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The beauty in my life

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What this girl's all about

about me
I like hot tea in the morning, or after making a fool of myself on the skating rink. I like running barefoot down the middle of the road during thunderstorms. I like repainting rooms while everyone is asleep. I like getting lost. I like dressing up to go mini golfing. I like playing piano in a candle lit room. I like trying to create fancy meals without using any recipies. I like watching the stars from the middle of a lake.
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Always something going on in my mind

Wow. I've finally accepted that Tribe is going to keep this new look. At least for a while. So I'm giving in. I'm exploring the new possiblities. So many modules! All I can think of is Modulation in music. Just like you can modulate from one key to the next, tribe has modulated from an old look to this new one. And while I want to stay in the old key, I'm just going to sound rediculous singing in A when everyone else is in D!!!!

Conform? No. I won't use that word. I"m not CONFORMING to anything. I'm exploring what is offered . . . . Maybe the key of D isn't so bad after all . . .
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