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about me
consciously cruising along on this roller coaster we call life.
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it is the feeling of closing your eyes, of inhaling deeply and letting the breath fill your lungs fully. it is the process of letting go, letting go of the wonder and the worry that there is anything but perfection in what you are doing. it is looking around slowly, taking in all of the colors and shapes and sizes and intricacies that there are in this day, in this world. it is all of the sounds that you can hear, from the blasts of the boats going under the bridges to the tiniest whisper fr... read more
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My Testimonials

November 16, 2005
carson is like the feeling of awe you get when you see something beautiful. i am always shaking my head at him and saying "wow": to every new piece of patience, grace, forgiveness, wisdom, understanding, trust, faith that he exhibits. he loves fine things, like good food and a clean house with lots of plants and a peaceful green room. he paints with watercolors and makes colors i don't even know how to make. his words are honest and come from his core. carson always speaks his truth, his eyes communicate what he feels so clearly. when he does yoga, he looks at himself in the mirror with integrity and fully appreciates who he sees looking back at him. carson knows how to take care of himself and is generous with his abundance. carson sees the best in all people and lives with impeccability. he is spontaneous, likes to jump into the pacific ocean in november, has a contagious laugh and a huge smile, grows his own kombucha, is 6'4" tall, has beautiful hands, and resonates with his truth in everything he does. i am so lucky to have known him for so long. <3
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