Insanely Ridiculous Noise

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The Sun Goddess

She wakes me gently with a warm kiss
She fills my eyes with her presence
Winter's fury can do nothing to stop her
She only needs a moment
To spread her love over
Every leaf and blade of grass

Her smile is blinding
Her heat indominable
She fills me up with light and hope
Her energy sustains me
Her power sustains us all
As she rests, so do we
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I don't want

I don't want to feel passion

I don't want to feel pain

I don't want to feel joy

I don't want to feel warmth

I don't want to feel happy

I don't want to feel needed

I don't want to feel wanted

I don't want to feel valued

I don't want to feel admired

I don't want to feel adored

I don't want to feel worried

I don't want to feel upset

I don't want to feel responsible

I don't want to feel expectation

I don't want to feel disappointed

I don't want to feel lonely

I don't want to feel anything but loved for who I am.

Please love me for who I am. Not for what you want me to be.
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Chinese Violin (Erhu)

I've always been fascinated with Asian music and instrumentation.

Ran into a chap this morning at the Ashby BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station in Berkeley playing Erhu. He was a tiny little fellow making this huge sound with a small musical instrument. I heard him playing as I walked up, and stood in front of him watching intently as he made his Erhu sing with a strangely vocalese timbre.

The instrument only has 2 strings and doesn't have any frets or fingerboard to guide the player to where the notes on the strings are placed. The notes can be slid into and bent as the bow is used causing an interesting "glissando" effect which basically means that notes can be played "through" on the way to different notes. Reminded me of playing String Bass which is also fretless and the player must locate notes on the fingerboard with instinct. My instincts stunk at first so I had to put a piece of "cheater tape" on the neck so I could remember where Position V started.

This chinese fellow seemed to play from pure instinct making the Erhu cry out sharply, then chirp like a bird, then croon like an opera singer. When he was done, I asked him whether he was playing a song or whether he was improvising. His english was very poor, but I think he told me he was improvising!

Us yanks like to think we invented the art of improvisational music with Jazz. Apparently the Chinese have had improvised music on the Erhu since the Tang Dynasty (619-907)!

Here is a link to more info on the instrument and it's origins:
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Flowers in the Sun

Sunshine shining down
Little flowers growing wild
Soaking up the heavenly rays
Bright as a child's eyes in the morning

Some get trampled
Some get dried
Some get picked
And some just lie there

Brightest colors of the day
Fills my heart with joy and love
I pick a flower with loving care
And bring it in to light my table

Happy Buddha smiles down
His shrine is live and all aglow
The flowers bring sweet colors warm
And make this place a happy home

Sunlight's gift to me this day
Flowers in the sun, hip hip HOORAY!
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