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My Life the Naturist Way

about me
I am Will. I am a naturist. I guess you all noticed that by photo signatures. I do like to make things easy in life; like not bothering with clothes on a nice day.

Most people think naturism is obscene. That's because they cannot differentiate between nudity & sex. It kinda makes them, all of them, the definitive perverts! What are they thinking about when bathing their nude kids? We already know; privacy laws protect them, so let's not go there!

Truth; naturism is living as God created us, without clothes; an open honest lifestyle suitable for all ages, devoid of the sexual obsessions of mainstream society, safe for women & kids.
By necessity, then, anything publicly sexual is taboo. ......which make it a good fit for me.


What? Ah, right! Yeh! Sorry, forgot!

TellU what!
it's not real profile material, though I'm well cool about it. So if U really gotta know, it's in my BLOG!

Hugz, Will

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My Blog


Ok, I am different. I guess you noticed!

We are all born different, but I did it in spades!

Penile agenesis meant I was born without the ugly bits and the after-effects, sensations and fixations they bring. Going without? Going without what? Sorry dudes, don't understand!

Well I think I look good.
What makes me think that? Well.... naturists told me!

Through a life of bullying and dissing, I was always neg, had always felt I was missing somethin... read more
Fri, February 3, 2012 - 8:46 AM permalink - 0 comments
I have been a naturist for 5 years and am active, even organizational, in everything I do in the lifestyle. I rarely travel outside the south-east of England. Everything I need for a satisfying naturist lifestyle is already in the region.
Except, so far, female companionship, apart from one beautiful day (abovr) on Brighton Beach!

I am a little different2 the average male. I want a girlfriend, but she has 2B a bit special. I am celibate (i.e. non-sexual) and do not identify with the slea... read more
Wed, February 1, 2012 - 7:25 PM permalink - 1 comment
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