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Real Snowflakes are Hexagrams! : )

   Sun, November 11, 2007 - 5:17 PM
Talk about interesting!! "Real snowflakes have six-fold symmetry. This is because water molecules crystalize into a hexagonal lattice. No two snowflakes are alike because the condition in a cloud is always changing when water vapour crystallizes into snowflakes. Because of these ever changing atmospheric conditions, each snowflake grows in a different way." Click here for snowflake FAQs.

A snow crystal primer:

FROM WIKI: "There are, broadly, two possible explanations for the symmetry of snowflakes. First, there could be communication or information transfer between the arms... // " WOW - Communication of Water Chrystals - that is SO cute!! I wonder what they say to us...

....// "The sixfold symmetry happens because of the basic hexagonal crystalline structure from which the snowflake grows. The exact reason for the threefold symmetry of triangular snowflakes is still a mystery [citation needed] although trigonal symmetry is a subsymmetry of hexagonal...."


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