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...until a few weeks ago, I really believed the defining moment that transitioned us from 20th century to 21st was 9/11.

Now I think it may be our first (half) black president being elected. Or at least a tie. I dunno.

Unless someone invents those jetson cars in the next two years.
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besides the fact that half these freakin' election interactive state by state maps are in-fwording-comprehensible, the different ones are contradicticting each other, and even themselves!

Clearly, polls and projections are worthless. We'll have to wait this one out to see.

Election day, 8:41pm.
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...i did the first weekend of a 30hr training course on yoga nidra last week. I am blown away by this practice and definately recommend to anyone to give it a shot. Its a guided hypnosis type dealyo, and brings up some totally profound stuff. Lotsa folks have probably done a version of this, that you rotate your awareness through your body parts to relax is one of the popular facets that has spread to modern psychology. A friend of mine who is an active catholic told me his church does a version of this.

sat night between the two classes i had a dream in which I knew I was dreaming, and even explained that to the people I met in my dream (which were mayor steve and nickname to anyone who knows them), and this went on for a while. The next day my teacher explained that the practice put my brainwaves in an alpha or theta state. It was very pleasant.

I very strongly believe that this is going to become far more widespread as more people learn about the benefits. Especially since you don't have to do anything more than lay down for 30-60 minutes. I definately recommend for folks reading this to give it a shot, you can probably download an audio for free someplace. I have heard some recordings that I did not especially enjoy so much. I recommend ones from the folks affiliated w/my studio, the parent lineage, which is satyananda with their books coming outta bihar publications, or kripalu stuff or yogi amrit desai stuff. desai's tapes are good, but his in-person ypga nidra is truly hardcore.
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...Isaac Hayes has passed away. Oddly enuf, one day after I shaved my head completely bald for the first time in a couple of years. Psychic link? Who can say? Have been having some odd moments lately, but whatever. All I know is that whenever I shave my head on "0" I think of him stating in an interview something to the effect that "ladies like that in the bedroom" and then winking or something. So I can say I thought of him just about the time he passed.

I was a bit of a fan. His greatest hits album was actually not that great, but he has some other stuff that really transcended the funk genre. Like really weird and bluesy and funky and psychedelic at the same time. I am a bit upset that I have not read anything about his influence on hip-hop. The first cpl Public Enemy albums have his samples all over 'em. Chuck D even states that in his raps. Oh well. I don't think most folks realize how much of an impact he had.

And, of course, he was a pivotol character in one of the greatest movies of all time, Escape from New York.

Rest in Peace dude.
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...Jesse Helms is dead. I was not really a fan, clearly, but out of respect for the dead and maybe to generate good karma for myself, I'll share:

The most passionate, sincere, radical rant I ever heard against the Chinese Gov't., their religious intolerance, their oppression of political dissidents, and their human rights violations, I heard Jesse helms say once when I was watching him speak on c-span. This was in the mid to late 90s, during the Clinton Administration. I remember very vividly wondering why this guy who is such a conservative jerk on so many issues seems to have such a great understanding of whats going on compared to an administration that paints itself as liberal. I do not recall the motivation, but I think he was protesting trade agreements between the US and China. At the time I was getting into some Amnesty International stuff on my campus.

We live in odd times to be sure. I notice politics often come full circle, with conservatives and liberals seemingly switching sides occasionally. Maybe thats nothing new, but it seems to happen often lately. People seem to get angry, sometimes very angry, that I am willing to occasionally vote republican, but I would challenge them to look a bit closer at the issues sometimes. The lines are very often more blurry than folks think.
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I saw a Northern Gannet today

Truly beautiful animal, I mean, look at it. In real life its even prettier, it looks like a Cedar Waxwing the way its head is that delicate color. Saw it right here in Belmar, right under the fishing pier is where I was standing when taking the pic.

What makes this unique is that its a "pelagic", which means it generally stays out at sea, except to breed on islands and cliffs, according to my book. Unfortunately, this one seemed hurt. The fella hanging out near it said someone had already called it in, I am assuming to the local Audubon folks, so I did not bother. Plus, its part of the cycle of life and death, I mean, they die, just like us.

Related note, the colony of Least Terns that are also right there in a roped off section are putting foot to ass insofar as thriving and surviving goes, hollering up a storm and divebombing anything that gets close. Hard to believe they are not doing well as a species as a whole.
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Monkeys control a robot arm with their thoughts

I cannot make this stuff up.

We get a little bit closer all the time.
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Guru & Me

Swami Brahmavidyananda and my humble self, and a really nice yoga teacher named Lisa.

New Paltz, NY at a Tibetan Buddhist retreat, first weekend in April, 2008.

Great spot, great town.
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I thought I had made this word up myself, but I did not:

Interesting wiki post.

I came up with it myself after noticing how f-wording eerily accurate several Beevis and Butthead characters were to people in my own life experience. The obese manager of their burger place looked way similar to a guy who worked at the BurgerKing where I had a job when I was a senior in high school. Not too long ago I stopped in at a BurgerKing, and damned if I did not see an identical looking guy. The guy that ran the telemarketing place they worked at also looked and sounded exactly like a telemarketing manager where I was employed all of two days when I was 18 or 19. Right down to the haircut. Ms Crabople of the Simpsons also had that weird name like a lot of my gradeschool teachers had, plus that whole chain-smoking desperate slut deal that so many real life teachers seem to have going on. I am sure there are a couple across the street from me at Bar A as I type this on a Friday evening.

So after noticing how these cartoons capture reality better than most people can even perceive it, I used the word "hyperreality" to describe the situation. "More human than human" like the White Zombie song.

So its kinda neat that a whole school of post-existentialist European philosophers came up with the same word, and kinda sorta almost used it in a similar way to me. Only in a different way than from observing stoner cartoons. It makes me feel validated. And there you have it.
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quote of the week

"The strange case of the homosexual necrophiliac duck pushed out the boundaries of knowledge in a rather improbable way ...."

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