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In A Nut Shell...

about me
I am a Pisces. I get along with most everybody. Though there are always those people who's pharamones just don't please my senses.
I try to look at the bright side of things as often as possible.
Retrospect will tell you that's true.
I am a very fair person. Even if it means admitting that i screwed the pooch.
I have lived a large amount of life in a very short amount of time. Sometimes i forget that i don't know everything. Yet...
I am a personal perfectionist. I expect to perfect the things that i do. I do not expect this from anyone else.
I am an awsome cook. And an awfully merky morning person. And i can sing like Lewie Armstrong.
Oh...! And i can snore like a 300 pound
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My Blog

Come Away With Me

Come away with me...To subspace and below.
Share with me the pleasures of deviation and pain.
Sweet despot, rule me with a warm iron fist.

Come away with me...Into depravity.
Bask in the red glow of my edge.
Indulge me in Your perversions.
Smile at my gagging tears.

Come away with me...Far from convention, taboo and time.
Put a bit of English on me. Feast like a Mighty Greek.
Send me around the world and back again.
With each sadistic slight of Yo... read more
Sun, March 22, 2009 - 2:41 AM permalink - 1 comment
In The House of Sado

In The House Of Sado I am free
Clear of thought, bound in chain.
My pride shelved through the sweetest of pains..

In The House Of Sado I step out of my inside.
Clarity of a epiphany level. So blinding it is; at times i go blind.
I have seen my self standing there. Aw in their eyes.
As i float inward again. I open my eyes.
Grateful for the gift and Sado's Divine.

In The House Of Sado I am small, smooth, and rooted in Earth.
Present and accounted for. My... read more
Fri, January 19, 2007 - 12:59 PM permalink - 0 comments
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