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May 23, 2008
I have so much to say and no way of saying it. Si is a wonderful writer, a glorious person and a true friend. Sometimes music is the only way I know how to say it. Si is like a southern rain.

Just listen...

The flies have quit their buzzing
Even Bear has stopped his barking
They all sense something brewing
up the James and headed this way
Bobby sips his morning coffee
Says `Have you finished with the funnies?
Looks like a storm's coming honey
guess we'll have to stay in bed today'
I've heard that into every life
a little of it must fall
If there's any truth to the saying,
Lord, let it be a southern rain
Marie was born in Macon, Georgia
She met a west coast lawyer
He plucked that sweet magnolia
and carried her to the hills of West L.A.
She says `I never thought I'd tire of a dollar
But this life has grown so hollow
Every night there's lipstick on his collar
and every morning I wash it away'
She heard that into every life
a little of it must fall
So she spends her evenings praying
for a little of that southern rain
Cars alive on city streets
of sparkling black water
like waves beneath my window
never break just roll away
Tonight, this rain will be my lullaby
these cars, my dreams
to carry me home to stay
The wipers beat a rhythm
Truck spray obscures my vision
But I'm closing in on my destination
Two more hours and I'll be at your door
And it will never cease to amaze me
how a little rain can drive folks crazy
When I'd trade all my blue skies gladly
for your blue eyes, crooked smile
and a steady downpour
I've heard that into every life
a little of it must fall,
but you'll never catch me complaining
about too much of that southern rain
-Cowboy Junkies

I love ya woman
December 14, 2003
What can I say about Si? Every time I see her she gives me a giant, slow, warm hug that makes me feel like I'm the most loved person in the whole world and she talks to me as if she just saw me yesterday even if we haven't seen eachother in a whole year. She's a bit on the quiet side, but I think that's just because she doesn't want to waste her breath on what doesn't matter and when she does open her mouth, it's a benefit to listen. She's funny too.
November 26, 2003
Si rocks my world. She is always there for me no matter what. Even when i'm a total bitch. Also she has the best pup in the world! She can dance, write, sing and scream. She is all 4 seasons in one day and I would never have it any other way. Si gives redheads a good name. I'm honored to call her my friend, and blessed to call her wife.
November 24, 2003
Si is an amazing and wonderful woman. She knows how to be there for you when you really need her, and gives the best massage I have ever had. She is a powerful woman with tons of heart. She whips ass at scrabble and backgammon and I've never beat her at Chess. She makes a good cup of tea too, which is important cause it will get ya through. Si rocks my world!
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Living In Words

3pm - 6pm: Silent Auction, Live Music, Games...

9pm - 5am: Fabulous Dance Party

RSVP required - try these two: "" or ""

Thanks so much!!
Wed, April 22, 2009 - 10:31 AM permalink - 1 comment

An old-fashioned rollercoaster, wooden but sturdy,
neck whipped from side to side even as I think:
“I’ve had worse”
(oh those modern monstrosities, sugar driven speed demons,
the whole ride lasts less than the length of this poem,
and you meet your stomach again when you coast
to an ashen, nauseated stop…)
No, not one of those days.
This ride may be slower but it lasts
a lot longer.

I drop a paperclip and fight back tears as reaching for it tweaks my back, hair falls in my face, pants slip uncomfortably to show my inside-out panties. My boss points out in bold italics a mistake I made, and waves of indignant fury crash inside my head as I pen cheerful words of apology. Irony is lost in email – thank heaven. My skin is a mess; there was mud in my salad; I missed the sunshine by delaying my lunch for a task that was then taken out of my hands anyway, I finished my book and the rest are all packed & gone…

Cravings: coffee, liquor, wheels of brie and crunchy-soft baguettes by the dozen, hot Mexican cocoa, homemade macaroni & cheese with breadcrumb topping and fresh summer tomatoes, sugared mint and dark chocolate gateau with a melted center, steamed mussels in a spicy broth, peppers that make my eyes water, cold glass of milk and warm cookies…

Cravings: mostly the profound release of tears and of feeling more balanced again, but also deep orgasms that don’t require conversation, warm arms around me and a gentle voice humming quietly, hot water up to my neck with bubbles, candlelight, warm tropical sand to lie in knowing that work is infinitely far away, or maybe waking up tomorrow to discover it’s a sunny Saturday and I still have three weeks to pack, and that the fundraiser has already happened and was a great success...

Instead what does my spectacular evening have in store for me? Ramen noodles with egg, packing, and maybe if I’m being terribly self-indulgent – a silly pirate movie.

“No time no place to talk about the weather, the promise of love is hard to ignore… I have all I want, is that simple enough, there’s a whole lot more I’m thinking of, every night about 6 o’clock birds come back to the park to talk, they talk to me, birds talk to me, if I go down on my knees…”

Random Neil Finn song stuck, looping in my head. I don’t want to think about where it came from or why this one; I don’t want to touch that sadness, not today. Today is a PMS day, one of the days set aside to prepare for the red tent and the red sheets, to soothe and care for the Self that carries me through this life. For extra sleep and treats and quiet voices, for avoiding the daily news of war and cruelty. Not a day for digging deep or asking difficult questions, not a day to bring tears – the paperclip and the ceaseless rollercoaster will have to be enough.

Deep breath, shaky smile; straighten the spine and face the devil and the day.
Thu, April 16, 2009 - 4:29 PM permalink - 2 comments
My oldest friend in the world lives in Minnesota, and is suffering from the theft of her two older children. Check the website for more info and possibly photos... we need to bring these children home!

Below is a message from them, asking that we spread the word as far as possible... and this format is my widest net. Please spread the word, share the story & the website, especially if any of you have family in Missouri.

Thank you.

"As you are probably aware, my two older children, Maya and Rojo (Rafael) were kidnapped by their non-custodial mother on February 6. The police and federal marshalls have been investigating this felony, however, they have still not been found. There was a lead during the first week after they disappeared that someone had driven them to Southern Missouri and dropped them off. We have asked people to distribute a flyer as far and wide as possible, particularly to anyone who might have any connection to Missouri. We now have a new flyer to distribute and are asking, again, for another round of distribution. We apologize for any duplicity in receiving this email message, however, due to the need to get this information out as quickly and to as many people as possible, it may happen. We have also set up a website that you should feel free to pass along as well that we are trying to get updated as much as possible. There are a couple of ways that you can help listed on the website, so please take a look if you haven't already. The address is: Thank you very much for your help in getting the word out about the kids."
Tue, March 24, 2009 - 1:40 PM permalink - 4 comments
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