enhance and empower your ritual. Also, if you are a reiki practitioner, please use this opportunity to enhance this ritual with reiki!

As you’re filling the bath, add the oil, salt and rose quartz. Set up the music, the candles and shells, and anything else you want to use to enhance the experience such as crystals, goddess ornaments, whatever you want to set the ambience in the bathroom. Make sure the bath temperature is warm enough so that the steam can cleanse your skin pores.

As you get into the bath and are standing, sprinkle rose petals around you clockwise in a circle, imagining them creating a pink circle of Love, entwined with a circle of Light surrounding you in your bath.

Lie and just close your eyes and imagine the water dissolving away all your stresses, all negativity and feel the calming touch of the water against your skin embracing you lovingly… Breathe... In and Out, deeply, feel the air filling you with energy from your head to your toes... do this for as long as it takes to let yourself unwind...

Pick up a piece of rose quartz, and place it on your chest around your heart chakra. Allow yourself to relax and surrender to the feeling of calm and of the warm love that the rose quartz is radiating. Smell the lavender in the vapour of the air, and allow yourself to relax even more deeply….

Close your eyes and drift away, imagine you are a mermaid. In your minds eye, imagine you are in the bath-water that surrounds you, as a mermaid.

Imagine as a mermaid, that as you swim, you leave a trail of love, light and healing energy that infuses that which it swims around… imagine this mermaid leaving a sparkling gold and silver trail of Light as it swims around your body, over you, under you from head to toe. Feel her beauty, her love for you, and her gift to you of the healing energy of the water… relaxing you, calming you, soothing you…

This mermaid allows you to embrace the feminine energy of water, that place where we are all seeded and where we all began… the womb. Imagine yourself back in your Mother’s womb. Loved. Nourished. Protected. Safe. Feel this Love that the water carries to you. Let your mind float away, and drift off to the sound of the music. You can ask your mermaid to take you on a healing journey if that is what you feel you need. Let the mermaid take you on a journey into the depths of the water… You feel safe, and calm and you are open to what you receive. Just go with the flow.

As you come to, thank the mermaid for her guidance.

When you are ready, come back to and take 3 deep breaths in and out. Centre Yourself, and still hold onto the feeling of Love in your Heart. Pick up the mirror, and smile at yourself in the mirror. Hug yourself and tell yourself genuinely how much you love yourself and say “I LOVE ME!” out loud to yourself in the mirror. Keep saying it until you believe it (I know, its not as easy as it sounds for everyone, but it works!!). As you say it, think about all the reasons why you Love You so much… from the Heart. Stay in this beautiful state of bliss for as long as you wish.

When you are ready, take your sponge or washcloth and lovingly cleanse yourself. Be slow and thorough, imagining that as you physically cleanse yourself, that you also cleanse your aura with a bright purifying white light that comes from your hands. Embrace your womanly curves, and the goddess that You are. Think of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and ask that she assists you to see/hear/sense all that you need to know so that you can Love yourself in all ways, non-conditionally.

As you cleanse yourself, really get in touch with your Heart and think about all the things about you that make you so beautiful and wonderful as a person. Give thanks to all that have made you who you are. Feel immense gratitude towards those that Love you, and those that you Love. Take a moment to send out loving thoughts to those who you Love. Feel Love all around you, and anchor this feeling into your Heart.

You may even like to take it one step further and if you’re feeling extra Love for yourself and you have some privacy, feel free to honor your sexual side too! Love yourself and feel the Love as much as you so desire! Orgasms are great for healing and stress relief… =)

Thank Aphrodite and the mermaid for their assistance, and any other angels Arch Angels or guides that you may have asked to attend. As you get out of the bath, notice how relaxed, calm and refreshed you feel!

(**If you are having trouble with self-love, and believing yourself that you are worthy of Love, I suggest you follow on with this daily… Every day as you get out of the shower, or you’re getting ready… and as often as you like, look into the mirror for a minute every day, affirm to yourself “I Love Me” or even something with more impact such as “I f*cking ROCK!” if you need the extra boost, and find at least one more new thing to add to your list of reasons why you love yourself, until you REALLY believe it!!! This actually really works – it’s the law of self-fulfilling prophecy i.e. fake it till you make it! Pretend its there, and act as if its already true until it really is!)

So there you go... I hope you enjoy! Feedback welcome =)

*~*Love, Light and Blessings to All*~*

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