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Breast King

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As long as I can remember I've been infatuated with
Breasts. From an early age they were all I could think
about. In fact, Breasts talk to me. I could be walking
down a busy street and I'll hear voices in my head. "Psst,
King, over here, look no bra!" "Pssst, yo King, look at my
hard nipples." "Oh King, look how perky!" And on and on it
goes. Breasts dominated my attention so, that soon I
started to ask women to show me their glorious Breasts --
and I found that many of you ladies were only too happy to

As time went by your King found his Queen and before we
publicly exchanged vows we struck a deal. The Queen
granted me her divine permission to continue my pursuit of
beautiful Breasts by asking the fairer sex to "SET THEM
FREE AND LET ME SEE!", so long as I agreed to two
conditions. One: The King can look but not touch. Two:
The "Royal Subject" must choose to flash the King of her
own free will, and not because she has been pressured,
bribed, or otherwise molested.

With that, my quest to see as many beautiful Breasts in my
lifetime as possible began. And since that fateful day,
I've been exposed to countless flashes, pictorials,
topless bars and XXX videos. In fact, I now consider
myself to be a true Breast scholar, and through the course
of my studies I've determined that there's nothing as
spectacular as natural Breasts. Oh the shape...the
life...the sway. They can be floppy and sloppy, small and
firm, sporting long nipples, huge areoles, puffys or
inverts. As long as they're the real deal I dig 'em.

That said, The King's law of the land is "KEEP THEM REAL,

Remember: nobody loves you like the King does!
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