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about me
i love enjoying nature, hiking through forests and swimming through waters. i am a dj and love music (dj forage: techno, breaks, tekhouse, minimal, dubtech, d&b, electrodub). i am working on production and singing right now. i am a dreamer and an idealist. i am an evolutionary biologist. i like to cook; a spice masta.

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Blog about Music, RPGs n Fiction

originally published at Adventures of Shashnimyn
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Ola, I am working in Brazil this summer for two months as a precursor to my master's program in the fall. I am interested in looking at spectral properties of the functional groups in the Cerrado ecosystems. It is similar to an African savannah. The park I am staying in is called Serra do Cipo. It has a river running through the valley, and the plant diversity is incredible.

I will be posting more pictures and updates as I go in my wiki:
Fri, June 22, 2007 - 12:08 PM permalink - 3 comments
I've always been a fan of dystopias and apocalyptic scenarios. One of the thing in fiction that has always appealed to me was seeing humanity expressed in dire circumstances, where it's make or break. I believe that we are inherently good as a species and we'll pull through, but not without a change of how we interact with each other and the world.

A lecture this past weekend at a retreat brought these thoughts to the fore front of my mind, though they'd been bubbling more due to my corp... read more
Tue, March 27, 2007 - 9:40 PM permalink - 0 comments
so, i've been really excited about South America lately, reading books, watching movies, trying to absorb as much of it into my daily life as I can. Why? There is a reason for this. I have recently started working for a professor who does tropical forest work with remote sensing & GIS and I hope to enter a grad program with him. So I'm happily obsessed.

One thing I have discovered that has shocked me is the deforestation. Remember how it was such a huge deal in the 80s? Well, it has... read more
Fri, March 2, 2007 - 9:56 AM permalink - 1 comment
One of my favourite things about winter is when the sun begins to rise and spreads a pink glow over fresh snow, crystals glinting with magic light and alternating with the blue shadows of our latitude.

This winter has been both good and bad for me. The external factors mostly good, I've been focusing more on my goals and productive behaviour. Internally I drift again to loneliness... but, the kiss of slight sadness is in most music I love and I guess it's just a part of me.

Anyways, t... read more
Mon, February 12, 2007 - 7:42 AM permalink - 0 comments
She was a sweetheart of a dog and passed through the hands of our family from puppy till now. No matter how age attacked her body, she would still bound through the bush and act like a puppy when we were out walking.

My mother had the following words I think should be shared:

""I'm sorry to report that Bender passed away on December 4th. The degeneration of her hips was such that she was in constant pain. She was no longer able to enjoy her walks, nor even lie down comfortably.

In... read more
Tue, December 5, 2006 - 9:04 AM permalink - 2 comments
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