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   Thu, October 22, 2009 - 3:39 AM
"It's not about the Destination it's all about the Journey"

" If you feel like your going through hell...well my friends that's not the place to stop."


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Thu, October 22, 2009 - 2:21 PM
Dali! :D
Fri, October 23, 2009 - 12:09 AM
Well, hello, Dali!
This kind of looks like what we thought would happen to us as children when we didn't practice our instruments for Orchestra rehearsal. My violin teacher was tough, I was afraid of her. It was not fun, it was stressful, so I did not continue despite years of lessons. A little support and encouragement might have gone a long way.

Hell is something we unwittingly create for ourselves until we realize we can just as easily create Heaven on Earth. It's not in the afterlife, all is in the Eternal NOW. Don't be afraid to ask for Divine Intervention if you need a lift to elevate yourself from being dragged down by circumstance. Works for me!

(Also, Hello DALI LAMA !)

hEY pLOkK! Hope you are o.k. and hanging in there! That 2nd quote is a gem. Hope yo are taking your own advice!
We send much Love to you as you pass thru your trials and tribulations.