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"Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves" Gathering ( events » community ) FIREWALK, SWEATLODGE, DRUM CIRCLE, WORKSHOPS AND GROUP HUGS
367 people have said they may be attending on my Facebook. Join Linda Heller Hylton on facebook to see,
On October 1st (Camper set-up) thru the 4th (travel home after noon closing cerem... read more
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FIREWALK, SWEATLODGE, WORKSHOPS & MORE IN kENTUCKY ( events » other ) "Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves"
Mountain Herb Festival

On October 1st (Camper set-up) thru the 4th (travel home after noon closing ceremony) 2009
1000 Beyond Yonder Rd
Confluence, Ky 41749-9010
... read more
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"Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves" Firewalk and Fest ( events » community ) You can walk the hot coals of life....
Beyond Yonder Firewalks
Beyond Yonder is conducting a fire walking seminar for our September Festival.
Face your fears! Manage and overcome the most primordially ingrained fear inherent in life forms on ea... read more
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