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Cowen calls for fundamental reform,...

   Sun, November 8, 2009 - 12:40 PM
Cowen calling for fundamental reform of public services to meet the needs of the country in this new economic environment.
Man I love my fellow Irish.
I wonder what would be heard of this idea in America. Certainly we can all see how these systems, which we constantly find, one can not truly rely, are in great need of reform. Entire branches of government rendered impotent by numerous reason. Our national assets are in the pockets of big business moguls upon whom our government members rely on for their 'lobbying'.
what was it that Eisenhower tried to worn this country about with big business getting involved and coming to influence the means of management in Washington. And Kennedy had mentioned something against a Pax-Americana enforcing its wishes on the world with military might.
I wonder what would be heard of this idea,...


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