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"Confessions of a Pulp Fiction Writer"

originally published at Confessions of a Pulp Fiction Writer
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I write fiction and novels and am trying to get my stuff published as commercial fiction. I worked as an investigative reporter for 37 years, 25 of them for the San Francisco Chronicle. I used to teach journalism at Cal State Hayward. I served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War but generally oppose the use of military force. I am researching the role of the mass media in the internship of Japanese Americans during WWII hoping to turn the material into an academic article and a book length manuscript. I am a union supporter, member and former officer. I led two union strikes. I helped organize shops. Some of my stories got California labor law changed. I like a good fight and hate seeing power abused. Despite this, I think life is generally pretty amusing, and I find myself laughing at something absurd almost every day.
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Dirty Laundry

(Response to a thread in smartpolitics tribe:)

Let’s be honest: all but a very small number of the complaints about illegal immigration in the U.S. are being generated by people who object to Mexicans and other people from south of the U.S. And if we are being really honest, the complaints aren’t actually about legal versus illegal immigration; they are the perception that the U.S. is being inundated by brown people – and that most of them are illegals.

You can call that racism if you ... read more
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