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13 chakras according to the Egyptians

   Sat, February 14, 2009 - 12:16 PM
Copied info from a thread in tribe 'Crystal Solutions'

"according to this book....the tibetans believe that you cant get to the upper chakras
until you open and activate the chakra on the back of the head.
in order: 3rd eye to pineal in center of head to back of head 3rd eye to crown to the 13 the soul star chakra....
according to this book, the first shift in ascension is when you activate this chakra on the back of the head.

the note to open the 45 degree chakra on the back of the head is A#

we should all meditate on the sound of A#.................
this will give us a lift to the next dimension.

the egyptians followed a 13 chakra system

Spear of destiny = gland activation.

that was cool how they showed the pineal gland under the electron microscope
and you can clearly see calcite crystals.....

Part 5 - The History of Making Colloidal Gold

when they make ionic/colloid gold,
one technique is a type of in water arc welding oxidization in the water.

open the chakra on the back of the head.
this is crucial for opening the telepathic channels if we can learn to do this with rocks
and other than human energies, we can then do it between our own species.....
spreading this opening around the planet. until we all can feel that we are all one.
apparently the egyptians knew this with their 13 chakra system they worked with.
it is time for this knowledge to come back around.

one brain one heart one love!

purple kunzite also works very quickly on this chakra.

The ascension chakra is a chakra located toward the back of the head
where a ponytail might begin. It is the key chakra in the ascension process.

As you know, each of the seven major chakras is connected to a gland:
the crown to the pineal; the third eye to the pituitary; the throat to the thyroid, and so on…

The ascension chakra, Djwhal told us, is connected to the hypothalamus."


Found the image here:

Seven Major Chakras within the physical body and their colors:

1. Base or Root Chakra, Wine Red or Burgundy
2. Naval Chakra, Emerald Green with Orange Swirls
3. Solar Plexus, Sun Bright Yellow
4. Heart Chakra, Pink with a Red Center
5. Throat, Aqua Blue
6. Third Eye, Violet
7. Crown, Diamond White

The Oversoul Chakras and their colors:

Below the physical body and moving downward:

8. Earth Star Chakra, Platinum Silver
9. Earth Heart Chakra, Gold with Multicolor

Above the physical body, just above the crown and upward:

10. Higher-Self Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored
11. Christ Conscious Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored
12. Archangelic Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored/Full Color Spectrum
13. God Self Chakra, White Gold and Encompasses all Colors.

. .


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Sat, February 14, 2009 - 12:50 PM
you can actually feel your focus move from the center of the head to the back and up as you transform yourself in certain ways.

One thing that is mentioned by drunvalo in the ancient secret of the flower of life is that the heart has 2 chakras... one (being green I think) is related to love of individual people (and I guess things and so on) and the other being unconditional love of all... I don't really think in these terms myself but it makes a lot of sense.

I can definitely attest to clear and purple kunzite. The frequency helps attune yourself and align with all levels of your soul self.

The services, ideas and meditations can help understand a lot of this stuff... Quite expensive but surprisingly moving.

Sat, February 14, 2009 - 1:45 PM
WOW Nick you know so much, amazing! : )
Thank you!

I love learning, and I just found Bashar that you have talked about for so long,
guess I wasnt ready til now... and now I have alredy watched 3 videos on youtube
(see above blogpost)... Its part 13-16 I have watched.

He reminds me of AMBRES, the Swedish medium, when he breaths like that.
We can talk more about that in the other blogpost.

As for the link you sent me, I got it up now, looking at it -
I really do need to meditate and yoga,
couldnt sleep today so I got up watched tv -
it was about this lady going to India learning from Gurus,
I liked it - once again a syncromystical feedback to my self.

Life is so exciting and tough right now, so many lessons in love,
releasing pain and healing.

That process is speeding up soo fast....

Yihaaa! ;)

Mon, February 16, 2009 - 2:19 PM
It's funny that you mention the 'back of the head' so frequently!
Because in Christian Qabalah, the Q, Qoph, means "back of the head'.
It can also be the 'eye of the needle' Jesus refers to. The camel going through
the eye of the needle: Gimel, Qoph.

See the crescent moon symbol on the straight line going down from the highest
sephirah, the one with the 1 in it? Next to it is Gimel. Now see the line going
from the lowest circle with the equal armed cross in it (Malkuth) to the sephirah
with the astrological symbol of Venus or Female in it? That's Netzach, the sephirah
of Venus (Aphrodite), and the astrological symbol there is Pisces (mutable water),
the age we're moving out of, and the Hebrew letter Qoph. Nice blog topic!
Mon, February 16, 2009 - 2:39 PM
Thank you Andrew,

very interesting!! It do make sense...

I hope we get our 'heads around it' ; )


Peace and blessings!
Mon, February 16, 2009 - 3:07 PM
The letter Resh is very special. It means 'the head reversed'.
I'm thinking this has something to do with the secrets of God.
Kether, Kaph, Tau, Resh. The many folds within himself, THATself,
which he created. That one would take a while. Just started, really.
Mon, February 16, 2009 - 3:14 PM

Hmm... I have a question for You -
I will make a new blogpost...

Its about the ANGEL OF THE ARC... and Gematria.

Are you good at hebrew?
Thu, May 26, 2011 - 2:00 AM
13 Chakras
Have a look at the site they have a great questionnaire on there to test your chakras.