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Video Enjoyment ::: boron jive leper - "pause"

The following transmission has been deemed essential viewing:
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Moved in


Mama and I have almost finished moving in to our new place. The new info is :

4474 1/2 Hamilton Street
San Diego, CA 92116

Same phone # as before

Boothe-a-thon will be coming soon.....
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Getting rid of shit!

I am getting rid of shit!

Does anyone want a propane BBQ?

Also I am getting rid of two fishtanks. One is a 20 gallon (long) with a stand. The stand is ugly and wooden but serviceable, The fish tank has a small chip in one of the top corners which has never leaked or caused any problems.

I also have what is probably a 25 or possibly 30 gallon bowfront tank. This one has no stand.

We may also have some miscellaneous outdoor plants, in pots, to get rid of. We're not sure on that yet...

If anyone wants any of this before I put it on craigslist, freecycle, or in the alley, let me know!

--- more to come!
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Slave labor needed! Will pay in beer!

Hey there!

Mama and I are signing the lease on our new place on Wednesday the 20th of this month.

I just got the results of my MRI back and my spine is still really fucked up. They are sending me back to physical therapy for a few weeks and then re-evaluating my condition.

What this means is that I am an old man who desperately needs help moving a few things from our old place in OB to our new place in North Park. Mama and I can move the smaller stuff, like boxes and whatnot, but we need some peeps to help out on a few trips back and forth with the heavier furniture. Part of me just wants to say "fuck it" and just move the shit ourselves, but I really don't want to fuck up my back worse than it already is.

We will be moving our stuff over the course of that week, so even if you can't help out on the 20th or 21st (our days off) we can use help whenever you might have a free hour or so on that following weekend. All slave laborers will be awarded with beer or choice of other beverage.

If anyone can help out, please post here or contact me either at my main email rbaseel-at-gmail-dot-com or by phone at (619) 501-8570.
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looking for a new place in OB/ Point Loma area (San Diego)

The missus and I are looking for a new apartment down here in SD. We are trying to find a 2 bedroom in OB or Point Loma. We've been looking in other areas as well (Hillcrest, Normal Heights, and elsewhere) but would really prefer to stay in the OB/Point Loma area.

The problem is that we haven't been able to find very many 2 bedroom places for rent in OB/Point Loma that match our budget (under $1200 a month, preferably) and also will take our cat. There are a lot more apartments that would suit our needs out in Hillcrest etc. so we are trying to keep our options open.

If any of you down here in SD happen to know a place for rent, or see a "for rent" sign somewhere, Mama and I would appreciate any info you can pass along. We need to be out of here by the beginning of March. Thanks!
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Happy New Year from Roejiff !

Roejiff put out a special song just in time for the New Year !!!
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new boron jive leper album released on Krakilsk Records

Krakilsk, an independent Norwegian record label, has just released the latest boron jive leper album on CDR.

#kra038 Boron Jive Leper - Modified Circuits

"boron jive leper (who is also 1/2 of KRUFT!), brings us an awesome album here which is purely built up from the sounds of circuit bent toys, put together in that special bjl kind of way. Very few, if any, effects were used, just various recorded sounds layered upon each other and composed in a brilliant way. The resulting music can perhaps be perceived as operating in a territory within the field of drone, ambient, noise and glitch. Imagine if "Skynet" went a bit crazy and decided just to occupy your little siblings toy collection instead of going all megalomaniac and taking over the world, and perhaps you could get something sounding like this. Although "Modified Circuits" would probably sound better."

priced at 4 euros

Krakilsk home page :
boron jive leper home page :
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Roejiff explores new horizons in multi-media entertainment !!!

Have you guys seen this? Apparently Roejiff is really branching out these days....

I hear they are looking for playtesters to aid in the development stage. There doesn't seem to be any contact info listed on their webpages but I can pass any information along to Roejiff, if anyone is interested.
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Lou Diamond Phillips declared King Of England


"A new principal love triangle takes over the national tour of Camelot Sept. 11 with the engagement at Royce Hall in Los Angeles.

Lou Diamond Phillips, Rachel de Benedet and Matt Bogart star in this second leg of the new North American tour. Earlier this year, Michael York, Rachel York and James Barbour created the respective roles of King Arthur, Guenevere and Lancelot for the Glenn Casale-directed revised revival of the Lerner and Loewe classic. The new players will tour into 2008.

Phillips is widely known for the film "La Bamba," but was also Tony Award-nominated for The King and I."

The full article detailing this certain sign of the Endtimes can be found here :

This is playing in San Diego either currently or in the very near future. Some kind of morbid curiosity is telling me to go see it and witness the insanity for myself. I actually really enjoyed this musical when I was a little kid and the thought of Lou Diamond Phillips as King Arthur is something I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around.
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Badschematic label launch - 4 free albums to download

Badschematic is a non-profit and commerce-free netlabel, distributing unusual and challenging audio works in MP3 format. All of our releases are free to download and share under a Creative Commons License. By operating without monetary concerns, it is Badschematic's goal to bring to your ears unique and unusual sounds that push and break through the boundaries of standard musical convention.

Badschematic is now officially up and running! Our first run of releases is as follows :

Swamps Up Nostrils - "Interdifference" = Originally recorded in 2005, this album finally sees the light of day with its release on Badschematic. Norwegian based artist Swamps Up Nostrils put together his unique blend of sounds, noises, and broken beats to construct eight original tracks for the long overdue release of Interdifference.

V/A - "Schematic Sounds Volume One" = The first installment in Badschematic's compilation series brings you nineteen different tracks by musicians and sound artists from across the globe. Featured on this compilation is a wide variety of strange and unusual sounds, from ambient drones to harsh noise-scapes.

Torstein Wjiik - "Moth Powder" = Moth Powder is a three track EP from Norwegian artist Torstein Wjiik, freely combining harsh bursts of noise, low rumbling drones, and strangely beautiful sound fragments. Moth Powder is also available on CDr from Ambolthue Records, a small indie label releasing experimental music in all variations.

Ligand - "Exogenous Conveyances" = Ligand's sound could be described, upon an initial listen, as "ambient", but that only tells part of the story. A producer of unconventional music that wanders freely between the soothing and the surreal, Ligand works within the context of ambient music but does not worry overmuch about staying within its confines.

To download these releases for free in MP3 format, please visit our website at

Thank you.
- Rob Baseel
Badschematic Netlabel
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