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Wally World, Here I Come...

or...The day the gods shut down the Grand Canyon!


Grand Canyon Filled With Clouds In Rare Weather Event

Posted: 12/11/2014 5:20 pm EST Updated: 4 hours ago

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) — A rare weather phenomenon at the Grand Canyon had visitors looking out on a sea of thick clouds just below the rim.

The total cloud inversion is expected to hang inside the canyon throughout Thursday.

Cory Mottice of the National Weather Service says the weather event happens about once every several years, though the landmark was treated to one last year.

The fog that has been shrouding parts of northern Arizona is courtesy of recent rains. Mottice says the fog is able to stick around and built up in the Grand Canyon overnight when there is no wind.

With an inversion, the clouds are forced down by warm air and unable to rise.

Mottice says the Grand Canyon gradually will clear up in the coming days.
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Congressional Staffers Walk Out, Protesting Garner, Brown Decisions


The protests over the lack of indictments in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases have expanded to Congress. Congressional staffers walked out of their jobs Thursday afternoon in a symbol of solidarity with protests taking place in the streets, on the basketball court and on football fields across the country.

The walk out was led by Senate chaplain Barry Black. Staffers stood on the steps of the Capitol holding their hands up.

Meanwhile inside the Capitol, the House of Representatives was struggling to come up with the votes to pass a government funding bill that would keep the government open past midnight.

"Democrats and Republicans across the country are incredibly frustrated by what happened in Ferguson, Staten Island, and elsewhere, and this protest reflects the mistrust they have in the integrity of the criminal justice system," Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, said in a statement. "These congressional staffers put in incredibly long hours, nights, and weekends working to pass legislation to help people live better lives, so I fully support them taking a few moments today to pray with the Senate chaplain for Congress to take action to ensure that all Americans are treated equally before the law."

Cummings is one of several members of Congress who requested hearings on the issues raised by Garner's and Brown's deaths.
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US Marines in Afghanistan Engage UFO with Gunfire from the Ground

WTF is really going on over there?



See also: World Leaders Flock to Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered
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Congress Blocks Feds From Targeting Medical Marijuana, Hemp Cultivation


Posted: 12/10/2014 2:36 pm EST - Updated: 12/10/2014 2:59 pm EST

States with legal hemp cultivation and medical marijuana programs just got historic support from Congress.

Included in the federal spending bill released late Tuesday are amendments that prohibit the Department of Justice from using funds to go after state medical marijuana operations and that block the Drug Enforcement Administration from using funds to interfere in state-legal industrial hemp research.

“The enactment of this legislation will mark the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana and has instead taken an approach to respect the many states that have permitted the use of medical marijuana to some degree," Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who in May introduced the medical marijuana protections amendment with co-sponsor Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.), told The Huffington Post Wednesday.

“This is a victory for so many, including scores of our wounded veterans, who have found marijuana to be an important medicine for some of the ailments they suffer, such as PTSD, epilepsy and MS," Rohrabacher added.

If passed, the bill would protect medical marijuana programs in the 23 states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, as well as 11 additional states that have legalized CBD oils, a non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that may be therapeutically beneficial in severe cases of epilepsy.

A number of studies in recent years have shown the medical potential of cannabis. Purified forms may attack some forms of aggressive cancer. Marijuana use also has been tied to better blood sugar control and may help slow the spread of HIV.

Still, under the Obama administration, the DEA and several U.S. attorneys have raided marijuana dispensaries that complied with state laws. The DEA still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance with "no currently accepted medical use."

But marijuana's "sober cousin," hemp, also received protections in the spending bill. Hemp is the same plant species as marijuana -- cannabis sativa -- but it contains little to no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana associated with the "high" sensation. The farm bill, which President Barack Obama signed into law in February, legalized industrial hemp production in states that permit it.

Eighteen states have legalized industrial hemp production, and more than a dozen others have introduced legislation that would authorize research, set up a regulatory framework or legalize the growing of industrial hemp.

The spending bill represents a last-minute effort by Congress to prevent a government shutdown after funding expires Thursday, and the medical marijuana and hemp sections are two of several political issues addressed in the omnibus bill.

“For the first time, Congress is letting states set their own medical marijuana and hemp policies, a huge step forward for sensible drug policy," said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. “States will continue to reform their marijuana laws and Congress will be forced to accommodate them. It’s not a question of if, but when, federal marijuana prohibition will be repealed."

But it wasn't all victories for marijuana in the omnibus bill. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington, D.C., appears to be blocked. However, some have taken issue with the language used in the bill's marijuana rider, and argue that the measure, passed by 70 percent of District voters, should be able to stand on a technicality.
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US Closes Bagram Detention Center in Afghanistan


Published time: December 10, 2014 21:25
Edited time: December 10, 2014 22:13

The US Defense Department announced it has closed the Bagram detention center and now has zero detainees in its custody in Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Although the United States transferred control over Bagram to the Afghans back in 2013, the detention center became infamous due the harsh treatment some of the detainees received while in American custody. At one point, it was double the size of the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba.

The facility's closure comes just one day after the Senate released its long-awaited torture report, which described the gruesome tactics deployed by the CIA against terror suspects in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

Two of the most infamous cases involved prisoners named Habibullah and Dilawar, whose abuse was chronicled by The New York Times in 2005. Dilawar – who was chained to the top of his cell for days by the time he died – was brutally beaten and passed away in 2002.

"At the interrogators' behest, a guard tried to force the young man to his knees. But his legs, which had been pummeled by guards for several days, could no longer bend," wrote Tim Golden in the Times.

"An interrogator told Mr. Dilawar that he could see a doctor after they finished with him. When he was finally sent back to his cell, though, the guards were instructed only to chain the prisoner back to the ceiling."

Habibullah, who died just a few days before Dilawar, was also chained to the ceiling and beaten. The Times noted that he was struck more than 100 times in a 24-hour period.

As recently as this past September, there were still questions about the fate of the detainees being held at Bagram. It was unclear how many people remained in American custody, but with the US gradually drawing down its war in Afghanistan, officials said the legal authority allowing them to continue holding prisoners was about to expire.

"We've got to resolve their fate by either returning them to their home country or turning them over to the Afghans for prosecution or any other number of ways that the Department of Defense has to resolve," said Brigadier General Patrick Reinert, the commanding general of the United States Army Reserve Legal Command, at the time. "Until the country provides assurances, the individual cannot be transferred.”

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The Truth About Sugar You've Never Been Told




Via YouTube:


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By Dr. Mercola


Low-fat recommendations have led to a dramatic increase in sugar consumption, and excess sugar is a primary dietary factor in countless chronic disease states, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s.

By removing fat and adding sugar, the processed food industry has created a smorgasbord of made-to-order disease. The sugar, processed food, and beverage industries have been extremely reluctant to admit the health hazards associated with their sugar-laden products.

On the contrary, large sums of money have been spent, and scientific integrity has been tossed by the wayside, in order to convince you that sugar is fine, and if you have a weight problem, it’s because you’re not active enough.

To counter the propaganda provided by profit-driven industry interests, dozens of scientists at three American universities have created a new educational website called, aimed at making independent research available to the public.

Sugar by Any Other Name Is Still Sugar...

The researchers point out that many are unaware of just how much sugar they’re consuming, as it’s oftentimes hidden under other less familiar names, such as dextrose, maltose, galactose, and maltodextrin.

According to, added sugars hide in 74 percent of processed foods under more than 60 different names! For a full list, please see’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” page.

Mislead by shrewd advertisers, many are also still unaware of how too much sugar can disrupt your health and well-being. As reported by the New York Times:

“The scientists who started say they have reviewed 8,000 independent clinical research articles on sugar and its role in metabolic conditions that are some of the leading killers of Americans, like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

The link between sugar and chronic disease has attracted increasing scientific scrutiny in recent years. But many studies have provided conflicting conclusions, and experts say part of the reason is that biased studies have clouded the debate.”

Have You Been Misled by Biased Science?

A report published in PLOS Medicine in December 2013 looked at how financial interests influence outcomes in trials aimed to determine the relationship between sugar consumption and obesity.

The report concluded that industry-funded studies end up reaching very different conclusions compared to those done by independent researchers... In all, studies that had financial ties to industry were five times more likely to present a conclusion of “no positive association” between sugar and obesity.

One of the researchers involved in the creation of is Dr. Robert Lustig, a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at UC San Francisco.

He’s been on the forefront of the movement to educate people about the health hazards of sugar (and fructose in particular), for a number of years now. He believes the new website will help empower consumers by providing objective data. Dr. Lustig told the New York Times:

“The goal of this is to provide just the unbiased science in a way that the public can come to its own conclusions.”

How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend limiting your daily added sugar intake to nine teaspoons (38 grams) for men, and six teaspoons (25 grams) for women. The limits for children range from three to six teaspoons (12 - 25 grams) per day, depending on age.

Four grams of sugar is equivalent to about one teaspoon, and I strongly recommend limiting your daily fructose intake to 25 grams or less from all sources, including natural sources such as fruit—regardless of whether you’re male or female. That equates to just over six teaspoons of total sugar a day.

If you’re among the 80 percent who have insulin or leptin resistance (overweight, diabetic, have high blood pressure, or taking a statin drug), you’d be wise to restrict your total fructose consumption to as little as 15 grams per day until you’ve normalized your insulin and leptin levels.

The average American consumes around 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which is more than three times the recommended amount. There’s simply no doubt that this overconsumption of sugar is fueling the obesity and chronic disease epidemics we’re currently struggling with.

We’re now seeing obesity in infants, strokes in eight-year olds, heart attacks in 20-year olds, and some 30-year olds require renal dialysis to stay alive. Teens are now getting gastric bypass surgeries. What used to be called “adult onset diabetes” is now more often called “type 2 diabetes,” as it is no longer reserved for adults. What is wrong with this picture? It’s the food.

Instead of eating whole foods—real foods—the contemporary American diet typically consists mostly of sugar, highly processed grains, and a montage of chemicals that are anything but food. Children are surrounded by these fake foods every day, which have a very different effect on their bodies than real food.

The Processed versus Whole Food Experiment: A Visual Demonstration

The video above features Stefani Bardin, who collaborated on a study to investigate how your body processes different kinds of foods. Stefani and her Harvard University collaborator swallowed an M2A capsule—a pill-sized recording device capable of recording eight hours’ worth of video as it travels through the intestinal tract. Another pill-sized device measured pressure, pH, and body temperature as it moved through the body. Two types of meals were investigated:

Processed food meal: blue Gatorade, Ramen Chicken Noodle soup, and some Gummi Bears
Whole food meal: Hibiscus drink, homemade chicken stock with handmade noodles, pomegranate/cherry juice Gummi Bears

The footage offers an interesting view of what really goes on in your gut when you eat processed food. One of the most obvious differences is that the processed fare takes FAR longer to break down. Processed foods are also loaded with sugars, trans fat, sodium, and various concoctions of chemicals that do not exist in nature—all of which can rapidly contribute to high blood pressure and deterioration of cardiovascular health, weight gain, and a slew of other symptoms.

Even ‘Health Foods’ Can Contain Shocking Amounts of Sugar

Getting back to the issue of sugar, exceeding the recommended daily amount is far easier than you might think. For example, just one 12-ounce can of regular soda may contain as much as 11 teaspoons of sugar. Even foods that are typically considered “healthy” can contain shocking amounts of added sugar, typically in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Fruit flavored yogurt, for example, can contain upwards of 19 grams of sugar; 12 grams of which is added sugar. For someone with insulin/leptin resistance, this alone will put you over your daily recommended limit for total sugar.

One problem with processed food is that when you look at the label, you have no way of knowing how much of the sugar is natural to the food itself, versus the sugar that was added. According to Dr. Lustig, it’s important to distinguish between natural food-based sugars versus added sugar, because clinical trials have shown that consuming HFCS can increase your risk factors for cardiovascular disease within as little as two weeks.

Food-based sugars are far less hazardous. Lactose, for example, which is a natural sugar found in dairy, does not cause any major harm, according to Dr. Lustig. Still, I believe that if you are insulin/leptin resistant, then limiting ALL forms of sugar, including natural food-based sugars, such as lactose, is advisable, until your insulin/leptin resistance has been resolved.

Your Body Can Only Handle a Limited Amount of Sugar

The main problem with sugar, and processed fructose in particular, is the fact that your liver has a very limited capacity to metabolize it. According to Dr. Lustig, you can safely metabolize about six teaspoons of added sugar per day. As mentioned, the average American consumes 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day. All that excess sugar is metabolized into body fat, and leads to all of the chronic metabolic diseases we struggle with, including but not limited to:

Type 2 diabetes
Cardiovascular disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) earlier this year, 10 percent of Americans consumed 25 percent or more of their daily calories in the form of added sugars. Most adults (71.4 percent) consumed got at least 10 percent of their daily calories from added sugar. The ramifications of this are significant. In this study, people who consumed 21 percent or more of their daily calories in the form of sugar were TWICE as likely to die from heart disease compared to those who got seven percent or less or their daily calories from added sugar. The risk was nearly TRIPLED among those who consumed 25 percent or more of their daily calories from added sugar. That means at least 10 percent of the US adult population are in this tripled-risk category...

Tips for Reducing Your Added Sugar Intake

The easiest way to dramatically cut down on your sugar and fructose consumption is to switch to a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, as most of the added sugar you end up with comes from processed fare; not from adding a teaspoon of sugar to your tea or coffee. Other ways to cut down on the sugar in your diet includes:

Cutting back on the amount of sugar you personally add to your food and drink
Using Stevia or Luo Han instead of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners. You can learn more about the best and worst of sugar substitutes in my previous article, “Sugar Substitutes—What’s Safe and What’s Not”
Using fresh fruit in lieu of canned fruit or sugar for meals or recipes calling for a bit of sweetness
Using spices instead of sugar to add flavor to your meal

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

Research coming out of some of America’s most respected institutions now confirms that sugar is a primary dietary factor driving chronic disease development. So far, scientific studies have linked excessive fructose consumption to about 78 different diseases and health problems, including heart disease and cancer. Having this information puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to prevention.

As a general rule, a diet that promotes health is high in healthful fats and very, very low in sugar and non-vegetable carbohydrates, along with a moderate amount of high-quality protein. For more specifics, please review my free optimized nutrition plan, which also includes exercise recommendations, starting at the beginner’s level and going all the way up to advanced. Organic foods are generally preferable, as this also cuts down on your pesticide and GMO exposure. Many grocery stores now stock a fair amount of organic foods. The following organizations can also help you locate whole foods fresh from your local farm:

Local Harvest -- This Web site will help you find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
Eat Wild: With more than 1,400 pasture-based farms, Eat Wild's Directory of Farms is one of the most comprehensive sources for grass-fed meat and dairy products in the United States and Canada.
Farmers' Markets -- A national listing of farmers' markets.
Eat Well Guide: Wholesome Food from Healthy Animals -- The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs from farms, stores, restaurants, inns, and hotels, and online outlets in the United States and Canada.
FoodRoutes -- The FoodRoutes "Find Good Food" map can help you connect with local farmers to find the freshest, tastiest food possible. On their interactive map, you can find a listing for local farmers, CSAs, and markets near you.
Last but not least, a number of substances in processed food (including sugar) are highly addictive, so if you need help to break free, you may want to consider using a tool such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). A version of EFT specifically geared toward combating sugar cravings is called Turbo Tapping. For further instructions, please see the article, "Turbo Tapping: How to Get Rid of Your Soda Addiction." The video below with EFT practitioner Julie Schiffman also demonstrates how to use EFT to fight food cravings of all kinds.

This week we launch Fluoride Awareness Week. We set aside an entire week dedicated to ending the practice of fluoridation.

There's no doubt about it: fluoride should not be ingested. Even scientists from the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a "chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” Furthermore, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 41 percent of American adolescents now have dental fluorosis—unattractive discoloration and mottling of the teeth that indicate overexposure to fluoride. Clearly, children are being overexposed, and their health and development put in jeopardy. Why?

The only real solution is to stop the archaic practice of water fluoridation in the first place. Fortunately, the Fluoride Action Network has a game plan to END water fluoridation worldwide. Clean pure water is a prerequisite to optimal health. Industrial chemicals, drugs, and other toxic additives really have no place in our water supplies. So, please, protect your drinking water and support the fluoride-free movement by making a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network today.
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Palestinian Minister Dies After Run-in with IDF Soldiers in West Bank Protest

Barbaric Assassins on the Front Lines of Hell...Welcome to the Holy Land!


Published time: December 10, 2014 10:34
Edited time: December 10, 2014 13:10

[Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein, in charge of the issue of Israeli settlements for the Palestinian Authority, lies on the ground after a scuffle with Israeli forces during a demonstration in the village of Turmus Aya near Ramallah, on December 10, 2014.(AFP Photo / Abbas Momani)]

The settlement minister in the Palestinian Authority (PA), Ziad Abu Ein, died after a confrontation with Israeli soldiers during a West Bank protest, witnesses and medics said. President Mahmoud Abbas called Abu Ein's death a "brutal act".

There are conflicting reports on how Abu Ein, a leading member of Abbas' Fatah movement and cabinet minister, died.

Several media outlets say he was reportedly struck in the chest with a tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops, after which he collapsed. Other reports say Israeli forces beat Abu Ein with the butts of their rifles and their helmets. Following the violent altercation, he was later rushed to the hospital in Ramallah by ambulance, but reportedly died en route.

Ahmed Bitawi, the director of the Ramallah hospital, told AFP Abu Ein "was martyred after being beaten in the chest.

According to IDF sources, the military believes that his death was a result of a heart attack, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned “the brutal assault that led to the martyrdom” of Abu Ein, labeling it “a barbaric act that cannot be tolerated or accepted,” the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

“We will take the necessary measures after the results of the investigation into the incident,” Abbas said. He later annoucned three days of morning for Abu Ein.

Riyad Al-Maliki, the Palestinian foreign minister said that "Israel will pay for the "murder."

Jibril Rajoub, a Palestinian official, announced the halt of security coordination with Israel following Abu Ein's death.

The Israeli military said it was looking into the incident and is awaiting an autopsy.

Abu Ein's death follows violent overnight clashes near Shilo, an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank located 28 miles (45km) north of Jerusalem. The clashes were reportedly sparked after settlers accused Palestinians of stealing a mare. Palestinians in turn said the settlers pelted their vehicles with cars. Troops from the Israeli Defense Forces were deployed to quell the violence.

Mahmoud Aloul, another leading member of the Fatah movement, told AP the incident occurred when he and Abu Ein joined dozens of protesters carrying olive tree saplings during a protest against land confiscations near the West Bank village of Turmus Aya.

Abu Sassaka, an assistant to Abu Ein who told Reuters he never left the minister's side, said Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at dozens of Palestinians as the approached the site where they intended to plant saplings, saying it was viewed as off-limits to Palestinian farmers.

After the marchers and soldiers began pushing each other, Sassaka told the agency the soldiers fired tear gas near the legs of the Palestinians.

He said one soldier hit Abu Ain in the chest with his rifle butt, an account confirmed by other witnesses.

Abu Ein was in charge of a Palestinian Authority department, whose work concerned Israeli settlements and the Israeli separation barrier. Previously, he served as deputy minister for prisoner affairs.

Abu Ein's death follows violent overnight clashes near Shilo, an Israeli settlement in the northern West Bank located 28 miles (45km) north of Jerusalem. The clashes were reportedly sparked after settlers accused Palestinians of stealing a mare. Palestinians in turn said the settlers pelted their vehicles with cars. Troops from the Israeli Defense Forces were deployed to quell the violence.
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It's Rainin' Suits...Next Door to Ringo's Old Flat

Scot Young: British Tycoon Known for Epic Divorce Battle Impaled After London Penthouse Plunge


A financier at the heart of one of Britain's biggest divorce battles has died after falling from his £3 million home and impaling himself on iron railings.

Scot Young, 52, suffered horrific injuries after plummeting four storeys from a window of his luxury central London penthouse.

His death comes almost a year after an extraordinary legal fight with his ex-wife concluded at the High Court.

Michelle Young, 49, won a £20 million payout after a seven-year legal battle but declared the sum a "disgrace" and is never believed to have received the cash.

She said she thought Mr Young was worth "billions" and claimed that he had hidden his fortune.

Mr Young insisted that he was penniless after suffering a financial "meltdown" seven years ago, with debts totalling £28 million.

The judge criticised both parties in a damning judgment.

He said Mrs Young had run up a legal bill of more than £6 million and employed 13 sets of lawyers and four sets of accountants.

Mr Young's body was found by residents in Marylebone on Monday afternoon.

Firefighters had to cut through the railings with an angle grinder before the body could be removed.

A clearly distraught Mrs Young told The Telegraph on the telephone: "This started at 11pm last night. I am with my daughters, we have been to hell and back."

Neighbours said the tycoon had moved into the duplex apartment a few months ago with his American girlfriend Noelle Reno, 30.

Gary Sutton 57, who was working nearby when Mr Young fell, told the Daily Mail: "It was a horrific scene. The police were visibly shocked – one said it was the worst thing he had seen on the job. It was all very distressing."

Another witness said: "The police had covered the body but I could see from behind that he was on the spike because I could see his feet dangling towards the basement floor.

"It was horrible, I had to divert my eyes." The three-bedroom property from which Mr Young fell is next door to an apartment once owned by the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

The scene in Montagu Square, Marylebone (Nigel Howard)

Flats in the square sell for more than £3 million and fetch rents of up to £8,000 a month.

Mr and Mrs Young married in 1995 and over the course of their 11-year marriage, Mr Young became spectacularly successful.

The couple moved into a nine-bedroom Palladian house in Oxfordshire, with servants, and had a £6 million beach house in Florida and a £3 million yacht. Mrs Young claims her wedding ring cost £1 million and when they went out for meals they would spend £5,000 a time.

Then, in November 2006, as the couple began to grow apart, Mrs Young was told by a representative of her husband that he had lost all his money following a "meltdown".

After they separated, a bitter battle for cash began.

Mr Young offered his a £300 million settlement in 2009. But the next year he claimed he was bankrupted by a disastrous deal and could not pay £27,500-a-month maintenance for his ex-wife and their daughters, Scarlet, 21, and Sasha, 19.

Mrs Young demanded half his assets, claiming he was worth "a few billion pounds at least" but had hidden his cash in a series of secret investments.

In January last year, Mr Young, whose social circle included Topshop boss Philip Green and Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, was jailed for six months for refusing to disclose full details of his wealth to the court.

Handing down his ruling in the divorce case last November, Mr Justice Moor said he could find only £45 million and ordered Mr Young to pay £20 million within 28 days.

He then launched a scathing attack on the couple, saying he felt "nothing but sympathy" for their two children.

Mr Justice Moor said: "It is undoubtedly the most difficult financial remedy case I have ever come across.

"This case has been extraordinary even by the standards of the most bitter matrimonial breakdowns.

"Extremely serious allegations have been bandied around like confetti. In many respects this is about as bad an example of how to litigate as I have encountered."

Mrs Young is not believed to have received the £20 million. In March, her lawyer asked a judge to order a meeting of Mr Young's creditors as she continues to try to trace assets.

Miss Reno, an entrepreneur and model who is originally from Seattle, stood by Mr Young after he was jailed and said earlier this year that the loss of his wealth "kills him".

A spokesman for Miss Reno said she was too upset to speak about the tragedy last night.

A Met Police spokesman said: "A man, believed aged in his early 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene. The death is not being treated as suspicious at this time."


As the old saying goes..."If the thunder don't get ya then the lightning will."--Jerry Garcia, from The Wheel
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Western Leaders Flock to Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered

"Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimāna has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism."


A peculiar report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest in a growing line of Western leaders to make a ‘surprise’ visit to Afghanistan this month and follows visits by United States President Obama (December 3rd), British Prime Minister David Cameron (December 7th) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (December 8th).

Only Sarkozy’s trip, this report says, was concealed as he was already in India on a state visit when ‘rushed’ by a US Military aircraft to the Afghan war zone.

What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimāna” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimāna [photo bottom left] measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its ‘blazing missiles’, The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately ‘consumed it with its power’.

To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimāna, this report continues, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943, like the events occurring in Afghanistan today, likewise, caused the sudden “disappearance” of US Soldiers.

The seemingly “perpetual” power source to this mysterious “Time Well”, this SVR report says, appears to be based on the technology of Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have discovered the “Secret Knowledge of the Ancients” and from 1923-1951 “single-handedly and secretly” carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock by an unknown process that created one of the World’s most mysterious accomplishments known as the Coral Castle.

Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimāna has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster [pictured top left] who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism.

Though little known to the World today, the religious philosophy of Zoroaster is credited with being the basis of all known religions that said the purpose of humankind, like that of all other creation, is to sustain aša [truth]. He further stated that for humankind, this occurs through active participation in life and the exercise of constructive thoughts, words and deeds.

Pliny the Elder, the first Century Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher, as well as naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, further names Zoroaster as the “inventor of magic”, a claim historians say was based on the over “two million lines” written about Zoroaster contained in the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria that was ordered destroyed by the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 391 AD.

Important to note is that for the new Christian religion to grow, all of the elements relating to its true beginnings with Zoroaster had to be destroyed, and as we can read from the 440 AD notation about this destruction written in the ancient Historia Ecclesiastica, and which says:

“At the solicitation of Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, the emperor issued an order at this time for the demolition of the heathen temples in that city; commanding also that it should be put in execution under the direction of Theophilus. Seizing this opportunity, Theophilus exerted himself to the utmost to expose the pagan mysteries to contempt. And to begin with, he caused the Mithreum to be cleaned out, and exhibited to public view the tokens of its bloody mysteries. Then he destroyed the Serapeum, and the bloody rites of the Mithreum he publicly caricatured; the Serapeum also he showed full of extravagant superstitions, and he had the phalli of Priapus carried through the midst of the forum. … Thus this disturbance having been terminated, the governor of Alexandria, and the commander-in-chief of the troops in Egypt, assisted Theophilus in demolishing the heathen temples.”

The largest resurgence of Zoroaster “magic” among human beings, since the destruction of the Ancient Royal Library of Alexandria, occurred in the 13th Century among the Cathers who lived in Southern Europe. Sadly, however, when the “power” of Zoroaster “magic” began to reappear in the World once again, the threat to Christianity was undeniable and prompted Pope Innocent III (1161-1216) to order the largest massacre in Europe not duplicated until the horrors of World War II.

To how brutal the Cathers were suppressed by Catholic Rome we can read from the history of those times:

“Arnaud, the Cistercian abbot-commander, is supposed to have been asked how to tell Cathars from Catholics. His reply, recalled by Caesar of Heisterbach, a fellow Cistercian, thirty years later was “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”—“Kill them all, the Lord will recognize His own.”

The doors of the church of St Mary Magdalene were broken down and the refugees dragged out and slaughtered. Reportedly, 7,000 people died there. Elsewhere in the town many more thousands were mutilated and killed. Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice.

What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, “Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex”. The permanent population of Béziers at that time was then probably no more than 5,000, but local refugees seeking shelter within the city walls could conceivably have increased the number to 20,000.”

Today, in the ancient Afghanistan city of Balkh, where Zoroaster is said to have lived and died, and claimed by Marco Polo to be one of the World’s “noble and great cities”, a new Global Empire, the United States, holds both our past and our future in its hands with the discovery of this ancient Vimāna.

If the Western leaders who have seen this ancient wonder will allow it to be known it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing, though, is that if the past is truly an indicator of the future, the words soon to flow from Christendom will echo those of times past…. “Kill Them All, The Lord Will Recognize His Own”.

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