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   Sun, September 23, 2007 - 6:56 AM
What’s the difference between an occasional barefooter and somebody who’s ALWAYS barefoot, all-year-round, 365 days, 24 hours - somebody like me? Well, an occasional barefooter is constantly aware that he’s barefoot, that he’s wearing nothing on his feet. Aware in the sense: Shy about it… He’ll waste loads of time and energy, asking himself questions like: Where can I go barefoot and where not? What about the restaurant, the cinema or the bar? A hike in the mountains? Downtown? What will people think if it’s cold or raining and I’m barefoot? How will my friends react if I’m turning up barefoot? You know what I mean…

Even I am constantly aware that I’m barefoot: Feeling the ground, different surfaces – that’s what makes walking barefoot so special! Those countless sensations… But wearing no shoes isn’t an exceptional experience, it’s normality for me! Living barefoot, I’m absolutely confident that I’m doing the right thing. What happens if you’re in town and you’re realizing somebody is staring at your bare feet? You might quickly look elsewhere, feeling at least a bit uncomfortable, right? It becomes even worse if somebody – typically a school kid roaming around with a bunch of friends – makes one of those comments: “Where are your shoes man?”, “Isn’t it cold?”, “Have they stolen your shoes?”, “Look, Jesus!” or something equally funny… Now you’re almost ready to hide somewhere – or to look for the nearest shoe shop! My feelings are totally different: I’ve heard too many comments and I’ve answered too many questions to pay much attention to things like that! Whatever happens: My self-confidence is by far to strong to feel disturbed! After all: I’ve been living barefoot for many years, means I know that it isn’t too hot, too cold or too dirty for my bare feet. I haven’t caught any of those countless diseases people are normally afraid of… And: I know WHAT THEY ARE MISSING!!! That’s maybe most important… There are other aspects: Having spent many years without shoes, my feet have become tough – I know I can trust in those leather-like soles! Plus: My confidence finds a perfect expression in the way I walk: Yes, it looks indeed a bit funny how somebody who is just discovering the joys of a barefoot life actually walks! It’s like as if you want to show everybody that “something isn’t right”, pointing constantly at your own naked feet! No wonder that they are the focus-point of everybody’s attention, right? It was the same with me, back in my schooldays!

There are many reasons to start LIVING barefoot! You might reply: Impossible! My job, the reactions of my friends, colleagues, family… Yes, it’s a little bit tough – in the beginning! But: Start in summer and take your time to answer questions, to explain – and after a week or so most of the people you’re meeting every day (even that inquisitive old lady in the shop at the corner!) will get used to your new look! Start your barefoot life with self-confidence: Barefoot looks good! An anklet or toe ring might add a certain note… Answer doubts with a big smile! People will soon understand: This fellow enjoys what he (or she – I feel girls have actually less problems with barefooting!) is doing! And there will be more and more people which have already seen you barefoot before…

The first winter will be a bit difficult, granted. But only the first one or two weeks will be a real challenge! It starts snowing and the reactions become more and more “militant”? Well, it might be high time to start talking about health aspects, the positive impact on your immune system… Make people jealous and you might make converts!

Give it a try! Living barefoot is cool!

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