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Proposed Bladder Stuffing Procedure

   Sat, August 28, 2010 - 11:18 PM
Bladder Stuffing

Bladder stuffing consists of filling the bladder with highly polished, surgical stainless steel balls. The balls may be introduced into the urethra and pushed back into the bladder using the fingers or by using a long rectal scope, or by a custom made* “Urethral Scope”, they can be dropped down the tube and directly into the bladder.

After the balls are introduced, the act of walking or moving around should cause the balls to move within the bladder and create moving sensations deep within the body. They are electrically conductive, so the use of electric stimulation would prove an interesting experience.

The balls can be faintly heard clicking as one moves around.

For more sensations, the bladder may be filled with a small amount of air or urine.

Caution should be used when the bladder is stuffed as the added weight could damage it

An intermediate catheter can be inserted to drain off urine when the urge becomes too great. A Foley catheter could be installed for continuous drainage, but the balloon of the Foley would restrict the movement of the balls within the bladder.

Why do it?

1 Because it’s exciting to explore new feelings and sensation in the body.
2 It feels GOOD. It’s sexually stimulating to have items slide past the prostate and bladder neck.

Bladder Stuffing Procedure

Items for stuffing


Stainless Steel Balls Type 316 are particularly suitable for applications where severe corrosive conditions exist. Available in sizes from 1/8” to 1” in diameter.


1 Sterilize Balls

A. Boil in distilled water in pressure cooker
B. Transfer to a sterilized glass container
C. Soak in alcohol (or suitable sterilizing agent.) until ready to dry.
D. Dry on a sterilized surface or container just before introducing into the bladder.

2 Sterilize Urethral Scope

A. Boil in distilled water in pressure cooker
B. Soak in alcohol (or suitable sterilizing agent.) until ready to dry.
C. Dry on a sterilized surface or container just before introducing into the urethra and bladder.

3 Sterilize Urethra and Surrounding Area

A. Sterilize the whole length of the urethra with the proper sterilizing solution. Possible using --
B. Sterilize the external meatus of the penis and any area which might come in contact with the urethral scope or hands.

4 Lubricate Urethra

Using a sterile syringe, introduce a sterile lubricant into the urethra and work down the entire length of the penis.

5 Insert Balls (using fingers)

Using sterile gloves, insert balls into the urethra and slide them back, through the prostate and into the bladder. With this method not all of the balls will enter the male bladder due to the length of the urethra. The female urethra, being shorter, may allow most if not all the balls to enter the bladder.

5a Insert Balls (using Urethral Scope)

A. In a supine position, insert the urethral scope into the urethra and into the bladder. The scope will be at about a 45 degree angle or less, due to the passage of the scope through “Cobb’s Curve” in the lower urethra.

B. Using sterile gloves, insert balls, one at a time, into the end of the scope and let them roll down the tube, into the bladder. DO NOT let the balls roll down the tube too quickly. This could possibly bruise the lining of the bladder.

C. Once all of the balls to be used have been introduced into the bladder withdraw the urethral scope, leaving the balls in place, in the bladder.

Note: The bladder MUST be empty of urine at this time. Otherwise urine will flow up and out the scope tube. This will probably have to be done fairly quickly, as the body is continuously manufacturing urine.

Retrieving the Balls Naturally:

Either drink lots of fluids to build up a normal back pressure of urine or irrigate the bladder with distilled water or saline. When enough pressure has built up to force the balls out of the bladder and urethra, fasten a net bag over the end of the penis to catch the balls exiting the body. An alternative would be to use a strainer of some type like a cooking colander or a plastic fruit basket.

This method can be safely tested by experimenting with a bead of suitable diameter tethered with a piece of monofilament line. Place the bead in the bladder; build up back pressure; and try to urinate the bead out without having to resort to pulling it out with the safety line.

Note 1: the bead will NOT have the same weight as the surgical stainless steel balls. Therefore the bead may not drop down as low in the bladder sphincter muscle as the steel balls.

Note 2: The bladder sphincter muscle, prostate, and urethra will probably shrink back to their “normal” size after a time and need to be dilated again.

Retrieving the Balls with Urethral Scope:

To retrieve the balls, a suitably long rectal scope or a urethral scope is slid into the urethra, through the neck of the bladder to a position just before entering the bladder its self. This opens up the bladder sphincter muscle just enough for the balls to enter the scope. And drop out. Too far into the bladder and the edge of the scope may form a wall, keeping the balls from rolling into it. Too far away from the edge of the bladder, and the balls may not be able to slide into the scope. By maneuvering the lower body around and manipulating the bladder area, the balls should drop out of their own accord.


1. You may not be able to urinate with the balls in the bladder, as the weight of the ball/s causes them to sink to the floor of the bladder. If this is the case, introduce an intermediate catheter to drain the bladder. Or after the last ball is inserted place a Foley catheter in the bladder.

2. Ball/s may come out during normal urination if the bladder neck and prostate are sufficiently dilated.

3. Wearing the balls in the bladder for long periods of time may change the shape of the bladder.

4. Glass marbles could be used, but there is a chance of them chipping or cracking

To Do::

Stretch urethra to at least ¾” diameter if not 1"
Build “Urethral Scope” and accessories
Polish balls

The Custom Made “Urethral Scope”

It is similar in design to a anoscope or proctoscope, only longer and thinner. It consists of the main tube with a removable handle. Possible a flange with fastening holes around the outer edge would allow it to be worn with suitable straps. This would hold the urethra and bladder open without having to hold the instrument with your hand. This would be easier to use when standing up to retrieve the balls.

The orbiter, which slides inside the tube of the scope creating a rounded end on the tube to allow it to be smoothly passed into the urethra and bladder. Best not be air tight, just a snug fit.

In addition two “Ram Rods” are to be designed and built. One would allow the balls or anything else to be pushed down the tube and into the bladder, if the need arose. This one would have to be “vented” in order not to force air into the bladder along with the balls.

A second “Ram Rod” would have a small thin neoprene “O” ring seal around the orbitor. This would create either a pressure or vacuum in the tube of the scope and thus in the bladder itself. It could be used to inject sterile lubricant or anything else into the bladder. Possibly you could use it to “Vacuum Out” the balls in the bladder by locating a ball and pulling back on the orbitor handle and creating a vacuum. Thus sucking the ball into the tube of the urethral scope.



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Mon, August 30, 2010 - 7:39 PM
very detailed and hot idea.. i have alwasy wanted things up my urethral or put into my bladder..
Fri, November 19, 2010 - 3:19 AM
Is terribly exciting, but I n' would not dare to do it…Not photographs nor of vidéos… damage!
offline 0
Tue, October 16, 2012 - 9:14 AM
I've done this multiple times...
I happened across this posting but have actually tried this and lived to tell about it...

I've used 1/4" 316L SS balls, a mix of 1/4, 3/16, and 1/8" SS balls, and also 1/4" acrylic balls, as well as a mix of all of these. I used the 1/4 as these are the largest diameter balls that will go into my urethra easily.

I used the following procedure:

1) I used a liberal amount of lube like AstroGlide up the urethra and just inserted the balls one at a time into the end. The smaller ones lend themselves to a small funnel or tube. They tend up bunch up in the penis so I just "massage" them toward the bladder gently.

2) I do that until I fill up the urethra. It's a very stimulating experience and since I have a PA, I can put my ring in and that will prevent any of them from coming out. I've kept them in this way for up to a week without any real issues. Just be gentle since they can pinch and cause some bleeding. I can urinate and ejaculate ok (albeit at a slower rate) but I tend to "drip" since the balls hold urine or semen on their surfaces. Some of the balls may go up into the bladder and you can feel them go in and out. Both are "interesting" sensations.

3) I also have "filled" my bladder with these once I have my urethra full. I just wait until I have a need to urinate, then I lay on my back (on a towel) and raise my legs toward the ceiling. If I hold the end of my urethra closed with my fingers and then try to urinate, the balls will roll up into the bladder. Sometimes a little "wiggling" of my penis will cause them to slide in. Once that is done (and you can feel it) I use the towel to catch the urine that is now trapped in my urethra. Now I can repeat that process until I run out of balls. I've had about 200 in at once.

4) They won't stay there as the next time I urinate, they readily come "pouring" out of my bladder. If I keep my PA in place, the exit is blocked but there is no room for all of them to empty from the bladder. So I end up with a filled urethra and a bunch of balls in my bladder.

5) I've kept my urethra and bladder filled this way for a day or so. I think that as long as you drink plenty of fluids and keep fresh urine flowing, the possibility for UTI is minimal since you're starting with clean and sterile balls and the urine keeps flushing things out.

6) Ejaculation is very different and pleasurable as the normal contractions of the upper urethra can't happen due to the packing of balls. So semen basically oozes out slowly but you can really feel the contractions against the mass of balls.

7) I've never had any difficulty getting them all out. At first I used to count them to make sure but it quickly became clear that they just don't stay up there. Gravity wins! The use of a strainer is recommended as it's hard to fish little SS balls out of the bottom of the toilet.

Again, just be gentle with yourself when you're stuffed. If you bend of push too hard you will start some bleeding and that is generally not fun. But I've enjoyed doing this on occasion and haven't had any real difficulty. I would say ONLY use balls that are smooth and bio-compatible. I was worried about the acrylic balls because they float in water. I feared they would stay up in the bladder. But not so. They just tend to come out last. Sometimes a few balls will remain inside the bladder or urethra after you urinate, but they always come out the next time.
Thu, January 16, 2014 - 12:49 AM
Another method
You can always use a condom, drop the balls into the condom. Squirt some lube in, rub it around the balls.

Place the condom over your penis and squeeze them into your urethra one by one. If one of them pops out, you don't have to go searching for it, just pop it right back in.

If it becomes difficult, just take the condom off, squirt in more lube then place it over your penis again. They slide in very easily.