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June 17, 2005
smart, honed and unyielding. at times on the edge, but always informed and passionate.

takes no prisoners, tolerates no fools, eats no shit.
June 1, 2005
Frankly, this guy kinda intimidates me. He's smart as hell and even funnier than that, and can wish a pox on someone in a way that not many people can these days.

If he lived less than a zillion miles away, I'm pretty sure I would be bugging him all the time (at least until his significant other put a block on my phone number), and I would have to take him out to get drunk 'cause I bet he's even snarkier, which would truly be something to behold!
June 10, 2004
Ben's my favorite cyber person, too. This man is kind and brilliant and very funny. He is also a figment of my imagination, created by a future me who has undergone extensive transhumanist surgery, enabling the holographic perception and exploration (through each of the six senses) of this man of my literal dreams. With the aid of time travel, I'm able enjoy enduring, fabulous discourse with this most complementarily compatible gentleman of infinite depth.
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about me
I maintain a wide variety of unique and well-reasoned opinions on a dizzying myriad of subjects. In other words, I'm a complete pain in the ass. And sorta snarly, too. But in a mostly fun way.
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This is my first-ever blog entry, and let me be the first to say that writing it is a total waste of time. It's not literature. It's not informative. Hell, it isn't even particularly pleasant to read. But, in the spirit of my lifelong mantra that I will try anything twice (because, hey, you may just not have done it right the first time), I reckoned I'd better join the current century and blog something.

My issue is this -- I read personal blogs now and then, and for the most part th... read more
Sun, May 13, 2007 - 6:55 PM permalink - 8 comments
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