My Poetry

Frozen Sea

   Tue, May 31, 2011 - 6:27 AM
What’ere begot you then begot me too
A light to no one but myself it’s true
What’ ere portends on me descends on you
And what’ere you know, now know you knew.
Or then what’ere you do I’ll do to you
Though new is old and bold are few.

Thou gross assembly of unconscious beings
Why dost thou vanquish peace from here and there?
For my small voice and wholesome ear
Is little competition for your prattling tongues and restless minds.
Pray prithee kiss thy elbow if thou might
Or hold thy waggling tongue and still thy stilted mind;
Give me but for one hour of your largest ear
And fix thine eye upon my countenance
So that I can take my poet’s axe and
Break the frozen sea within thy hearts!


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