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Blowing Straight Men

   Thu, February 15, 2007 - 3:47 PM
Being form the deep rural south it is very hard to find gay men , there are a few. For some reason most tend to be the swishing , lisping ,nelly guys that use girl,Ms.thing and girlfriend....and the biggest no-no they are apt to tell you to pound their pusssy when you are fucking them. Once a few months ago I was being blow by a beautiful black man with full luscious lips who told me to turn his throat into a cunt ( that was hot ) . In general I like butch real men , one would think that in this homophobic atmosphere there would be some , well there are, but the bars that they hang in are well over 90 minutes away- one way ( has to be an overnight trip ). I long ago came to know that I am way to kinky for my surroundings. I do however have a string of straight men that I blow...around 3 to 12..they cum and go in more ways than one. Most of whom I hook up with on line, my HIV status is of no issue because they never touch me...maybe the back of my head to grind deeper in my throat. Most say I suck better root than their wife/girlfriend and I know why. I want the load and I play with my cock all the time so I know what is good...for the same reason I say lesbians eat better snatch.

There are about two groups of straight men. The ones that come over with beer or liquor , bring their own porn because they know that I don't have any straight porn. We will shot the shit for a while , drink and when my meat of the night gets ready he will go to the bathroom and come back with his cock in his hand or I will look over at him and he will be beating his meat. Most will ask if I like what I see and then offer it up to me for the sucking, now don't get me wrong this can be very hot. A man just using my throat for a cum dump gets my cock dripping....most of these guys will grab the back of my head to get a better ram on my throat, but that is it for physical contact.

Then we have the ones that I like the best, most are straight stoners ( 420 is the best ...chems can kick it up a notch) and they will bring over bi porn or watch gay porn with me. They will jack me off..I have had a few who will suck me...the strange thing is ,in this group I never have guys who want to fuck me ,but I do have a few who want to be fucked......just a few days ago I went wild on a guy with a dildo while I sucked the hell out of his uncut cock. He came over on his lunch hour and his suit coat and tie stayed on the entire about doing the boss.

So now I travel for all out sex play. I love the sex clubs and back rooms. To me there is nothing better than flying high in a pitch black room, it is all man smells ,pits,cock,ass,piss,poppers and cum. It is so dark that all you are all skin and orifice...ready to be touched,pulled,fucked and sucked. All of it surreal...never know what cock is in you or if you cock is about to slide into a mouth or ass. Mouth open for any fluid that comes its way. That to me is the ultimate sexual experience. As for the sex clubs and my status, I think if a guys has ate a bunch of loads or has a butt dripping cum it is ok if I add to the juice...I like sloppy seconds anyway..nothing better than sliding up a warm wet man hole! I also encourage guys to give me their loads..mouth or ass.


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Sun, August 2, 2009 - 12:11 PM
Blowing Straight Men
What a wonderfully frank and uninhibited d escription of a mans sexuality.I enjoyed it immensely