The Feminization of Sissy Slave Laura

Forcibly Feminized by Mistress Jade.

   Mon, October 24, 2011 - 8:25 PM
I discovered early in life that wearing female clothes, makeup and high heels, was such an amazing turn on for me. I also discovered I was Submissive and enjoyed being Dominated and put into restrictive Bondage restraints.

The greatest sexual experience was with a woman, with both of us dressed in sexy female clothes. I wanted all my sexual encounters to be like that, and I set off on a life long journey to find women who would not only encourage my cross dressing, but would have sex with me when I was dressed up. If there was some Bondage thrown in, then so much the better. Straight sex became rather boring for me.

For over 30 years I found plenty of women who would do all this with me and I feel very lucky that I have had such a wonderful sex life for such a long time.
But as I got older I found it harder to find such women, and I began to look at the Internet and saw how other men like me found fulfillment in submitting as a Sissy.
I never really knew what it was to be a Sissy, but it did seem like a fun game, with all the things I enjoyed, dressing up, Bondage, Submission, Fantasy and sex.

I met a few Dominant Mistresses from the Internet, and I said I wanted to explore this idea of Forced Feminization, of becoming a Sissy Slave to a Dominant Mistress.
For me it was still just a fantasy game, we act out this stuff, but it wasn't for real, and at the end of the day, Mistress and her Sissy have sex and it was all just a bit of fun.

I soon discovered that being a Sissy Slave means that it is all about what the Mistress wants, and I am ordered to do things I never wanted to do. Each time this happened, I would end the relationship and go look for another Mistress.
But eventually I came to understand that to become a real Sissy Slave, it is not about what I want, and I just have to submit totally to the Mistress, and let her decide what is best for me. I did wonder if maybe this was not really for me. I felt so drawn to the fantasy of it, being Feminized and made to become a Sissy Slave, but I also knew the reality of it was very different to the fantasy, and there would always be things I didn’t want to do.

I wanted to experience what it was to be Feminized and to become a Sissy Slave, and I knew that if I kept on backing out every time I don’t like some part of it, then I would never know what it really felt like. So I made this decision that the next Mistress I meet, I would seriously try to go all the way and become her Feminized Sissy Slave for real. At least then I would know what it felt like, and who knows, I might actually like it.
And so it happened, I met Mistress Jade and agreed to do what ever she demanded of me and I would always obey her every command.
Mistress Jade demanded my total submission, and my instant obedience, and soon I was dressing up every day, constantly locked into Bondage, and totally controlled. These were the things I enjoyed, so it was a lot of fun in the beginning.

Mistress Jade told me that for this fantasy of Forced Feminization to work, she needed some way of actually controlling me, some sort of way that she could really force me to do this. As it was now, I went along with everything, but at any time I could back out and walk away. I had not told her about any of the other Mistresses, but I knew in the past I had just walked away, and maybe this time it should be done differently.
So I told Mistress Jade that I would agree to whatever she wanted.
Her idea was that we take a lot of photos, of me dressed up, and in Bondage, and we should look at getting some very humiliating photos of me, and then I supply her with the email addresses of all my friends and family. This way, I could really be “Forced Feminized” because she could use this threat against me that if I try to back out, she would send these photos.

As far as I was concerned, this was a fantasy game being acted out between two adults and so I had no problem agreeing to this. So I gave her all my emails addresses and we took a lot of photos of me dressed up and in different Bondage restraints.
For her amusement, and my humiliation, Mistress had me buy some adult Diapers, and she got photos of me wearing the Diapers. Mistress Jade wanted to have the most humiliating photos she could get, and said that the best photos would be of me with someone’s cock in my mouth, giving someone oral sex. She said I wouldn’t actually give these people a blow-job, just “pose” for the photos. She would bring some men, and other Sissies here, and I put their cocks in my mouth just for the photo, and then no more.
I couldn’t think of a more humiliating photo than that, and wanting to go along with the fantasy, I agreed and the photo sessions were set up, and we then had some extremely humiliating photos of me, and could really move forward with the fantasy game.

My Feminization began to proceed a lot quicker than I thought, and started to go in a direction that was not to my liking. I was told to buy a steel Chastity cage and soon found myself being locked into this for longer and longer periods. As a Sissy, I was told I no longer have a cock, and it would now be referred to as my sissy ‘ Clit ‘ and it was useless to women and should be locked away. I was also informed that while I had only posed for photos to give the impression that I was giving oral sex to men, from now on I would be doing it for real. Mistress intended that when men were brought here, I would be trained to provide not only oral sex, but anal sex as well. There was to be no sex ever between Mistress Jade and me, but if I was very obedient and pleased her, then there may be an occasion where my Chastity cage was removed and I would be permitted to masturbate with the condition that I collect my own sperm on a plate and lick it all up.

After hearing all this, I decided that the whole Feminization thing was a silly fantasy and I no longer wanted to play this game. It was a very sexual and erotic fantasy, but the reality of it was not what I wanted, so I told Mistress Jade that the game was over.
She gave me this strange smile, then laughed, and told me that the game is over only when she says it is over. She said that while it may be a fantasy and a game, she was enjoying it, and unless I wanted some very humiliating photos sent to everyone I knew, then I would obey her and the Feminization would continue for as long as she wanted.

I never for one moment thought she would really send the photos, I would not have agreed to them if I thought they would be really sent. It was a fantasy game and the photos were just one little part, but when I looked into her eyes, I knew she was serious, and I knew she would send the photos if I did not continue to obey her.
There was no escape for me, and my fantasy of “Forced Feminization “has now become a reality. I am now a Feminized Sissy Baby and a complete Sissy Sex Slave, and Mistress intends that this is how I must live for the rest of my life.
Mistress has also informed me that she intends to find me a very strict Dominant Master, and I will be given to him to become his property and his Slave. Even now, Mistress is searching on the Internet to find this Master for me, but it must be a strict Master who will continue with my Feminization, keep me permanently dressed in female clothes and in Diapers and make me his Sissy Baby Sex Slave for life.


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