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First time Dyking out

   Sat, April 22, 2006 - 10:17 AM

After Jenna’s dad had popped my cherry a few months before I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I remembered how good it felt to have his big callused hands pushing my legs open while he looked up at me and wiggled his tongue over my clitty like a little pink worm. I remembered how it sent tingles through my body and made my pussy so wet that I could feel it gushing more and more juice with each lick. It turned me on to hear him moaning and eating my pussy, with his salt and pepper head wriggling back and forth breathing heavily and sweating with his eyes closed. It made me cum when he pulled his face off my mound and licked all of my shining cunt juices off of his lips. That was the very first time that I had ever came.

After he ate me and then fucked my pussy for the first time I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’d lay in bed rubbing hairless my pussy until it was puffy and dripping with my panties stuffed in my mouth to muffle my screams of pleasure. Sometimes I’d think about him fucking me, sometimes I’d think about boys at school or other older men that I knew. Sometimes I’d rub my swollen clit furiously and think what it would be like to have MY head buried between a girl’s thighs and sucking her pussy like how Jenna’s dad sucked mine.

I’d mostly fantasize about eating a girl’s pussy more than I would about having her eat mine. I’d think of her sitting against my bed head with her legs spread wide and her nipples long and rock hard. In my fantasy the girl would always have super long silky hair, a pretty, pouty, pink mouth and big blue eyes. She’d have on rainbow colored knee high socks or soccer socks. She’d spread her pussy lips nice and wide with two of her long fingers and show me her bubble gum pink pussy and then I would crawl between her strong slender legs, push her legs even wider and pull her cunt lips back to see how wet she was for me. I’d play with the folds of her hot pussy and breath in her scent and then start licking up and down her slit while she looked down at me. I’d lick, kiss and suck her pussy until she held on to the bars of my brass headboard and would cum so hard that her pussy would spasm on my tongue like it was french kissing me, like it was trying to suck my tongue further inside of her.

I finally got my fantasy with Joleen. We only really started hanging at school the year before. She was really pretty with pale skin, pouty lips and clear blue eyes like pools of water. She had silky long blond hair and we were always up to no good.

One night she slept over at my house. We had a lot of fun painting each other’s toes, watching TV, giggling and talking about boys. At one point we snuck downstairs and stole a tumbler full of rum from my dad’s liquor cabinet. It was so gross that we could hardly drink it. We took turns holding each other’s noses closed while drinking it so we wouldn’t taste it. The rum made our bodies hot, it went straight to my pussy like it s does even to this day and made it feel hot and tingly. I didn’t say anything because I thought I was just weird. We slowly finished off the rum while putting make up on each other. I put her long blonde silky hair in high pigtails and curled the ends with my curling iron, then she sat on the bed and I did her lips in bright red lipstick and lined her eyes heavily with black eyeliner and mascara. I remember my nipples feeling tingly standing in front of her with them just inches away from her mouth. I put two red dots of blush on her cheeks and then let her see herself in the mirror. “I look like a hooker!!!” she said and we both laughed.

The rum really started to hit us hard and we started giggling more than ever wrestling and teasing each other about boys. She told me who she had a crush on and I teased her and threw her on the bed pushing myself on top of her pretending to be the boy she liked making silly kissing faces and laughing. She asked me if I had ever kissed a boy before. I told her that I had (Jenna’s dad, but I didn’t tell her that). She was full of questions about how it felt and how to do it good. I got off of her and told her how to do it “good” and showed her using my pillow. She tried on one of my stuffed animals and we both giggled. While she was kissing the stuffed animal her pink fuzzy robe has revealed one of her bright pink nipples and milky round tits and I felt my nipples get rock hard and tingly.

Eventually she fell asleep. I crawled into bed next to her but I couldn’t get a wink of sleep. The rum had made me feel really horny and I couldn’t get the thought of her pink nipples out of my mind. I slid over to the far edge of my bed and before I knew it my hands were in my panties and my pussy was wet and throbbing. After a few minutes my eyes were closed and I was about to cum and I felt the covers get thrown back. Joleen had woken up! I thought that I was going to die with embarrassment, when I looked up her big blue eyes were wide. It was the same look that Jenna’s dad had on his face when he saw my pussy for the first time. The look was lust.

She giggled and slipped her hand underneath her robe and started rubbing her pussy too. I could tell that she was still drunk with rum. She looked hot and sexy with her heavy makeup. I watched her hand moving in fast circles underneath her robe. I reached over and undid the waistband of her pink fuzzy robe. It fell open revealing her smooth with skin and tiny perky little tits with those yummy hard bright pink nipples. I ran my hand down her stomach and over her well-defined ribs to where her hand was. She has started to sprout a soft forest of short silky pubic hair she keep moving her hands over her clit while I touched her smearing her shiny pussy juice over her little fuzzy mound. I looked up at her while she rubbed her cunt and leaned slowly over my mouth feeling the heat of her bright red lipsticked lips. I kissed them and she moaned so I kissed them again and again in short little pecks. Then I let my tongue glide over her lips and she opened her mouth. I let my tongue slide into her hot velvety soft mouth and she took her tongue and twirled it around mine like how she had practiced on the stuffed animal earlier. I pumped my tongue in and out of her mouth like how Jenna’s dad did and I slid my hand underneath hers and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned loudly and I jumped and told her to be quiet before my dad heard. She blushed and I continued to rub her wet fuzzy little cunt.

She let out a little scream so I smiled pulled my tongue out of her mouth with a long thread of saliva dangling between our lips and slid my panties off. They were pink cotton and absolutely drenched! I bunched them up in a ball and rubbed them over her mouth. She sniffed hungrily at them and then I told her to open her mouth. I rammed my tongue far into her mouth for a good 3 or 4 minutes and then took my wet balled up panties and stuffed them into her mouth. Her blue yes widened “Don’t be scared”, I said “I just don’t want you to make noise and get us in trouble. I’m going to eat out your pussy and make you scream”. She shuddered and I saw her stomach muscles contract. I took one of her pink nipples in my mouth and sucked on it nice and hard until it was wet and shiny. I could hear her muffled moans of pleasure as I tried out biting them and sucking them really really hard. She started to bang her head against the wall and shake. Just like in my fantasy I slid down between her legs, pushed her legs wide open and looked at her fuzz covered blond twat. I could feel the warmth of it.

I looked up at her and gently kissed her pussy. She let out another loud muffled moan and I spread her swollen slippery pussy lips open. I started by licking up and down her entire slit and dancing my tongue around her little virgin pussy hole. I wrapped my lips around it and was surprised with a thick gush of milky pussy juice. I spat it out slowly onto her quivering mound and then slipped my lips over her clitty. She started squealing as I sucked her untouched clit into my mouth and gliding my tongue around it like Jenna’s dad did to me. She grabbed a hold of the bars on my headboard and started grinding her dripping wet cunt on my face. I felt a stream of wetness gush out of my pussy and I grabbed her legs and spread them wider. I smeared her wet cunt all over my face sucking and licking all parts of her sweet fuzzy little peach of a cunt. She rammed her cunt all over my face while holding onto the bed head and throwing her head all around. The sound of the moans from her panty stuffed mouth made me dyke out on her pussy even harder. She was going insane and I was so excited I could hear my own heart pounding and my nipples tingling from rubbing against the bed sheets.

I reached over and grabbed the curling iron and spat on her pussy. I lined the curling iron up with her closed little pussy hole and she put her hand on my head to stop me. Her eyes were wide with fear. I could hear her muffled words “NOOO NOOOO”. I looked up at her with my cunt juice covered face and smiled. I pushed the silver barrel of the curling iron inside of her pink hymen covered little hole and began plunging it in and out of her slowly. I liked seeing what it looked like to see something long and hard go in and out of her fresh tight little hole. She was howling and shaking I looked up and her pink nipples looked like pencil erasers. I starting plunging the curling iron in and out of her harder and harder and she started moaning louder and louder as I sipped on her clit and took her virginity with a curling iron.

Her face scrunched up and she started letting out muffled squeals and howls. She was cumming but trying to move her pussy away from me. I held her down and kept fucking and licking her until her face turned beet red and she was banging her head against the bed head like a little animal. I ate her pussy, took her virginity and give her her first orgasm. A few seconds later I came with my mouth engulfing her wet mound. I pulled the curling iron out of her with a wet “plopp”. It was cover in milky cunt juice and the red tinge of popped cherry.

Joleen and me kept playing with each other for a long time. Until one day she moved away. But ever since having that fresh young pussy I have never been able to have enough hot wet pink cunt in my face.


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