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"You're an Angel, Beware those who collect feathers."

   Tue, December 12, 2006 - 8:54 AM
This was my fortune from a fortune cookie as I was building my wings. I thought it a little too appropriate to shrug it off. And these past few weeks have been eye opening in many ways. I am quitting Tony and Tina's this week, I have joined a new play where I must break all my walls down, I've discovered I like to create things; these wings, some costumes, my next project is a twirling staff that has lights flowing inside of it. I've been having some issues with life lately, a lot of anger a lot of just being fed-up with my situation. If it wasn't for the classes and auditions I would never be able to make it through this with out a complete break down. I could be a lot worse off, I know but I have to keep on moving, before I lose all my feathers to this greedy world...

I will butcher this but I read this and it rings pretty true:
'There is no good or bad people in life. Friends, Enemies the only difference is in our own perception. Our perception and views are corrupted by our own selfish ambitions; power, acceptance, monitary security. The simple truth; People just are and life just is.'


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