The Magic of Burning Man

   Sun, September 30, 2007 - 1:34 AM

A dear friend of mine Kathryn decided she needed to move from California to South Dakota to be closer to family, just in case her cancer becomes any worse. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer about 10 years ago, having one of her breasts removed. After painstakingly taking care of herself for the last 10 years, the cancer has come back in spades.

Kathryn though is a fighter and even though her sisters and father believe in their hearts Kathryn is dying, she will survive and regain her health.

Today, Saturday 29th, 2007 was to be her final day in El Segundo California. She was going to be packing the rented caravan and driving with her sister to South Dakota. Not wanting to face losing my dear friend alone, I rooted through my mostly still packed suitcase from my first Burning Man experience and pulled out my lucky green vest.

Prior to leaving to my first burn, I found a delightful cotton vest in a thrift store. I used glow in the dark paint and wrote sex & rock n roll on one side of the vest and on the other side a peace sign and the word love.

I was wearing this vest which barely covered my bare chest along with a pink necklace of fornicating rubber pigs that when squeezed squeal (like pigs) when I met Sam at the Central Café my second day at burning man (Tuesday) and magic happened. The first time in years I connected with a man. I felt so completely comfortable and felt so in tuned with him. It was one of those special lifetime moments. I usually don’t connect well with others and seldom with men that I find attractive.

As I pulled out the vest today, which was still covered with playa dust, I held it close to my heart knowing that its magic would protect me from the hurt of missing a dear friend. Yes, Kathryn and I will stay in contact and talk with each other via the internet and the phone. But it is like losing a dear friend. Saying goodbye to someone whom has become so close, someone that you can call on a spare of the moment and go get a cup of tea or coffee while sharing your day and ending up laughing about it!

I adorned on my vest this morning and went to Kathryn’s. I helped her and her sisters pack the rented vehicle with all her precious possessions that did not fit in the truck which moved her furniture and other large items. Kathryn became very concerned that 4 bottles of wine were still unpacked and there seemed to be no room. Her two sisters were saying that they could just be left and purchased again. But Kathryn wanted her wine and I agreed with her. Some possessions are too precious to just leave behind.

I picked up the box of wine which held 4 bottles and went out to the vehicle. I opened the passenger door and found a draw under the front seat. I pulled it open and found inside, forgotten by its previous renter, a 2007 Burning Man event guide and map. I looked up and found playa dust in every crevice of the door and around each and every window. I sighed with happiness, storing Kathryn's wine with the Burning Man material.

The magic of Burning Man was on and in that vehicle, Kathryn would be safe. Not only will she be safe on her journey to South Dakota, but she will be safe in South Dakota. It was like being given a sign. The magic of the playa was there today, with me and will be there tomorrow for Kathryn protecting her on her journey. Next year, she will come with me to Burning Man 2008 and experience the magic first hand. But right now, today, she is still laughing and shaking her head in shock that she will be driving to South Dakota in a car that survived Burning Man 2007!


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