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Whirled Peace Hoops

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Hoopers far and wide, and especially in Northern New York! Join my tribe, Whirled Peace Hoops! In attempts to create more North Country hoopers, I have created this tribe for networking, and keeping local hoopers informed on events that I schedule. I am beginning to teach hoop dance and hoopaerobics classes at Health Works Just for Women Fitness Gym in Pulaski, I will include info on that as well, and as interest grows so will my class and event schedule! :)
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Weekly HoopAerobics Class!! ( events » sports / rec ) Starting the first saturday of the new year, I will be teaching a weekly HoopAerobics class at Health Works Just for Women Fitness Gym, in Pulaski, NY...If you're in the North Country and wish to learn to hoopdance, join us for an fantastically fu... read more
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Fun Way to Get Fit-FREE info sessions ( events » sports / rec ) Learn to Hula Hoop your way to full body fitness and wellness while having a blast! Join us for a free info session where you will see a mesmerizing performance, try it yourself and take home information on hoop dancing and classes being offered! ... read more
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Hello! I'm Jozette...I am also an entrepreneur, artist, and hoop dancer. I recently moved to the Watertown area of Northern New York, on Tug Hill specifically. With my wonderful and talented boyfriend Jason, we are growing our company Live Free Dezigns. We work primarily with borosilicate glass and ceramics, and I've recently realized that my passion for hoop dance is something I want to share with others and pursue as thats what this tribe is for in addition to the classes I am teaching at a local fitness gym called Health Works Just for Women in Pulaski, NY!..
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