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Author Nwaocha The Great Mind

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Mr Nwaocha Ogechukwu is a member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (England), and has worn many Awards such as Great Minds of the 21st Century, the International Plato’s Award (Cambridge), 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, Leading Educator of the World, Intellect of the Year, and is a member of the Great Mind Hall of Fame, etc. by the American Biographical Institute, and International Biographical Center (Cambridge).
A staunch researcher in philosophy, religion, psychology and history, Mr. Ogechukwu is the author of The Secret behind the Cross and Crucifix, Insult: 10 Practical Guides to Avoid Insult, The Perfect Nature of Man, Conscience: Building Your Moral Conscience, The Secret of Female Facial Beauty, and Temptation. He is currently writing his sixth and seventh books
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If you're a Dan Brown fan, you'll want to read, The Secret Behind the Cross and Crucifix. Author Nwaocha Ogechukwu has written an easy to read, enlightening and academically sound book regarding the symbolism and meaning of the cross in relation to religion. Ogechukwu gives historical accounts of Christianity's cover up of what the cross truly is: a satanic symbol. "For centuries after Christ, the church and other religions that use cruciform symbols have misrepresented the physical nature of... read more
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He is one the most terrifying figure in all of literature and art. Every culture has a manifestation of him. He is the essence of our nightmares. Satan, although called by many names, has the same persona around the world—evil. With an unbiased eye, Nwaocha Ogechukwu explores the many manifestations of the devil in religion and the co...nsequence effects on culture and the arts starting from days of ancient pagans to contemporary artisans. This academic work - The Devil, What does he look lik... read more
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