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My Testimonials

January 12, 2010
A Great Person... top of the line Artist willing to shine a light on the path to help others, in their quest for expressing the art in side... thanks for being my friend Trance
June 10, 2008
"I thought we (i) had already done this"...............
the very first thing we talked about was your art.....the computer and the canvas.....(dyslexic aliens dancing chaotically - wrapped in poetry) leaving superficialities behind..........always about the art and the mind.......Trance has taught me so much about music and art.......(and he knows the secret language of cats :-) you David
May 31, 2008
do not let his davID's art fool you...

do not let daviID's culinary barbie-que skills tempt you...

do not let davID's art press your soft spots...

do not let daviIDs's homemade beer brewing skills swoon you...

do not let davID's art addict you...

do not even let davID's secret weapon sway you

while his art puts a trance on you...

it's all about the kilt, baby.
the kilt.
remember that.
it's the kilt.


July 1, 2007
Trance a highly motivated....very enlightened....artisted, moderator and tribe friend
It has been my honner to colaborate with him on digital art....
He has been more than a partner....but a patient teacher as-well
He will go the extra mile for a friend
,but, think fast becouse...he also has a very quick responding "UP YOURS of NEOPHITE" sence of humour
January 8, 2007
Chef Boyardaveed!

Great behind the grill!


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What happened here? ;-)

about me
To know me is to love me. To misunderstand me is to scratch your head and mutter "what the fuck" under your breath, running towards the nearest exit lest ye become infected and become crazy yourself.

I'm one silly mofo. Multitalented artist, techy, cook, hugger, massager, inventer of the hysterical laugh, master of Marsonics.

I am not paranoid, I know they are after me. When they come I will destroy them with my secret weapon invisibility (the mega garlicky vindaloo curry fart).

When I first came to Seattle people started calling me Transplant.
I soon modified that to Trance Plant (for good reasons ;-).

Anyway, just don't call me Dave!!!
Leaving the ID out of DavID is a NONO!
More Later (read the Free Text entries if you really give a hoot)!!
Since Tribe has been so temperamental lately, I have created a profile on Tribe Refugees: (NEVER THERE)
You are not connected to ☥®ѧɳŒ
want to grow your network?
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Pyramids and Sphinx

Pyramids and Sphinx
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Papua New Guinea (Blue)

Papua New Guinea (Blue)
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Oz "Fire Opal"

Oz "Fire Opal"
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Oz Jelly Beans

Oz Jelly Beans
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Oz 1 (Eye Balls)

Oz 1 (Eye Balls)
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Oz 9 (Ultra Psychedelic Mix)

Oz 9 (Ultra Psychedelic Mix)
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North Pole (Color redub 3)

North Pole (Color redub 3)
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Oman Sahara

Oman Sahara (Ice Cream)
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Black Sun/Red Moon
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Red Moon/Black Sun
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Permutation 666 (Dancing)
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Look what the One eyed dog dragged in!!!

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What Keeps Me From Jumping Off a Bridge

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Now this is just too fucked up!!!

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Alchemico d'Amore ( A. Andrew Gonzalez)
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Novus Natura (Ben Tolman collaboration)
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Machine Elf
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Taupensky ( Janet Preslar )
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Gothic Blog pic (David Ho) -
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Will To Power

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Terence McKenna: Prozac

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My First Fractal Flame Animation

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Trance-Formed Sweet Chaos

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Bustin my Ass!

60 YouTubes on the wall
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Prismatic Bliss: Pulsating Pulsars

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TranceOrgasmic Buddha Beads

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Timewave Zero with Terence McKenna

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PrismOrgasmic:Daniela Schmidt -In Motion

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Fire Dance - with Terence McKenna/Bach-

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Fire Dance - w T. McKenna/Twisted Nerve-

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PrismOrgasmic:Ekoplex (Premonition)

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PrismOrgasmic: SOM "Acid Rain (Euro ver)

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PrismOrgasmic: Vivaldi(Winter pt 1)

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PrismOrgasmic: Vivaldi(Winter pt 2)

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PrismOrgasmic:Amanita: The Looking Glass

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PrismOrgasmic: T. McKenna "Edgy Shit"

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PrismOrgasmic with Innocente by Delerium

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DayGlo "Alien Love": T McKenna w STC

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DayGlo: Glass Half Full (Osiris Indriya)

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Electric Filigree: "Drain You": Nirvana

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Electric Filigree: I Started Something..

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PrismOrgasmic: Viva Tibet(East and West)

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PrismOrgasmic Time (Pink Floyd)

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Prismorgasm with The Awakening by York

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A better quality link to above animation

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T McKenna: Revenge of Synthetic Matter

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Hakim Bey -Chaos/T McKenna Shamanic Tech

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More Earth Art

Psychedelic Spider vs The Toad---Baja/Angel of Death---Egypt: Ceylon Winds
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Nazca Lines, Pyramids , Orbsycli

Nazca Lines, Pyramids , Orbsycli
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Earth Art YouTubes

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Let's Roll

It was by the convergence of numerous odd circumstances that I ended up at the Right Place/Right Time.
Quite fortunate for one human.
The maintenance man arrived early yesterday morning to replace the screen door on our balcony. Quite surprising since we only made the request last Thursday and Monday was a holiday. Typically such 'non-essentials' are granted a low priority and take awhile. Anyway, let some air in here and catch some breeze for a change. HATE running the air and the cat needs to breathe. Can't keep the sliding door wide open since the bugs flock.
I was watching my new favorite movie "Avatar" on my computer and running it through the speakers. I normally like to use my headphones but needed to listen for my phone because I was expecting a call from one of my clients to clarify some questions I had about her project. When I am programming I listen to music with my headphones to tune out outside distractions.
The neighbor children were not playing outside yesterday. When they do they are quite loud and annoying and consequently I usually close my door and windows to suppress the pain inducing, unnecessarily loud screeching noises which the 8-12 year old boys and girls make with great regularity.
SUDDENLY!!!! Over the din of my movie I thought I heard something odd. Yelling? First thought... SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Then again... and again... OK WTF.. pause my movie. .... WTF? HELP!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! again....PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Oh shit! Run to the door and look across the lawn to the other side about 100 feet away. What the hell is going on? I can make out something strange. Did someone fall off the balcony..what is that shape? Is that 1 person or 2? FUCK where are my glasses I can't see for shit! What the hell is going on?
Shit, all I am wearing is my Utilikilt, where is my shirt? OK shoes! Slip on my sneakers, bolt out the door locking it quickly. I blast down the stairs and fly through the door running as fast as I can to the situation across the way. When I arrived a man was holding a woman up with the last of his strength (she was hanging by the neck from a sheet which was tied to her balcony railing). From the corner of my eye I see another man drawing close to the scene. The first man tells me get under her and try to hold her up using her ass as a point of contact. I get beneath her and with all my strength push her up as hard as I can. The second man managed to get onto the balcony and worked to untie the sheet from the railing. The first man scaled the bicycle rack next to the building and was able to create some slack enabling the sheet to be untied. I felt the tension release and the woman fell into my arms and with assistance from the first man we lowered her gently to the ground. The sheet was still wrapped around her neck and her face was a vivid blue. OH FUCK, who has a knife? Cell phone? 911... Get that fucking sheet off her neck. I search my pockets. DAMN.. I usually have my sharp Gerber pocket knife and my cell phone. Not now, took everything out of my pockets earlier in the day. We somehow managed to remove the sheet and someone produced a cell phone. It was verified that she had a pulse. Her lips quivered and she started to breathe. Building staff materialized and I could hear the sirens in the proximity. My work is done here, I thought to myself as I made my way back to my apartment.
When I got back, all could do was mumble under my breath. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? I watched from my balcony as the police and EMTs arrived and got to work.

Thu, June 2, 2011 - 8:57 AM permalink - 9 comments
Another Apo Fractal! Apophysis is becoming quite the addiction for me. Trying out different variations and transforms. I really like the way this came out wrt the gradient and the geometric formations. I thought it looked a bit like a Sand Dollar and a lot like a mandala, so I called it Sandala.
Wed, January 20, 2010 - 8:37 AM permalink - 3 comments
Mandelbulb revisited: What you can do with Tacitus. This can be better viewed at:
A whole slew of Tacitus renderings are linked here.
I mean it's pretty fucking amazing!!! The left top is my entry point for the series. The red is what is shown on the top right. The inset on the top right is zoomed in the bottom right and finally the bottom left is a zoom of the bottom right.
Try to see WTF is in the bottom left on the top left (it's a fucking dot!). I haven't done the math yet but let's see.
Top left is 220 px > 1024 on Top right = 4.655
Top Right inset is about 260 px > 1024 on Bottom right 3.94
Bot Rt is about 220 px > 1024 on bottom left. = 4.655
Unless my brains fucked I calculate that the lower left frame is about 85x smaller than the inset of the top left..
Another remarkable thing is the repetition of structural features at many levels of the fractal!
Sun, January 17, 2010 - 9:00 PM permalink - 0 comments
Another one created in Apo. Took forever to render (3.5) hours. This has been quite an exploration over the past two weeks. Adding a new flare to my art with substantial impacts on my sleeping "schedule". There really is no schedule. I sleep when my eyes get tired or my laptop starts burning a hole in my Kilt!
Sat, January 16, 2010 - 10:13 AM permalink - 4 comments
I WAS USING WinBlows back at 3.0.1 and supported software under that pathetic piece of shit side by side with OS/2, Unix and Mac OS/6
I did VB Programming for 6 years until you bastards killed the fucking language and left us dinosaurs high and dry!
So, I should invest time learning .Net? FUCK YOU, I'll Learn Java or continue my studies of Python before I commit any time to your ever shifting world domination paradigm!!
SO!!!! I want to organize my shit and put my Apo Scripts into my Program Files/Apophysis/Scripts...
Permission required...DENIED!! FUCK YOU!!! OK RESOLVED... The source files were read only, but why not put a copy over?
Why are you messaging me about the destination folder?
OK, mark fucking program files read write! I'm the god damned fucking administrator on this Mac mother fuckers!
I was programming when these snot nose entry level programmers were a drip in their daddies trousers that somehow made it into mommies snatch!
So, every time I want to do any god-damned thing some nosy bitch message box pokes in and says are you sure? Well, I stuck a flaming rag in that cunt's pie hole.
Control Panel > User Accounts > Turn User Control (OFF)!!!! Get out of my fucking way!!! Nagging cunt!!!
Seems the entire campus needs to line up for Rectocranial reversal procedures!
SO, Out of complete disgust and utter disregard of fucking copyrights etc, I designed a NEW WINDOWS LOGO!
Please steal this and send it to everybody! Let's make this fucker go viral!
Fri, January 15, 2010 - 7:18 AM permalink - 21 comments
I was meandering through the labrynthine halls of Deviant art recently and stumbed upon
some wild assed alien artifcats.
Upon careful scrutiny they were revealed to be the visualized manifestations of a
fascinating mathematical object called a 3D-Mandbulb fractal.
I collected a bunch of representations on DA and they are organized in one of my favorites collections
They were all rendered by a program called Tacitus which is freely downloadable:
I have only been exploring for a brief time but have posted my humble first attempt in the pic on this blog.
What a fucking trip EH?
Thu, January 14, 2010 - 7:51 PM permalink - 2 comments
Found an Apophysis tutorial on making Blob Spirals and this is my creation from the tweaking of where the tutorial left off. Have a few more coming off that in coming days/hours... It takes about an HOUR (or more) to render each of these fucking fractals!!!!!
Wed, January 13, 2010 - 2:18 PM permalink - 1 comment
Been at it all day. Came up with some nice ones I've posted on Deviant Art.
This one is my favorites of today. Went through several tutorials and picking up some new techniques!.
Others from today:
And another one rendered but not submitted yet.
Wed, January 13, 2010 - 12:47 AM permalink - 2 comments
My fractal of the day! I'm beginning to get the sweet spot on these damned things!
If you like this pic and want to see a nice version of it come check me out on Deviant Art.
Meanwhile I got my ImageJ to run on Windoze again finally!, Downloaded a buttload of Apo plugins and tutorials!
So, I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing this. Have art to do.
WOW, I just realized I've been awake 40 hours straight doing this and I'm not tired!
Mon, January 11, 2010 - 6:18 PM permalink - 6 comments
On Dec 31 I was minding my own damned business when I stumbled across some amazing animated fractal flames on YouTube .
WOW FUCKING WOW!!!! So I made inquiry into what is this Apophysis? Turns out Apophysis it is a *FREE* Windoze based fractal editing program with considerable history and a large following of "Apo-heads" -my term-! , ,
The original invertor of Fractal Flames , , also looks promising!
My experience thus far is that this is a digital paradise with the addictive potential of crack cocaine or meth!
Side effects? Complete disruption of sleep patterns, obsessive compulsive behavior, carpel tunnel syndrome, beautiful art, strange desire to delete everything I have thus far created or posted on YouTube....
So following up on the Windoze application aspect of things. I bloody fucking hate Windoze Vista. It is the only virus I have ever intentionally installed on my beautiful Macbook Pro. So, desperate to NOT be Windoze dependent I sought out Mac solutions. Turns out to my short lived delight that someone had hacked a solution...
Hate to say it, but the thing is too slow to use without wanting to throw my Mac against the wall in frustration. It takes over two minutes to launch and the editor takes about 5 seconds to update when Apo 2.0.9 on Windows is almost instantaneous. A more workable solution is Apophysis-j 2.7 but it is based on Apo 2.0.7beta and the rendering engine is badly broken. , Also much slower than ApoWin 2.0.9 and lacks gradient and flame preview feature which is a very nice thing, Especially the gradient preview.
So, it looks like I am stuck in Windows Vista for doing this! One problem I am having is I can't get ImageJ to work in my Windows system and I am severely addicted to ImageJ!
Meanwhile I have created an experimental tribe: (Come on over!!!)
Joined DeviantArt:
spent way too much time tweaking triangles and working with the viral abomination from Redmond, WA.
I even created a rather shoddy amateurish flame animation.
Need better rendering on this one because it is way too grainy. But you get the idea.
DinkyDao spent 2 MONTHS rendering the animation I linked to on top. I blame him for dragging me into this ;-)
At some point this cannot be entirely healthy, but fuckitall!!!
Sun, January 10, 2010 - 3:47 PM permalink - 4 comments
Been spending the last week or so immersed in the accompanying Colorization of a Black and White ink drawing (Cognitive Transformation) by Ben Tolman (for others)
Have been pondering this piece for many months. Very Psychedelic intentions. Turned out to be much more intense than I had anticipated -so much detail in the original piece-
Had begun with his "Lilith"
and this one took over. Now that I reexamine Lilith, I don't know that I did her justice. Have some re-masking to do (in progress)
Wed, July 15, 2009 - 5:08 PM permalink - 4 comments
I keep really strange hours. Was working on a new art piece and time got away from me.
Clock ticked on to about 5:30 AM. Decided to head to bed. Cat looked at me and licked her lips
(she does that when she's hungry). I figured what the fuck. I'll feed her. Went to bed and whispered
sweet heart, I fed Miss fluffy butt!.. Err. OK, my sleeping love murmured... Anyway, a couple hours later
my love woke up and went into the kitchen. Fluffy butt following her meowing loudly. Look down licky lips!
Hmm, "I know daddy already fed you"... Harumph... cat silently skulks away!
Sat, June 6, 2009 - 9:40 AM permalink - 4 comments
Big Fucking deal right ;-)
Well, I was wondering if the ticker would ever hit 5000 and today it did.
I thank all my fans, curious onlookers, trolls gathering dirt and
everyone else for making this possible.
Now, the only thing left to do is unsubscribe!
Sat, May 30, 2009 - 3:35 PM permalink - 10 comments
Cooked to perfection on our Hibachi. Let it slow cook indirect heat over the coals for almost 3 hours! Corn on the cob, mushrooms on the side with spinach topped with a bit of feta cheese!
Tue, May 26, 2009 - 8:00 PM permalink - 7 comments
In anticipation that this going to be awesome Imperial Pumpkin Ale is going to make a repeat performance of the RIS from last week. Note the blow off tube is locked and loaded. Last weeks stout forced its way through the airlock in the course of 24 hours and I had to McGyver the shit to avert a disaster. Anyway, I have had some awesome Pumpkin ales in my time. Notably Elysium in Seattle and Iron Hill brewery out of Philly. Figured I try my hand at one. When this and the RIS are finished I'll blend ~1/3 of each to end up with about 4 gallons each of 3 different brews. This weeks recipe:

Imperial Pumpkin Ale. 4/4/09
Malt Extract Munton's XL Liquid ME 10 lb
Malt Extract X Light DME 6 cups ~2lb

Grain Crystal Malt 60L 1 lb
Grain Briess Special Roast 1 lb
Steeped grains 30 min at 160 deg F.
Sparged with 160 deg H20 til runnings clear.

3x 1 lb 13 oz cans Pumpkin approx 5.5 lb
Dark Brown Sugar 1.5 lb
Divided Pumpkin and spread onto 3 baking sheets (1 can each).
Sprinkled 1/2 lb Brown sugar onto each and baked at 350F for 90 minutes.

Hops Chinook Plugs (14 alpha) 90 min 1 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 90 min 1 oz
Hops Chinook Plugs (14 alpha) 60 min 1 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 30 min 0.5 oz
Hops Sazz Whole (3.2 alpha) 30 min 0.5 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 10 min 0.5 oz
Hops Sazz Whole (3.2 alpha) 10 min 0.5 oz

Other Yeast Nutrient 10 min .5 tsp
Other Irish Moss 10 min .5 tsp
Other McCormick Pumpkin spice mixture approx .75 tsp (added to pumpkin "boil" 40 min )

Yeast Wyeast Irish Ale (1084) 1.5 qt starter Starter from RIS starter

Pitched yeast at about 2AM 4/5
Aerated by 7 transfers between buckets
Process notes: In consideration that the whole hops were going to present issues wrt getting this beast into the fermenter and Pumpkin is notoriously messy I didn't want to lose my pumpkin when I sieved the hops after cooling the wort. Ended up boiling the pumpkin separately in two pans and the main wort in the main 5 gallon pot. Spooged wort into the pumpkin as I added hops to the main. The pumpkin resulted in a thick soup. Ended up putting sieve into main pot to sanitize and pulled the hops out of wort while still hot. Added part of the pumpkin mixture to wort while cooling, added remainder after cooling.
The monster was kicking major ass just 8 hours after pitching the yeast. 14 hrs in it is nearing the top of the carboy and I anticipate that it will begin pouring out with the 24 hr mark. Have prepared for such!!!
Note: Identical Hopping schedule as the RIS and same yeast and base malts. Different specialty malts.
Should make an interesting blend with the RIS!!!
Sun, April 5, 2009 - 12:53 PM permalink - 2 comments
Just brewed a Russian Imperial Stout last night. Pitched the yeast starter (1.5 quarts stepped twice) at about 12:30 AM. At 6 AM it's bubbling away!

Russian Imperial Stout 03/29/08
Malt Extract Munton's LME Liquid 10 lb
Malt Extract Dark DME 1 lb
Malt Extract Light DME 4 cups

Grain Roasted Barley 0.5 lb
Grain Briess Crystal Malt 120 0.5 lb
Grain Munton & Fison Carapils Malt 20 0.25 lb
Grain Black Patent Malt 0.25 lb
Grain Chocolate Malt 0.25 lb

Hops Chinook Plugs (14 alpha) 90 min 1 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 90 min 1 oz
Hops Chinook Plugs (14 alpha) 60 min 1 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 30 min 0.5 oz
Hops Sazz Whole (3.2 alpha) 30 min 0.5 oz
Hops Cascade Whole (7.4 alpha) 10 min 0.5 oz
Hops Sazz Whole (3.2 alpha) 10 min 0.5 oz

Other Yeast Nutrient 10 min .5 tsp
Other Irish Moss 10 min .5 tsp
Yeast Wyeast Irish Ale (1084) 1.5 qt starter
Mon, March 30, 2009 - 5:29 AM permalink - 8 comments
Photo from Electric Filigree 1 (slightly modified bkg).
Yeah , Shameless self promotion!!
Been busting my balls on new artwork and trying to tame IMovie
-Fucking thing constantly crashes with large clips-.
Discovered YouTube allows HD video so taking advatage of it.
Playback seems odd (skippy) on some of them.
Please view on a large screen in HD mode and let me know (PM) how it works for you.
Prismorgasm with The Awakening by York:
PrismOrgasmic Liberation:
PrismOrgasmic with The Hare In The Heather:
PrismOrgasmic: Girlfriend in a Coma (Smiths):
Orgasmia: Eclipse (Pink Floyd) :
PrismOrgasmic Time (Pink Floyd):
PrismOrgasmic: Viva Tibet (East West Mix - Bassnectar) :
Electric Filigree 1 with "I Started Something I couldn't Finish (Smiths):
Electric Filigree 2 with "Drain You (Nirvana)" :
DayGlo : Glass Half Full (Osiris Indriya):

Sat, March 28, 2009 - 11:52 AM permalink - 1 comment
A sure sign of Spring for me is the practically instantaneous vanishing of Winter doldrums and an explosion of creative energy.
I manage to get off my ass, don the kilt and venture out for fresh air. The Winter is a blah time for me and it is nothing short of a miracle I survived 16 Chicago winters between 1987-2002 . Winter has typically brought along with it a period of SADness and longing for warmth and sunshine. Time to bust out the grill and do a roasted chicken or something this weekend. I don't even give a damn if it snows. It's the principle of the thing. Meanwhile, this week alone I created 7 new beautiful digital animations and posted them to YouTube ( ), Managed to recycled all the beer bottles, did several loads of dishes, set up a yeast starter for a batch of home brew I am creating on Sat or Sun, recycled all the crap in the apartment and organized a lot of files on my hard drive. Oh, another sign of Spring is that our Russian Blue has suddenly become incredibly social again. She sits with me all day on the couch while I am doing art work and purrs and asks to be petted. Until a week ago she would sit in her little cave under the living roon table an stare into space. Had a real Royal Highness Czarina puffy butt cattitude for awhile! Time to get a new batch of herbs growing too (maybe today if I can find some good specimens). Hey, FYI: Did you know that Basil is easily propagated by cutting off the top and rooting it in water? Start with one basil plant, snip about 6 cuttings (all the mother plant needs is about 4-6 leaves to stay alive). Root them in water and plant in soil. When the babies get going repeat the process. Last year I got about 20 basil plants growing all off one mother plant. Another nice feature is that the clipped end of the plant branches so one gets more yield. I remember creating a Basil bush once by continually pruning a plant. Oh, and I LOVE pesto!!!! Ah, will probably get the cat a Catnip plant too ;-). Also must score some hop rhizomes and get them going!!!
What makes you "Spring" into step or realize Spring has sprung?
Thu, March 26, 2009 - 6:15 AM permalink - 5 comments
Prismorgasmic : Viva Tibet (East and West mix)
Prismorgasmic video created using ImageJ, IMovie and MPEG Streamclip with
Music Viva Tibet (East and West mix) by FreQ Nasty vs Bassnectar

Animated art created as visuals for Viva Tibet (East and West mix)
Sun, March 22, 2009 - 8:49 AM permalink - 2 comments
OK, There is an moderator election going on in the Burning Man tribe.
If you are a burner or a wanna be burner and have an interest in making a difference then get off your fucking ass and vote.
Please send this link to your friends as well.
The Burning man tribe boasts some 20000 members but less than 200 have voted over the last 6 days of voting.
Reason? I believe many have left because of the toxic waste left by sock puppets, trolls and snark monsters who infest the place. If the right moderators (herders of cats, socks and trolls) get in it could change the entire vibration of this tribe and return it to a state of decency where people can express themselves without the fear of being digitally gang raped by an anonymous assholes posse.

After much consideration I voted for Bobzilla, Elaine~ and Rhino .

You should vote for who you wish, but do your research on the peeps involved.
If you are already a member of the tribe then VOTE.
If you are not then JOIN and VOTE.
Anybody can play! Only exception is if you have not been a member of tribe prior to Nov 1 , 2008
You can vote for as many as 3 people.
If you don't know WTF is going on then vote my Posse. If you have time to research it and have other ideas then go with the flow.
This is important as it could change the face of the largest tribe on tribe in a very positive way.
Any questions PM me and I'll attempt to address them.
Peace Out, Trance
Fri, December 12, 2008 - 7:22 PM permalink - 3 comments
I am two thirds through this book and I simply want to throw up .
Recommended reading to one and all!!!!!
I wonder what sort of projects these bastards are working on for the current pack of Fascist dogs.
If a census taker ever shows up at my place I'll tell them to fuck off and die!!!!!
I will NEVER buy another thing with the IBM name on it.
Must research and find out if they own other companies!
Tue, August 5, 2008 - 5:38 PM permalink - 5 comments
Downloadable versions of some of my Art videos:
The Downloadable versions are pretty tight as they are originals.
The one's viewable on the Vimeo site have been converted to
flash so they are of lesser quality!
Wed, June 11, 2008 - 4:15 PM permalink - 2 comments
CHEESEBURGER WITH THE WORKS on a croissant !!!!!!!!!
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 4:12 PM permalink - 8 comments
Been getting back to home brewing lately and coming up with some great recipes.
The one on the left was brewed 2 days ago and will be a Pale Smokey Belgium with a hint of ginger.
On the right we have a pretty hopped Pale beer with a hint of Cardamom we are bottling tonight.
On the bottom ingredients for tomorrow or Saturday's brewing session. Will be a meaty Brown Ale.
Then we have the Guardian of the Mead and Beer inspector popping in to see what the hell is up!
In the Bottle we have a new one bottled 2 days ago, a lightly spiced Belgium Wheat.
Will be ready to drink in about a week
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 4:01 PM permalink - 1 comment
Being a Taoist by nature but not dogmatic about much of anything (practicing Taoism without a license or something along those lines), the concepts of Good and Evil have no absolute real meaning to me! Is the genocidal murder being carried out among the peoples of the world in the name of their respective deity or nation Evil? (It is certainly NO Secret). Respective adherents of these delusions would claim not (right before imprisoning you and/or slitting your throat, beheading you, or burning you at the stake -whatever is culturally correct method of truth-supression de jour- ). It's "their duty" to whack the infidel. I'm thinking about buying a kevlar jacket, painting a red target on it and carrying a giant sign saying "INFIDEL" in big block letters. It would probably look great with my Black Utilikilt . I don't even bother wasting my time trying to argue with (convince/convert/subvert/invert/corrupt) people about matters of the spirit or morality anymore.
I follow the golden rule (not the KKKRapitolist "man with the gold..." version) and respect the *man* Jesus but consider myself to be an outspoken non-repentant ENEMY (to the death) of the Xtian-Inanity which has defiled/subdued/raped mother Gaia, imprisoned the human spirit and attempted to crush beings such as myself from time immemorial.

I don't particularily TRY/LIKE to keep my knowledge/wisdom/whatever hidden, but sometimes revealing a TRUTH which may destroy another's long cultivated attachment to a LIE is truly "evil". Your average "Devout" any-ism-ite would probably "damn" me without even a second thought, but I won't even reveal what I believe because it would probably rob that person of some degree of certainty -Like a liitle devil, I know the Bible better than the average miscreant trying to preach it to me-! Probably immediately after blowing off a needy person on their way to religious services. I might not always give money to the needy person (sometimes BROKE), but I will acknowledge his/her humanity and stop to share a cigarette and a story or poem. I refuse to hide either my light or my darkness. The ultimate darkness is the extermination of joy which pervades SO much of our cultural inheritance on so much of the planet! I'm NOT here to win any popularity contests!!! I'm here to CREATE and DESTROY... Create beauty, spread love /destroy the dominant destructive paradigm! AM I EVIL??? I don't really resonate to the term! Evil is the way the monkey tribe is treating the planet, it's creatures and each other. If Jesus ever DID come back, boy would he be PISSED and the first thing he would do is rip a big fart in the Vatican and smash up a few "holy" places!!! But don't tell anybody, we would like to keep it a SECRET!!! ;-))))).
Good/Evil??? It's a matter of culture and who has had more "guns/soldiers/nerve/evil/angrier god" behind their banners!
BTW: The most powerful weapon in my arsenal is my sense of humor, my indiscriminant love and joy and complete lack of reverence!
Love you People,
Peace in Light and Darkness,
Trance Plant
Bring on the Sacred Cows, I'm grilling hamburgers tonight!!

PHOTO: Four Wire Heads (Meats Meier)
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 10:47 AM permalink - 2 comments
Wanna another hit of L? It will enhance your reading comprehension!
Want to explore the far reaches of Tantra and Psychedelic experience?
Did you know that the Beast and the Logos are identical?
Have you ever read Crowley?
Want to go to an OTO meeting with me?
Hey, wanna go to Burning Man?
Actually, any of these is guaranteed to clear the seat on the bus!
Then I can invite the cool looking hippy chick to sit down and help finish the joint.
Right before she reveals herself to be a narc and handcuffs me.

PHOTO: Perhaps Man Created God (David Ho)
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 8:25 AM permalink - 1 comment
This recipe is both a simple and flavorful addition to anything
one might create from the online hannibal lector culinary resource:
----Upgraded stone soup-----
One mummified cat -check under yer house or
the bathtub -or I could pass yer info on to hungry C.-
Prepare mummified cat by shaving all hair
see example:
(much of it probably has already fallen out) .
Singe remaining hair with a blow torch
(borrow from a burner friend if you don't have one).
Place shaved mummified cat into boiling water, reduce to simmer.
Add 2 Ham Hocks (these guys might be
helpful: or )
Add 1 Whole chicken (don't allow cat and chicken to
intermingle too closely.. Cross-species-culinary-copulation
is frowned upon in our circle!!!)
let this messy menagerie simmer approximately 6-8 hours
until meat is falling off the bone.
Remove to platter and separate all the bones
(reserve and allow to dry for next art project).

2 heads of garlic, 2" cube of Ginger, 5 Medium Onions
-Puree in food processor or get your sex slave to work the cleaver-.
Saute the pureed mixture until nice and brown.
Add Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Tumeric, Cumin
(about 1 TBS of each.. more (double it) if it's been sitting
on the shelf for years)

Add this mixture to boiled cat/pig/chicken menagerie.

8 Large Potatoes, 10 Carrots, Turnips, more Onions ...
whatever is in the fridge in a pre-science-project modality works fine.
Chop all that up and toss into the pot.
Simmer til veggies are tender.
Serve but don't tell anybody WTF it is.
From an old 10thcircleofhellwelcomingcommittee Thread:
By special request Phuqued up Recipes (upgraded stone soup)
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Why? One of the major questions of all existence.
Well, my usual response to that is Why Not? or I dunno, or because.

Can't you act your age?
Well, the fact that I am ageless makes the question moot!
No!!! How old do you think I am?
Well, I'm going through my 3rd childhood.

What If? Right off the stack of golden dreams?
Usual Response: Well it aint! Either make it so or let it go.

How? I don't know, you figure it out! Call tek support or ask an infant.
If you really need to do X, duct tape, WD40 and bailing wire will satisfactorily
McGyver just about anything. In a pinch, chewing gum is a nice temporary solution!
WD40 for all the crap that doesn't move that should, Duct tape for all the shit that moves that shouldn't.

When? If you keep bugging me, when hell freezes over (don't tell em you did it yesterday)!!!

Isn't it Obvious? Well, if you believe that then clearly you are NOT paying much attention!

What are you wearing under your Utilikilt?
Are you an Empiricist or are you gullible?
Hmmm, I nominate you the official Kilt Inspector for this evenings festivities!
(true story: Met this curious drunk chick at the beer garden during Fremont Summer Solstice.
Turned out to be an empiricist and she liked the package;-)
Her friend (male) dared her to approach a stranger in a Kilt 20 feet away. She rolled on over and told the guy she was the events designated Kilt Inspector. Without batting an eye she checked him out and added to the tally. After about an hour or so we kept sucking down beers and she kept on task between sips. Results N=30 (25 Regimental, 5 undies). After awhile she even began approaching chicks in skirts (sheesh she had nerve). I still have her phone number but she's spending a bit of time in Jail for driving related alcohol disorders

Do these pants make my ass look fat?
If you don't ignore that question you are asking for LOTS of trouble.
This is a setup!!! You are fucked from the beginning!
Can we have a volunteer to check out this mine field?
Sure boss, duhdeeduhdeeduh BOOM!

Reply to Xtian prostitutilizers: Do you believe in Jesus?
Yeah buddy, but yer too late, the Rapture was last week and you were left behind.
Now get the fuck off my porch or help me finish this blunt!

Reply to Rightardian political canvassers?
Blank stare... Cough, Cough... Here, you need this more than I do
(pass Blunt and a copy of the Satanic Bible or Anarchists handbook).
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Extracted from Utilikilts site of about 100.

Trance Plant's Favorites:
When your balls are free, you will find inner peace.

Because the extra groin room compensates for the cojones required to wear one. :-)

I look good in it.

Almost as good as being naked.

Women love men in kilts.

Utilikilts are SEXY.

I submit that UKs are the Ultimate 'Babe Magnet'. 'Nuff said.

it all comes down to one word: ACCESS.

I can get it on with very little clothes adjustment/removal on my part.

Because real women LOVE men in kilts (especially Utilikilts!)

So you can just say "lipstick" when someone asks what you wear under your UK.

Chicks Dig Guys in Kilts... Plus the Added Bonus of KILT CHECKS!

Why is it called a "kilt"? Cause we done kilt everyone who called it a skirt.

Full Gruntle \Ful\ \Grun"tle\, v. i. a man wearing a kilt copulating with a woman wearning a skirt.

When obnoxious drunk people ask what's under your kilt. You can tell them "your girlfriend's lipstick."

The woman I was talking to at a party the other night who looked me straight
in the eye and very slowly (perhaps to see if I would object) lifted up my
kilt, looked down, smiled at me, and said, "Good boy."
***Trance comment: Happens to me more often that I would have ever imagined***

Trance Plant's Originals:
*Q: What are you wearing under your Kilt? A: Are you gullible? or an empiricist
*Women love men in kilts on stilts (even more).
*I can't climb that ladder to hang your fucking art, I forgot my modesty strap ;-)
*Crowd control!!!, please help me down from, this ladder.
*New Paulette Simonette song title Mirrors on the top of Her Shoes.
*Last Kilted one to start wearing leggings in winter loses!
*Look for the Kilted Kat in the Hat .
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:57 AM permalink - 0 comments
The crazy crone shrieked
Insanity's a black hole
Infinitely deep!

Crawl out of your pit
counseled the sublime madman
And make yourself whole

Not all lunacies
can be construed as equal
wait for the sequel

I've been here before
I dream what life has in store
This is just a stage

The butterfly flew
It smiled as it passed by me
I saw the rainbow

The spiral rises
the dark clouds have been lifted
I leap to the sky

There is happiness
To be found in every breath
The blindfold lifted
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:53 AM permalink - 0 comments
I know where the mad hatter went to (last seen on the bus with Satan)
and the OCD rabbit is bagged and ready for the next batch of stew!
Blue pill or Red pill and where the hell is Alice?
We need her to perform some special malice.
On one of our own whose shoes are outgrown!
Too big for her britches, leaving us in stitches!
"ahhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha .haaaaaaaa "
Christ, don't tell me you are passing that off as an evil laugh! ;-)
Ok, red pill here we go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:46 AM permalink - 0 comments
So I'm rolling up the street minding my own damned business, the wind is blowing and my Kilt is going all Marilyn like ( ) on me and I'm trying to keep a straight face -feeling concern for the already overly worked cops and the young children -.
I am approached by a well armed grimacing octopus ( )
carrying a set of nunchucks made of two broomsticks and a heavy chain, a 45 made of jailhouse soap and a bible. It began to belch flames out of its ass, warning me about my death-style modality of existence. The smoky, sulfurous putrification of the air was intentional and symbolized the atmosphere I would grow to enjoy if I persisted on my path of well planned perdition. The fucking orthopod began to non-discretely grope in my inner sanctum reserved for a special one and my shit eating grin disolved into a blur. Well, at that time I was assaulted by the disembodied voice of Ann Coulter with a greek chorus of buttfucking Replublitards approaching with razor wire straightjackets and self lubricating tin henchmen. I ran for my life, my sudden lurch forward ripping one of the slimy appendages from my unwelcome accoster! that'll teach em to fuck with a friend of the Goddess!
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:40 AM permalink - 0 comments
Your cacaphonous din doesn't reach me, for I'm plugged in.
Oblivious to your screaching and bleating.
The futility of searching for your peace when angels taunt you.
Whispering your name with a deafening roar.
You do not hear them above the chattering of your own shattered mind.
Darkness is falling and your light is fading.
The twilight of your life should pull your thoughts to the depths.
Not leave them swirling at the surface in the madness of trivial concerns.
The Infernal Noise Brigade has disbanded leaving
broken drumsticks and rubber chickens in its wake.
The blow up doll has sprung a leak.
The Manual said gentle, but you are incapable of softness.
Every flourish as harsh as a snare when it could be a timpani.
Doors are happier when softly shut not slammed.
Barking dogs are not fed faster, they must wait as others do.
The children fear the world they are growing into.
The world we created you and I.
When art becomes illegal, I will be a criminal by choice.
Now stop making all that fucking noise, the gods are at slumber!
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:33 AM permalink - 0 comments
A linear life led from day to day without passion
is a fate worse than death to some.
For others a way of becoming immersed
in comfortable numbness and obliviousness.

That which is not understood has no place, no right to exist!
Mythology is just stories, no hidden meaning at all to see.
When the range of comprehension grows ever constricted,
anything resembling vision encroaching upon
the myopia of a fascist utopia must be crushed
beneath the combat boots of truth and justice
and the AmeriKKKan dream.

Come ye, come all! Bonfire tonight!
Bring along your favorite heretics and forbidden books.
We are running low on wood for the fire.
Slit the throats of your sacrificial lambs!
All sacred cows have been banished with
the scapegoats into the forbidden woods.
Some are so conditioned that the very word conditioning is undefined.
Well oiled robots goosestepping, smiling toward the abyss.
Thu, May 29, 2008 - 7:25 AM permalink - 0 comments
Ain't she a sweetie???
Bought her a catnip plant today and gave her a leaf.
She ate it and seemed to enjoy it immensely.
She was last seen in the closet guarding the May Day mead!
Bought a grill, made a steak dinner for my girl and I.
We bottled a batch of home brew and crafted another one.
Bottle another one tomorrow and have ingredients and brew space for another batch!
Anyway, great Memorial Day!
Mon, May 26, 2008 - 9:34 PM permalink - 6 comments
Little sparkling glimmering balls of light!
Thu, May 15, 2008 - 9:44 AM permalink - 2 comments
I've wanted to do stuff of this sort for awhile and finally figured out the hard part this AM!!! Getting VERY SMOOTH spectral gradients!!!
A little programming in ImageJ and a buttload of manual and macro processing and WALLA!!! Stay tuned for many many more and a morphing movie!
Mon, May 12, 2008 - 10:12 PM permalink - 7 comments

I fear nothing because there is no hope.
Though it is hopeless I do believe in love and caring.
Hopeless because it's gone beyond even despair.
I may not fear but I do loathe.
Loathe the murderers of lovers and the thieves of our future.
I long to destroy the work of the destroyers.
Blood will spill. It may be mine.
I don't care as long as I take one of those fuckers with me.
Fri, January 11, 2008 - 12:16 AM permalink - 5 comments
Just noticed I had 3113 views at 4:40 PM on 11/30/2007
Passed 3000 on my Birthday on 11/14/2007.
Check out my new YouTubes!!! (Linked on my Profile!)
Fri, November 30, 2007 - 4:44 PM permalink - 9 comments
And a buttload more here :
Except one has to be logged into NumbSpace to see them ;-(
Mon, November 19, 2007 - 5:27 PM permalink - 5 comments

Cryptic Triptych

Dark Places

While walking in dark, unfamiliar places; shining a beam of light is wise.
The powers have sway over armies of stinging butterflies and fiery dancing angels.

Serving you heavenly tainted tea from the garden of magickal mycophilia.
Our entheogenic potions will crackle the plastic filters of your mind.

Playful dancers brandish double edged swords and mayan chocolate syrup.
Love playing football with the heads of benighted unlightened travelers.

Soup is made from mangy unwashed poets (more flavor to the broth).
You'll sprout peyote-ic wings, see dragons and the sucubi will suck dry your
weeping eyes, gently ripping apart your wings while giving you wet dreams.
Slowly, summoning the vampires with your deafening, silent, blissful screams.

The toothless cobwebbed mouths of skeltons will give you a wet
bloody kiss and a wetter dream, while Ceberus dry humps your half gnawed limbs!

Coyote ugly is not an urban myth. One look into the lysergisized mirror will put that all aside!!
One and all, you are always welcome here in hell....
In fact there is no escape/no exit and plenty of room yet in the fiery pit !


Deep in the heart of the glistening darkness a fiery gem is hidden.
Its iridescence buried far from angel's orbs, denied its destiny to glimmer.

The eyes of mortals would scarcely bear its blinding revelation.
Bared amidst the filth it gleams, waiting to be set in the tiara of the goddess.

Throw more virgin flesh into your heretics fire.
Set them free from the swords of the soldiers trampling the sacred groves.

Gods angelic creatures starve for mortal entertainment.
Bring out more, soon to be dead babies. They hunger for their screams.

The goddess weeps blood pouring from her holy grotto.
She silently sadly smiles as her head bows in pity for the faerie race!
The dark beasts slouches, the dead gods slumber, while man has his way!

Fear My Light

Incandescent demons shriek from throats of fools gold and tongues of fire.
Condemning unlicensed poets from their pulpits of death and despair.
The cross of Jesus burnt to ashes by the flame of bigoted hatred.

Fear not the damnation of a blind necrophilic diety.
Bath in the light which in blindness was labeled darkness.

Wrapped in barbed wire set on fire, cut with glass and tarred with blame.
A billion impotent crippled wise men will never dim my flame.

This is a holy war and I have never been and will never be your whore.
Your supply of virgins exhausted, the saints are long done marching.

My jihad beyond your comprehension! My imagination for you to fear!
No cure for my psychosis, (around here we call it gnosis).
Thu, February 1, 2007 - 11:06 PM permalink - 1 comment
A little background:
Hanging in LA for a spell helping my pop with some things around the place: planting flowers, ghostwriting his autobiography, keeping an eye on his wife from time to time so he can escape for a few minutes and get away from the omnipresent drama. What? Am I insane? Absolutely? How? Why? WTF Knows? I've been nuts for awhile....Anyway:
Last night I was in the middle of watching a movie and my dad asked me if I wanted to play a game of Rummy 500.
I hesitated as the previous night he totally slaughtered 4 games in a row.
He had shown no mercy and felt no remorse.
Revenge for the time I accidently triple skunked him in cribbage over 25 years ago.
(the first and only time he ever played cribbage).
D: Hey, do you want to play rummy?
T: Hmmm, I don't know. I am about an hour plus into this movie.
D: Ah, yer just chicken.
T: Yeah, you ripped me a new orifice last night.
D: Yeah: Chuckle Chuckle (Evil laugh(...
T: Besides, It's time for you to be with your wife.
D: I don't beat my wife!
My reply: quiz on how well you know me.
A: Dad, I find that commendable.
B: Hmmm, when did you stop?
C:What?? Are you lazy?
D: What? Are you scared of her?
BTW: I've been trying to behave myself lately ;-)
Wed, December 27, 2006 - 1:35 PM permalink - 2 comments
Well, worked myself out of a job. The I-87/88 canvassing was a short little blast. We have enough signitures to get them on the ballot, so I am no longer gathering ink on those initiatives.

I saw a sign the other day looking for folks to help oust the Republicans. Called yesterday and had an interview today. Will be rolling out with the street canvassing director tomorrow for 'observation day' -she sees team leader potential in me ;-) .

I was instantly recognized by the two folks doing the interviewing as the guy passing around paper on Broadway in recent days. The street canvasing director told me she was ready to hire me off the street the other day but there was an unwritten rule about stealing other people's workers.

She asked me if I was still doing the petitioning.
Well, I still have some paper for the Renewable energy I-937, but almost everyone I talk with has already signed it,
so it may be a little slow trying to bank on that. The other two initiatives Michael has paper for are fucking right wing crap and I told him I could not solicit signitures with a good conscience.

So, I will be working with the Democrats trying to get these cowardly fucking thieves out of power. I told the lady that I was not a democrat but that I was terrified of the current leadership and would do anything to throw them out!!! Yeah, maybe I'm beginning a new career in political work.
Tue, June 6, 2006 - 4:29 PM permalink - 0 comments
I just posted a bunch of photographs of my Artwork ;-)
Sun, June 4, 2006 - 1:33 PM permalink - 1 comment
Yes!!!, I'm having a blast.
Walking up and down Broadway getting folks to sign petitions for Initiatives 87 and 88 (Securing Funding for Seattle Public Schools for Arts and Music programs... etc). Now that is something I am VERY passionate about. I thought this would be a tough gig. In CapHill peeps are very receptive and I've been getting John and Jane Hancocks like crazy. What's more, I'm having a GREAT time doing it. I love talking with people and I sense the feeling is mutual. I have been perfecting my approach in terms of engaging the "pavement people" -you know, the ones who walk along with their eyes on the pavement. The ipod people are tough to crack, but once you get their attention it is pretty good chance. I have had art instructors come over to me and ask to sign. I have registered 10 new Washington voters, engaged in countless interesting conversations, made a decent amount of coin. Meanwhile, I can work my own hours wherever I want. This will tie me over until my new software development project comes on line. YEAH!!!

I lost my wallet two nights ago. I do have a passport so at least I have some form of legitimate ID. Without my wallet I feel freaking naked. It had my WA ID, my library card and my bank card -pain in the ass to replace- BUT!!! I had the card for a guy who has a Green Workman's Utilikjilt for sale and the damned card was in the wallet ... ARGHHH.
Yeah, we're having a blast!!! WERD!
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