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taken by Jodie
photo posted 01/27
All Hallows Fantasy Faire 2010
photo posted 11/02
All Hallows Fantasy Faire 2010
photo posted 11/02
photo posted 11/02
another self-portrait
photo posted 11/02
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about me
I enjoy exercise and eating well, long hikes and camping, yoga, bellydancing, massage, old cars, motorcycles, health and nutrition, music and singing, reading, anything arts n crafty, antiques, record collecting, photography, my husband (Ed), daughter (Iris), turtle (Sidney), and my dog (Kaya).
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This last year was a buzz!

Work and dance have kept me quite busy. The fact that I can include dance in that, is what makes me smile. I used to only dance for myself. Now, I realize that it's even more fullfilling when I share it with others.

The more I devote to the things that I enjoy, polishing my craft(s), the more these beautiful things reward me. I find that one of the most imporatnt things to me in life is to "just be happy." Don't sweat the small stuff. We are lucky to hav... read more
Thu, January 7, 2010 - 12:20 AM permalink - 1 comment
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