White Bird

   Tue, February 9, 2010 - 8:36 AM
I am sitting here this AM, just hanging out... Carol was up a bit then she laid back down... These early mornings always lead to introspective thoughts of times long ago... I often wonder what If? How many thousands of thousands scenarios my life could have. where would I be now? Surley not here in this place... or would I? I know that I am glad I have Carol and I think she is glad to have me... I just wish we had met when we both were younger and when I had more hair, money and everything else... and a lot less gut.

I listen to a lot of music over the net... many different players and music sites... some free for mp3's of new artists and some that are like radio stations... this morning I got to hear one of my very favorites from the past... It's a Beautiful Day playing White Bird Live, great song and great rendition. I was lucky to see them when this song was up on the charts, very good live show and sounds....

here is a link to White Dove by It's a Beautiful Day....


thought I would ad this great performance by the group Love "Alone Again Or"



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Tue, February 9, 2010 - 6:16 PM
Scotty..I understand..
Sometimes I wonder about the same thing..those.. V's in the Road..where if I made a different choice..voila..a whole different life~
I am happy for you to have found someone to share those moments with..
that is something I have not done..
well in a way I had.. my dear soul mate..passed last year.. he was very ill..long story..
but he lived in Australia.. we were very close friends for 10 years..
and I actually had a chance to spend..3 of the happiest weeks of my life..with him..
our friendship was very deep and special..but it was on the phone..till his dying breath ..actually..
and his sister also..is I think a soulmate..I think it was the 3 of us ..actually..
how our lives reflect each others is beyond..the ability to explain..
and Denise.. even shares my birthday..and same year too..
Antoine was his name.. We always joked..that next life.. we have to at least make it on the same continent~

life is very strange..

I believe that we are here for a purpose.. our Karma..

and our lessons.. to learn... the greatest one..is to love..

I couldn't play the radio station..it wouldn't play on my firefox browser..

but I always loved that song.. think Jefferson Airplane sang it..correct?

tell Carol ..hello for me..and glad she is home.. and hopefully getting stronger..

sending you both a hug and a smile~
Tue, February 9, 2010 - 6:29 PM
Tue, February 9, 2010 - 6:42 PM
For all living things, we exist but a moment, a drop of water in the ocean of time where our lives and Destinies cross and we give meaning to each other. Though we've never met I know in my heart you are a sweet couple and whatever time is given you make a difference to each other as well as those around you. There is no regret to be found in that my friend....not ever. :-)