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“The Way I See It, at the Moment”

by Craig A. Combs
6 March 2016

Let me start with this one admission: I am an independent, non-affiliated voter and natural-born citizen of the USA, but I do not accept national, state, and local politics as anything more than one tiny, yet at times essential, facet of my everyday life. For this reason, I do not place an overabundance of attention or weight on such issues as they compare to others that do directly affect my daily living—such as health and wellness, natural foods, economic issues, creative writing, herbalism, exercise, family and friends, outdoors, photography, etc.

Next, I wish to share a link to an article I posted recently on my personal blog site: . In it, I refer to ways in which people try to attack someone else’s person during a debate, instead of addressing the topic of discussion directly. As then, I’d like to now suggest refraining from using labels, name-calling, veiled threats and the like in your comments, especially on hot-button topics like politics and religion, for example. Make your point about the issue, but don’t waste your breath or others’ time with blanket smear tactics or libelous BS. Stick to the facts.

Finally, since so much has already been said on my behalf, directly and indirectly, I’d like to set the record straight about my own social and political views, so we can move on. As someone who actively addresses his complaints and concerns, in politics and elsewhere in life, I wrote a letter a few weeks back to a certain presidential candidate, which might help clarify how I personally prioritize many of the issues you may also be concerned about. I have combined relevant excerpts here, which I hope will put some prior assumptions to rest and help build a greater understanding of where I stand sociopolitically:

Letter to XXX, Candidate for President,
from Craig Combs
3 February 2016

Remember well: vulgarity and overly aggressive behavior are no sign of a candidate's strength. After all, just listen to people jeer and snark at Hillary whenever she has one of her now infamous, defensive meltdowns on the microphone. “What difference does it make now??!!!” It isn't pretty when she does it, and it is equally unattractive when it comes from [any other candidate].

Anger and righteous indignation can take many forms. Unlike clear direct communication, however, vulgarity and venom are not the marks of a true statesmen, but show weakness and desperation for either attention or some other missing life need he/she is craving from others. It is time for all of us to focus on the real issues Americans are calling for [new leadership] to handle.

Address record poverty and malnutrition. Record low job participation/real unemployment. Discrimination, in all its forms. Universal healthcare for all. Non-interventionist foreign policy. Return to fiscal responsibility. Social and economic equality. Freedom of expression. Individual and national sovereignty, objective border enforcement. Real open and free trade. Return to unrigged free-market price discovery. Return to real, asset-backed currency. Environmental and oceanic stewardship and conservancy. Shared yet equitable use/implementation of and responsibility for sustainable and free (zero point) energy. Justice system reform—one set of laws for all. End to selective execution of the law. Abolishment of for-profit medicine. End to nuclear power. Abolishment of for-profit incarceration. Close Guantanamo Prison. End torture, rendition, transnational policing and detention. Downsize and consolidate imperialist military presence abroad—close down non-essential military bases/operations. End to drone surveillance and assassinations. End to Common Core and all legislative cronyism. End to the NSA and all other outdated alphabet soup agencies and their psychopathic and sociopathic minions. End to the War on Whistleblowers. End to the War on Drugs. Recognize religious freedom, and separation of Church and State. Return to fundamental, constitutional principles, limited governance, full participatory democracy. End election fraud and corruption. End the TWO-PARTY ELECTION CHARADE and repeal Citizens United! End the hijacking of America's economy and sovereignty by the Federal Reserve and TBTF banksters, NATO, and the United Nations!

I leave you with this simple but powerful quote I often refer to in my own life. We all have those moments we just want to let loose and lash out at the first ignoramus that comes along. But before you do that, it may be wiser to take a pause and find your center; then, call on that great force called Restraint to pull you through.

Here's that quote:

"A man of genius has been seldom ruined but by himself."—Samuel Johnson
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Irene De La Garza Debuts @ Lampshade in Ypsi, MI - 27Feb16


My dear friend IRENE De La GARZA makes her singing debut at an ALVORADA AMERICA-hosted event at the new art collective space LAMPSHADE on W. Michigan Ave. in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan.

This set includes Irene performing Adele's "Million Years Ago" and Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good."
More clips forthcoming.

Run time: 9:44 (approx.)
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Many thanks for showing your love, and TGIF!

Craig <3

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Logic 101: Ad Hominem Attacks—The Prime Fallacy in Rational Debate

by Craig A. Combs
25 February 2016

While I was attending Kalamazoo College during the latter part of the 1980s, I had a pretty good idea of what my curriculum was going to be as a freshman. I had decided to work towards a double-major in French and Philosophy and spent a good amount of time and energy during those two years at ‘K’ focusing on that one goal. In fact, when I ended my college career following the winter term of 1989, I had already racked up the equivalent of five class credits for my Philosophy major and four in French. You could say I was pretty driven in my ambitions, all the way up to my final term on campus. But, after considerable soul-searching that winter, I could no longer justify the $16,000+ per year bill, which my parents and I would eventually have to pay for me to go the long haul. So, I dropped out, but not before making some terrific friends of both faculty and fellow students.

It was during a phone call just the other night with one of my closest peers from that period that an idea I’d been struggling with in my own mind for quite some time was finally validated. On that two-hour phone call, I realized with excruciating clarity that this world is truly made up of all kinds of people, from many walks of life, of varying interests, and with diverse talents and levels of discernment. Ironically, this special friend of mine had also pursued a curriculum in philosophy, similar to my own—as an independent thinker and seeker of the truth. It has also become sadly apparent to me, during the course of the last two decades or more since college, that not all college educations bear the same results.

Now, it is not my intention in writing this essay to elevate private school education over public—in fact, mine is the product of almost nine full years (K-8, minus one semester of Catholic school in fifth grade) of suburban public school learning—but rather to highlight a few basic observations about the way in which Americans in general, and regular posters on social media in particular, so often tend to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to try and push their views onto others, and to underscore their growing success at isolating and even blatantly shunning those who do not conform to their beliefs.

I’m talking about the dirtiest weapon in the whole arsenal of debate—ad hominem attacks. Not to describe Wikipedia as the official word on anything these days, but their definition of the ancient Latin term corresponds quite cleanly with most online dicos, describing this common ‘fallacy of irrelevance’ in logic as “an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly. When used inappropriately, it is a logical fallacy in which a claim or argument is dismissed on the basis of some irrelevant fact or supposition about the author or the person being criticized.” []

When embarking on even the most casual study of philosophy or similar subject, any student will soon recognize the absolute necessity of learning the “rules of engagement,” so to speak, of his field of study. In other words, in order to engage coherently in a rational debate of any kind, it is necessary for all parties to the debate to be properly schooled on what’s allowed in such an engagement and what is not. Hence, the necessity for the mandatory, full-term Introduction to Philosophy class, but more importantly, the philosophy major’s requirement to pass an accredited course on Logic 101 or equivalent—so that everyone debating a given topic is on the same page from start to finish.

As a freshman at K College—a private, liberal arts college founded in 1833, with a campus comprised of a mere 900 students, owing to the fact that foreign study and career development internships are built right into each student’s curriculum, meaning that around 300 of its roughly 1,200 students are away from campus at any given time—I was blessed with two of the best professors any double-major could hope for. For three terms in a row, I enrolled in courses from Chantal Zabus [] for French, a modern-day, avant-garde philosophe in her own right who hailed from Brussels and had an impeccable Parisian accent, and Wade Robison [] for Philosophy, who also served as my faculty adviser until he went on sabbatical my sophomore year. This abrupt change in professors in 1988—Chantal returned to Europe after her one-year contract with K—really had a detrimental effect on my attention span in class during subsequent terms. I had been so spoiled freshman year that no other profs ever measured up in my eyes, and thus, I was no longer inspired or motivated in my academic pursuits the way I had been prior.

So, it was during this recent conversation with my old friend that I was immediately struck with this idea that I was not alone in my loss of meaningful connections with others in society, most especially with those whose attention span is summed up by a 3-minute mobile phone game, or whose reasoning skills were seriously flawed, or even in many cases, non-existent. And, it can be very difficult for those of us who faithfully studied such far-reaching subjects as theology, cosmology, or philosophy to engage on any meaningful level with others of the millennial age, for example. I mean no disrespect here to anyone, but I’m sure their parents could easily sympathize with me about how differently our brains were wired for independent learning back then, prior to Al Gore’s invention of the Internet, ahem, and the introduction of smart-phone technologies we are surrounded by today.

Before I forget, I must offer a huge thanks to Wade Robison for always reminding me of the intrinsic value of employing reason over passion in any debate, as well as the priceless utility derived from allowing a free and open exchange among all sides of an argument to be heard in equal measure, so long as the debate remains sound and logical; and not to use ad hominem attacks against one’s opponents or dissenters, consciously or otherwise, in lieu of a reasonable exchange of facts or beliefs. More than anything, I admired his personalized style and familiar mode of teaching. We philosophy students often got together at his cozy brick house on campus for spirited debates and long-night brainstorm sessions. Wade was truly one-of-a-kind, and he loved fanning the flames of political incorrectness, as I do to this day.

As much as I now recognize, with the help of intuitive and sympathetic family and friends, that many people now vying for an audience in the arena of public discourse are not seeking the truth in debate, but rather an unquestioning submission to their viewpoint—often with the sole aim of advancing their own cause or rationalizing their self-induced descent into name-calling and hate speech—I don’t think it ever gets any easier for those of us who are seeking that traditional sense of universality in our quests for knowledge, nor through our everyday communications with others.

Nowadays—and I will fault, in large part, the ruthless marketing and popularity of social media—it has become very frustrating for me, both personally and professionally, to align myself with others who have shut their minds off to anything that may in any way challenge, or heaven forbid threaten, their compartmentalized belief system, or even the mainstream status quo. And, it never ceases to amaze me the absurd lengths so many people will go to, especially in the realm of social media networks (where LIKEs and SHAREs are gleefully tallied like scalps on the classic Cowboys and Indians TV shows), in order to advance a particular ideology or to utterly destroy their self-declared enemies and thereby annihilate any form of rational dissent. I am talking about the ideologues from the far left, from the extreme right, and even from deep down in the middle. And, it’s not just on FOX News, NBC, or CNN anymore, is it? You have to simply be blind not to see it everywhere these days. But, to speak of it—Oh, the horror!

As a (returning) newbie to Facebook, I would like to invite you all to take a good, hard look around your social sphere right now—whether it be on Twitter and other social media sites, or in your real-life circle of friends and family—and just count how many advocates of one socio-political or religious ideology are actually still capable of engaging in sound and reasonable judgment in open discourse? This may be easier: try counting how many people in your daily sphere are still capable of embracing open and rational debate, versus merely resorting to slinging arrows towards the thunderous weeping of our increasingly dystopian public conversation. If you can count many, then I am delighted for you. I fear most will not be able to say the same.

Where have the days gone when we gave others the benefit of the doubt, or when we verified before we vilified? Sadly, in the heart and mind of this free-thinking castaway, those days are long gone, indeed; as the pseudo-modern and, to an ever greater extent, machiavellian institutions of academia—the “intellectual elite,” as one fellow poet on Facebook recently described it—has abducted and held for ransom the very faculty of reason itself, and turned independent thinkers into the most gifted name-callers and mudslingers on the town square. The whole sphere of the online, data-mining experiment called social media could be viewed as driven by the singular desire of its “web-masters” to corral individuals, en masse, into homogenous groups, where one opinion reigns supreme, where like attracts like, and where healthy dissent and rational debate are no longer the inconvenient firewalls to political and social control they once used to be.

How zealously they will rush to stifle dissent of any kind, no matter how eloquent or well researched their opponents’ analysis. Like many of you, believe it or not, I have an inherent gift for discerning and quickly identifying those whose “truths” are founded in integrity and reason from those who are merely parroting the party line of their go-to pundit politics. It’s fine to have a laugh when your “side” is winning, but these days, the mobs with pitchforks come out in full force whenever one offers anything outside of the prevailing (i.e. establishment) narrative. And, why has it become so taboo, even an existential threat, for us to criticize, poke fun at, or scrutinize ourselves these days? After all, it’s part of our collective nature as human animals, yet exceptionally endowed with the faculty of reason, to be continually challenged in our beliefs so as to rise above our baser instincts and, thus, contribute to a more balanced and coherent society. Even the most cursory study of the world’s greatest thinkers throughout history must teach us that.

Apparently, all wo/men are not created equal, as the old Funkadelic song lyric goes. Some will sling mud more effectively than others. Others will see the utility in turning it under just one more season for the sake of future sprouts.

—Craig A. Combs
[Photo by Jim Isakson,]
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"Unapportioned Giving" by Craig A. Combs

A poem from my first collection, TAKING TEA IN THE BLACK ROSE: Singing Through the Shadows Until We’re Dancing in the Light.

"Unapportioned Giving"

Impulsed again and again
to put my pen to the tablet
of life’s most courteous destiny
by nameless shadowy figures
of a neutral and unaffected design
plucked like the harp strings of fantasy
by slivery fingers of sunlight
so buoyant in the smile of
an unfamiliar calm

They move me to my challenge
and show the way to the
door of gratuitous instruction
from this hopeful light of regeneration
I bow to the folds of fruitful form
and in my humblest reflection I confront
the ghost of my past, standing speechless
beneath ripe contagious starlight

And for this I come now again
not as pupil with eyes wide and awake
but pursed in compassion and quietude
knowing well the turbulent waters
you’ll still have to cross
Poised in readiness at the last glint of
daylight, you emerge from the ocean’s
mayhem whirling tossed

Amaryllis, Lady of Paradise
and sweet fragrant lotus in bloom
birther of the vernal thaws that
clear away all fears and doubt
the winter snows concealed
all life is uplifted and restored by
your smile, all harmony in perspective
all crossroads by Jove revealed

The taught become the teachers through
cycles of heritage we’ve handed down
Plumes of a raging child’s restlessness beat
like wings from my smoldering scalp
yet the golden locks of my fairest advice
are by devotion and peaceful principle crowned

I am drawn according to the new fashion of my
loveworks—I live now in this moment cloaked
forever in the glory of an unwritten name
I even erected a stone tomb last night
in honor of your silent escaping
the hot-white sparks of the turret’s flaming
peak still fresh in my tired mind
they tickle my saltcellar’s seduction with
a golden harvest our calloused hands have grown
I blink! and with a curious pause
organic life bursts forth once more
from the flint of the earth a single flash
with hushed civility lights aglow, and all
around me stand in garments newly sewn

For Awen
20 March, 2007
[Dedicated to a fellow wordsmith from the early days on Tribe. A wonderful storyteller, linguist, tongue of a lion’s heart, and sporter of some of the sickest shades, in red and sequined and yeah, masquerade.]

—Craig A. Combs

My personal blog account can be found here: Please be advised, the content posted represents the views of the individual authors and are not intended to be representative of my own. I see them simply as tools to maybe learn something from. Read at your own risk—truth is stranger than fiction; just ask Mick Jagger.

Author photo by Jim Isakson:
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100% ALL AMeRiKaN DouCHe...


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I MADE THE CUT! - VOTE NOW for the Winner of the “Show Us Your Love” Video Contest and Help Us Decide Who Will Win a Brand New Laptop!


Good Day, Everyone!

I am happy to announce that my last two weeks of campaigning have finally paid off! I want to first thank everyone who supported my book BLUE SMOKE by Showing Your Love for the 3-minute testimonial video I produced for my publisher, Outskirts Press. Since I was not a member of social media during the majority of the voting time, I am both shocked that I made it to the final round of voting and tickled to death that I got this far. I am truly grateful for all of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to Show Your Love for not only my work, but for indie authors and artists everywhere!

With that said, I am calling on you one last time to help me reach the Golden Ring, by clicking on the green VOTE NOW button below, which will take you to a certified contest judging module, where you can watch all three of the finalist videos and choose the one you think is the best. I’m not going to tell you how to vote, but I will share these couple of facts that you might not be aware of.

My book was published on 27 September 2015. My book launch at Bona Sera Restaurant in Ypsilanti, where I gave my testimonial and shoutout to Outskirts Press featured in my 3-minute testimonial video, took place on 12 December 2015, well in advance of OP’s announcement of this contest, and without my prior knowledge of the contest whatsoever.

In other words, I offered my gratitude and praise for their services in a public forum and then posted it to the worldwide web over a month before the contest was announced, and I did so willingly and without expecting anything in return. The fact that they are now giving away a FREE LAPTOP to the most popular video, after two rounds of voting, is simply icing on my cake, and I mean that. If I don’t win the contest, I am still grateful for the public exposure and the inherent benefits of cross-promotion.

But, I won’t kid you: I WOULD LOVE TO WIN that laptop, too! So, if you have a few minutes to spare, I would truly appreciate your vote. The contest ends this Friday, 26 February 2016 at 5PM Denver Time, so cast your vote NOW, so you don’t forget. Simply follow the instructions from my publisher below.

Finally, as you may have noticed from my last mailout, this contest was literally what prompted me to finally join social media via Facebook, and after reconnecting all weekend with old friends and family again, I am delighted to say I think I made a wise and valuable decision. My Facebook Author Page’s link is easy to remember if you lose it: I look forward to sharing with all of you down the road.

Peace and Aloha,

Craig - Videos - FB - Book Info


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Growing a Sea of (Organic) Green: "I would be proud to advertise that our cannabis is organic," said grower


Colorado may become the first state to offer “organic” labels for its pot industry.

Colorado lawmakers are currently debating how to proceed with a bill that would create an “organic” certification program for marijuana, which is generally supported by the industry because there’s no federal standard for organic weed.

“It’s something that we need,” said Meg Sanders, CEO of Mindful, a company that grows marijuana and produces marijuana concentrates. “Because of the federal illegality, to have a state standard would be incredibly helpful.”

Some producers, however, are worried that the labeling costs, which would be passed on to them, would hurt small growers.

“I would be proud to advertise that our cannabis is organic,” said Julie Berliner, CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen, which makes marijuana-infused sweets. “My concern lies with the cost of this certification.”

The labeling bill, which had its first hearing Friday, would direct Colorado’s agricultural department to find a third-party, such as an organic association, to draft the standards.

The third-party association would also decide which pesticides would be off-limits for organic growers and likely how much producers will be charged for the certification.

“Consumers have a right to know what they’re putting in their body,” Democratic Colorado Rep. Jonathan Singer, the bill’s sponsor, told AP.

A study prepared for lawmakers predicted that only around five percent of Colorado’s pot growers would apply for the organic labeling, which interestingly is around the same percentage of food producers.

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