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I became an amputee on 11/12/09. (right little finger) I am a Dickless Vacuum pumper with Well tattooed arms. One pierced nipple. From childhood I have wanted to be a carnival midway sideshow freak. Well, the canvas tents are gone, but I am now the freak I have always wanted to be. I am HIGHLY attracted to male amputees. I have a private Yahoo group, GayAmpMods if you want to join email me at and I will send you an invitiaion. I have discovered that a lot of guys that are attracted to genital mods are also attracted to amputations. My yahoo group brings the two together. The strange and unusual is not strange and unusual to me.
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Re: Penis Guillotine Party (in Cutting Off Cocks - Penectomy Fantasy) And what do you tell your wife? My Dick? Well I just dont know. I woke up and it was cut off. If you were really wanting to gain a hot stump for a cock you would do it in a heart beat and worry about the concequences later
discussion post on Mon, March 16, 2015 - 6:38 PM
Re: my next glans mod (in Glansectomy) Start with #one
discussion post on Mon, March 16, 2015 - 9:54 AM
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