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Not yet

Well, I thought today I would smile again, a little bit, but even more tears than yesterday. Everything takes time, time marches on regardless, thankfully or I might not! ; )

I posted another poem on another forum, I didn't post it on my blog because I didn't know if all readers would be interested, so I posted it on a forum for mothers of pregnancy loss. That way if you want, it is there:

It is post #29 of that thread. I also added the link on my blog: at the bottom of that post.

Peace and thanks,
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On the Air

I was on the radio this the details here:

If you get a chance, please read James' poem "Hush" in the Jews and Muslims Together tribe... it is down a ways.

On my blogs....suggestions on something NOT to eat and a shout out to my favorite FM morning radio show:

The King Sized Man on

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The Domestic Wife

New blog updates...

I got tagged by a buddy and had to post 6 weird things about me. Also posted a link to a new blog I collection of vintage 1950's houswife pics...visit them both, leave a comment!

Love yas!
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I'm 67% Strange

See my strange-factor test results and find out why I am 67% strange:
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Strange Sightings, Amazing Facts

A typical day in my life...
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Salihah the Politician

Ok, I went a little politic-loco...but I couldn't resist!

Read the Israeli Defense Forces Letter and the Muslim Manifesto or drop by to get a free Gmail account!

Leave a hello on blog, it makes me happy! : )

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The Fate of the 3 Wise Men, Fox News, & My Swank Jacket

I had a terrible falling out with one of the three wise men. Baby Jesus won't be getting frankencense this year. Also a special msg for Fox News viewers and pics of my grooviest jacket yet!

Stop by, leave a hello there, it makes me smile! : )

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Wife Language

New post on my blog...

Read, visit, leave me a hello there on that site, I love to see comments on my blog, lol! It makes me smile!

Peace, Salihah
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New pics, crochet pattern, Ammala hafla

Just posted a bit about the Ammala hafla and the upcoming fundraiser! Also a new crochet pattern, totally easy...if you can chain and single crochet, you can do it.

Visit my blog, leave a hello or comment there at:

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