UFO as Hieroglyphic Symbol

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"This object was found at Saqqara, Egypt. This flying machine (space ship, UFO?) is portrayed in Ancient Egyptian paintings on walls and hieroglyphics. The spiral on each side of the UFO object is a universal shape and the most common geometrical shape in the universe. To put this symbol on this plane (space ship, UFO?) could signify exploration of the universe and the placement could depict an understanding of the outer space. It looks like a plane (UFO) of some sort, as does the object above. Perhaps this was a space ship once used in the atmosphere of a planet. A UFO of this disc type was probably used to enter outer space, however this plane type could also possibly exit into outer space. The aerodynamics might be more suitable in an atmospheric environment, such as the use of airplanes to fly in the sky, as opposed to the space shuttle and outer space travel. Something to think about anyway."

posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - link to this photo

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Sat, November 24, 2007 - 10:43 AM
that design would make an amazing ring or pendant for a necklace, love it....def. resonates beauty and inspiration to me...

makes me think of: bubblebees, ancient minerals/rocks/metals, rocketships, the eye of god, a tomb for a giant or priest or king, a magical potion or medicinal tincture

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